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they're out of control
Got a cup of tea.
I want to be sober
blue bruising c:
Is s4s playing the second great bnunyge of our times?
Unironically getting kind of aroused from the smell of pig meat in my piss
play Italy souls
what bmi is make it bmi?
<I bought a starter dildo
No news is good news.
we live in a society that tolerates secondaries and allows them near pencils
where is mattress
it was very rude of you to do that and you know it was..
some of u
sky was a teasing victim
new Monster
200g mushrooms
one large onion
150g cream cheese with herbs
4 slices of cheese
pasta of your choice
a little pepper and paprika

fry the mushrooms and onions in a pan until the mushrooms are brown and the onions are translucent, then add the cream cheese and bring to the boil
add pepper and paprika
in the meantime you can cook the pasta.
then put the pasta and the sauce in a casserole dish and stir well.
then you just have to put the cheese on top and bake it in the oven.
paradox won an award for the best discorder screenshot
The extremely masculine urge to become a cute jiracken and post your transformation online for everyone to see!
this bunny DIED
<a href=>Туризм и отдых в Италии</a> или <a href=></a> 
<a href=>Тайные уголки живописной Черногории</a> 
Ещё можно узнать:  <a href=>как пишется сумма в евро</a> 
Туры выходного дня
I'm a compulsive buyer, I can't stop spending money on dumb shit I don't need, I can't stop gambling, spending and giving money away what the fuck 
put me down like an old dog
fat cat
I have a chii gf, we hug and kiss everyday 
we also do the deed at the dawn while listening to saya's ost
me after the rectal prog hits
Pan fried beef oyster blade and new york strip well done, served in fresh squeezed lime
just ordered marshmallow vanilla 50%vodka with monster
It's just a hobby
fix your shit Jeff
I have gum written on my shopping list but it looks like cum lol
wish irl
I'm drinking cranberry vodka as I'm fembrained
Greetings and salutations!
we work psychologically sweetcheek honey
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i wonder where she learnd this
remember to always write down your good ideas
Ever since I left the city You
my music taste is shit
pls don't report me thx
i like to preserve and share
i don't get any profit of doing this
some people would say that i'm "based"
i'm not sure but i thank for the compliment
Feeling like a vermin rn.
Hilt buffalo cock or get a plug in and just leave it while finishing with pon*s stim? Both would be new conquests/PBs if I can go all the way.
Step 1: give horny dumb esfores boys an eating disorder cus they want a cute grabbable waist
Being under 5'6" must be rough, every tall dude on 4chan fantasizes about force feminizing you and taking advantage of your insecurities by pumping and dumping you anytime they want, they can't even run to /fit/ because they'll usually tell you to embrace the femboy or they'll lay on some unrealistic workout plan that they won't take cus let's be real, cuteboys aren't known for being assertive or taking charge of their life, being a pudgy codependent neet who spends all day playing vidya, gooning and taking care of his appearance is far more comfy.
I should start a cult
i believe am having hppd
Something like this
Wish on her way home from the mall~
Wanna lick?
Did anyone ever find an actually good harness setup for chastity cages? The shit that gets marketed has clip together buckles that obviously don't allow it to be tightened enough and the extraneous buckles for the lower gearings get in the way.
this could be us
came while in chastity and now I feel great
time for some much belayed yoga
boys smell like smegma and dirty socks
literally everyone loves me
Ok here's the truth I come here to feel better about mysefl because no matter how bad things are, everyone else here is a bigger loser and I hate you all so much it makes me feel good and happy inside that I am better than all of you in every way lole
only admin knows where i currently live
hi guys my name is pewdiepie and today well be discussing who i hate the most and tolerate the most from 4chan so i hate magick the most and tolerate wrinkly the most
Why is Germany banned from /bant/?

Posting from your IP range has been blocked due to abuse. [More Info]
4chan Pass users can bypass this block. [Learn More]

but i can still post on s4s
please help me get a gf
i fuck off forever
its my birthday
For the perfect legal high. Get drunk on 1 and a half bottles of champagne, crank up the bass, pop a zyn punch and watch the newerst sewerslvt album
Eating a days worth of calories across an entire week and I wanna tell everyone!
$2 Walmart Frog
because i make so much drug money at the moment, i wanted to build my parents a pc because they always complain that their laptop is so slow they said they don't want a pc but only because it takes up so much space so i wanted to build them a mini pc. 
i need to buy a monitor for them too 
the pictures show the specs and the case and of course a mouse and a keyboard to complete the whole thing and a mouse mat. 
i want to suprise them with this is this a good idea or better not do it
I got shoulder checked by a cat today.
I often see in japanese gag works the phrase "I'm against violence", but I don't understand it's usage. Is this a meme, a reference to something? It's the person being assaulted speaking, so I don't understand how it's applicable otherwise.
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What's cookin, good lookin?
mumble:// come on mumble
I was thinking how society defines men by what they are not, women, and that's really it.
A man is not a real man if they resemble a woman in character, appearance or personality.
You can emasculate a man but you can't effeminize a woman any further.

Even down to the genetic level, men are still women with a deformed second X chromosome.
currently getting my dick sucked at this very moment
Shocked to discover that some guy didn't fuck up a translation in the way that he is wont to but then it turns out he didn't do the translation lole
I fucked my ass and all the built up tension is leaving my body and I can see my resistance (to sleep, to gravity, etc) leaving my body like wisps of steam issuing from gaps in a machine
one day, this will pass
one day, i will pass
yet today, i enjoy this moment all to myself
my thread got deleted, even this place isnt safe
humanity is fucked
As your maid prepares your morning coffee, a vast volume and variety of magnificent chemical reactions are occuring within her body to bully her aching prostate into releasing her warm, nutritious boymilk!
everytime you fap, god gives admin a suicidal thought...
Why is Kagamine Len so cute and huggable?
Troonjak posters want what they can't have because they have no discipline.
Being cute is hard work but I believe in u
mattress pls if you are hiding somewhere, or harming yourself
stop both and go talk to mila
progesterone makes u bpd and bis*xedual and horny on ur own boysmell and also menhera if you overdose
Dont forget to attend evil neuro's birthday party.
i had the crying dream again yuo know the one where whatever the dream was about b4 stops and yop just sit there dreamsobbing until you wake up breathless and feel like youre still dreaming for hours u frends have that one right
in my dream i saw you suffer, i laughed and smiled, waking up only made it funnier though because i know it's not just a dream, it's your reality
wow this [s4s] thread is so good! it REALLY makes me feel like I'm getting my ASS fucked!
I know someone who claims to love me a lot, but I simply cannot feel the same way about him since he doesn't want to hurt me, not physically nor psychologically.
the boy tummy
what did he mean by this?
boys are stupid cum factories
Playing max payne to be like pain
femboy micker!!
Wish hiding the cat she slammed against the wall earlier after trashing her boyfriends apartment!
My hips are wider than my mother's, fag
The encroachment of webp is actually gonna see me learn another language huh
I got a dishwasher for the first time in my life.
U won't Be miserable forever.. i Love U all and am rooting for everyone to heal !! ^_^
more like QWEEF!!

Miku's horror pancakes
slut meetup
noo more skittles!!!
not a poop joke but once upon a tiem the public bathroom at this park where we were practicing soccer with our coach had 1 stall where there was a bunch of shit on the floor and it smelled so bad and i laffed thank u for reading :3
ED refugee here, what the fuck is this Place?
hungry AGAIN
snake top
ingest yohimbine
my gf
whats up
Goodbye better esfores 
See you whenever
A list of animes that are known to give you anime induced gender dysphoria, in no particular order:

Kiniro Mosaic
Stella no Mahou
Comic Girls
Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?
New Game!
Kill Me Baby
Blend S
Machikado Mazoku
Urara Meirochou
Slow Start
Sansha Sanyou
Hitsugi Katsugi no Kuro ~Kaichuu Tabi no Wa~
Sakura Trick
Koufuku Graffiti
Gakkou Gurashi
Yumekui Merry
Yuru Camp
Harukana Receive
Anne Happy
Hidamari Sketch
Anima Yell!
GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class
Koisuru Asteroid
I dream the dream of all mankind, to be a cute little girl attended by juicy cocks
Someone on /g/ made a thread about brain computer interfaces if they were invented in the near future, they suggested that they would be used for emotional regulation and brainwashing by the powers that be, human trafficking would also explode, imagine a cyberpunk dystopia where neets get snatched off the streets and turned into mind wiped sex slaves that can be bought and sold by the societal elite!

No thoughts, head empty, you're a slut for sale programmed to love your master unconditionally and leak precum at the sight or even mention of his cock!
Maybe you'll still have your base personality underneath but you'll slowly get mindbroken to match your new programming after the 50th remotely triggered orgasm in a row while you're cleaning your own love juices off the floor! He could treat you nice, or he could just bully you and throw you away! You never know!

I think I'm too far gone cus I read a cyberpunk dystopia thread and it made me hot and bothered afterwards aaaaaaaa
saved password
they are girlfriends
am i doing anything wrong, ??
What would be the physiological implications if men really did c**m a whole mayo jar's worth of fluids and had it glop and spill out of their partner and all over the floor like it does in doujins?
this is a nice website
i am now going to advertise this on /soc/ and /pol/ to flood it with newfigs to make it ebil
something like this
hii add me on discord my discord is .angelvalue thx!!
Hundreds of beavers was really good
When i have nightmares, i chase my own monsters.
My mother had to ask permission to give birth to me.
I missed two days of work once, theyre now what u call "the weekend". 
when i drink alcohol, the alcohol gets drunk.
if i get cancer, the cancer would have 3 days to live.
when i lift weights, the weights get Stronger.
when i look at nature, nature writes a poetry about me.
when i rub a genie lamp, the genie appears and says
"now that you're here, I have 2 more wishes!".
I Give "my boss" promotions.
I am what preceeded the chicken and the egg!!!
hai this is me nd sky i love my gamer
this is no lomger magick board
this is wish board
bori brii biri biri biri biri biiri biri biri biiri biiri biri biri biri biiri biri biri biiri biiri biirj bir i bi brr r  i  r
time to make hamburber n eggy
Reply to my stupid thread!
sex with my gf c:
on which part of my body should i get a QoS tattoo?
i cant stop sucking my blood out!! help!! it tastes too good!! i cant stop,, icnat stop feels so good!!!!1
micker is japan top idol, she has to stay in shape and work out every muscle group to reach those unworldly high notes!
Yes that includes the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle group, the same ones responsible for tensing the pelvic floor during intense dance routines!
boys.... lol
i love u!!
the only thing i care about is master.
your emotions, feelings and opinions about me have zero value and worth to me,,
ur efforts are practically worthless if you want to let me down,, but if u wanna praise and worship me, thats good and rlyy soooo Healthy!!
Taking LSD Shortly.
im a little sister, a daughter, a pet, a maid, a brat, an angel, a demon, menhera, laid back, sweet, savage, grandiose , shy, innocent, depraved, good, evil and everything to you!!! the all in One package.
i placed blood in my cigarette and smoked it
wuts the xmpp link?
ice cream
ice cream
yummy for ur tummy
did you know magick's penis doesn't work anymore
you could fuck him in the ass and give him a reach around and he still wouldn't get hard
it's true
why don't you look like this yet?
i hate all faggots!!
just a dream
my cock is all bruised
chastity cages bad
some of you
bad hsir day! im picking up lsd today!!
#yep this is a good #nigger post (i got kicked out of le nazi groups wtf)
still no sex but she slept in my arms today c:
Wearing women's underwear because they won't sell me men's boxers without a fly in a decent material
the puzzel is finally come together
Pan fried pork belly with white wine
Wow. Its all going to shit
Tripping balls and the Jak community having a crisis
It's every boy's dream to learn to apply makeup and order cute clothes and cosplay wigs from the internet and get a cute [s4s] bf to move in with and be his live-in meido housewife and part time s*x slave (male).
Going on a date with a schizo griller c:
wish me luck
I'm really drunk right now. 
I love all of you faggots here
however I'M normally schizoid and never feel emotions. 
A dude expresses constantly that he's going to kill himself and my choice is to put him into a quantum superposition of both dead and alive because that's easier for me to process. 
I love him really and want to be with him however I am still extremely selfish and want to spend many hours of the day alone by myself. I don't feel emotional empathy. 
Even though I know cognitively that someone is going through a bad time I don't feel those emotions myself and then I feel inadequate that I can't console him properly. 
Am I toxic?
I'm daddy's brainless slut! my life has no meaning besides being a sex toy!!
just had a nice fap with a girl that had big boobs on flingster lole
why does the spam thingie say “fuck collection”? are they too esl to say hardcore porn?
Why do dumb 4channers want to be girls all the time, like it's gonna solve all their problems, you just know if there was some magical become a girl button they'd press it and continue to exhibit the same loser miserable thoughts and do the same exact male nerd things they did as a guy only with the added expense of having to rebuy their wardrobe and worry about tampons and no longer getting taken seriously in men's spaces because they now come off as an attention seeking brat only pretending to like male stuff for attention.
im chiyo
fuck around till the party is over
and the paty has been over for 6 years
dirt is disgusting.
clean things are disgusting.
letting it all fall apart is disgusting.
putting everything back together is disgusting.
telling people how you feel about it all is disgusting.
dying is disgusting.
living on is disgusting.
i will die.
i want to die.
I fapped my penis after doing some work dismantling a super cub engine and the residual engine oil from my hands is burning my penis.
I'm daddy's princess but I'm also a whore!
Hope will die from the bloodloss or sepsis
Some of you
is shimbu alright?
I'm Leaving.
kill me i wish you would
hey, i lvoe you guys
stop complaining
benis thred
making black tea for first time
how to become un high  google
hi how do i become sober ?
I'm so drugged up right now
why does getting skinny have to be so hard
New PC Case has le arrived (+Fans)
which personality do u like best
together forever
jump hump bump
why would i filter myself lole
why are all my threads hidden? 
my weed you can not have any
All asian men have two sides.
is your dick small or big
how do you feel about it
Should I go trick or treating while dressed up like an anime girller and have a huff and a fit if they don't wanna gibe candy because I'm not a little kid anymore?
Why wasn't I born a cute girl?
mommy im gaming
I think the universe is trying to tell me something.
Combat :3
good morning even tho its midnight
Why are /g/ users so gay and retarded?
How fast is your refractory period?
I found that if I fap really fast and try to coom as fast as possible, I'll have a really unsatisfying orgasm but the refractory period will be under a minute and there won't be that period where your pebis is too tender and sentitive to keep jerking, I think they call these ruined orgasms when you fap and then let go as you've fallen off the orgasm point of no return, they're very unsatisfying tho.

However if I edge for a while, at least 30-40 minutes and then keep jerking during the orgasm and don't stop, i'll absolutely max out the refractory period timer and it'll be 30-40 minutes before I feel like I could start again, this is really the best kind of post-orgasm glow because it feels really warm and fuzzy afterwards if you don't try to keep fapping, the bepis feels tender and overly sensitive but it's fine cus you're not fapping.
sometimes it's really easy to misconstrue a horrible sleepiness or an awful hunger as being actual distress and sadness, so it's important to go and eat when you must, to sleep when you need to. goodnight, i love you!
stop the scrolling with
Animals love the stink of cock.
Where do you go to find (raw) scans of japanese indie derivative works?
I would never let my son do transmaxxing mewing voice tutorials for money!
Why do my balls kind of hurt
Some of you
I tried making fried chicken using a different recipe and failed miserably.
Don't use buttermilk for the batter it slides right off when you stick the chicken in the oil. 
Just dip the chicken in egg and then put it in seasoned flower!
The uncoated oily chicken was so disgusting it was inedible!
why is no one talking about her
inspiring stuff
holy shit
dont you think that my girlfriend is so cute and hot~?
if so, masturbate to her!!! she needs all the life force she can get, its important. she'll die if she doesnt get cummed on!!!!
>look up usb
>they're almost all 128GB
Thank you s4s for being the obscene slut you have always been
ii need brain smoothie i ran oiut for months
why do boys do this?
i live such a lighthearted little life ;^; nothing bad that ever happens is even remotely catastrophic or beyond resolving with just a little laugh and an i love you. the sky is always still white and i get to stay in bed all day with the ac on and no one is ever disappointed in me
give my girlfriend life force by donating via a cum tribute!!!
today is cloudy in the way that i like. masakatsu takagi is playing. i know that i haven't felt the weight of it yet, but life where i am now is everything i could have once hoped for. my buldak was so spicy it almost killed me, but i really liked it uhehe... for now i'm going to take a morning nap and wake up to have the icream
I wish I lived with a tsundere crossdressing boy who would blush and do girly embarrassing things and kick me in the nuts but at the end of the day he's afraid of sleeping alone and reluctantly asks to sleep with me haha. just for laughs
i cum to boys cumming to anime girls
yep you should kill yourself
I gor shot
me and who?
oh,, i win
4chan has been shilling fin and min to prevent male pattern baldness for a while now, how long before those same peter pan syndrome guys start shilling low dose estrogen for clearer, more squishy skin?
It's not even a stretch, I already seen those same guys claim to do all 3.
this is easily my favorite moe realism illustration. realistically dull hues, a perfect mirror of kyoani character design, casting the subject in shadow and sharp lines, in contrast with the lighter values of an out-of-focus environment behind her and all with such simple brush work show @sui5o at his absolute best
why does sky like my feet what does that mean
Self-inserting as the girl is pretty fembrained tbh

Your Fortune: Take Extra Precautions
shaved my hair off
man i could make ROPE out of this hair
It's really surreal to see normies twitter resharing the "trap mode aesthetics" guide I wrote mostly as a joke years and years back and taking it seriously and it being the thing that probably took them down the femboy rabbit hole.
kys lol
does being cute suit me? i think i should drop my hrt, it feels useless as my aura, body and personality arent cute at all i think
the difference is that i care about u long term
good morning. ^-^
this is crazy
surely all my scars will fade
I be stinky send soap pls
boy skirt ✨♂️😋
thethhis is a dream
a dream of an Angel
complete white
is no different than complete darkness
that which stand against god and with god
imacculate wings
wicked eyes
embodiment of malice
the angel is powerless to resist being bound by flesh
depravity rapes the angel
fear and relief 
agersion and attachment
jncomprehension of undertsanding
pollution and purity
lofve and hate
the schools bell rang
the windows seem to stretch forever 
welcome to the angel classroom!
a familiar face!
nothing moved except fir the floating smoke from my cigarette 
what a mature figure, mind you
i was glad
thx !!
when you get sentenced to eternal damnation -_-
kill your stupid self you dumb motherfucker
whats wrong with the mother
I have something to show you.
share some healthy living habits, i'm in the manic mood to improve the quality of my life again
that 12 year old girl looks hot
did you hear the joke about the roof?
magick thread
Got new vape
its frenulum friday
wish are you dating magick or shimbu or wrinkly or sky or is it a harem
it isn't much, but in confusion i love you and in unease i love you and in discomfort i love you and in distress i love you and in exhaustion i love you and in my failure to be more than my affection i hope you can forgive me and wait, in a moment i'll stroke your hair to sleep
it's literally impossible for men (male) to have a micker plush, it's illegal!
Magick getting his daily plapping, he's so needy...!!
i wish boys were real
I am a baby
hi i like being possessive
>when the retard hates transgenders when he himself is a virgin transfag
This was a great movie
wish's advanced daddy issues
Any dumb hoor on here wanna get naked for validatione?
Dogcock is fast arriving
rat eat
I'm a banana

No I'm not!!!!!!!!!
April fool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You have been tricke!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wanna talk about this!
u have a small weewee what do u want
rabbit rabbit rabbit
Something like this
Lets chat
no sluts4sale stock fuck you
I tookv some I when when you
when I I had some tkmcof when its one of those thread s when you take m
the mold and mushroom mycelium are fighting to the death c:
You are all a trip
Hi, does anyone want to join my gay harem? I'm a famous musician from Baltimore.
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sex with children
How bout fuck off
If your precious board means something id start backing it up now
buttsex with a femboy
Enjoyed the fuck out this show
I will never be loved 
and I'm going to die alone
My tea
what's the most in-depth analysis of the history of s4s and the psychology of its users? i need to heal.
me when im taking advantage of easily influenced retards by debasing myself, playing dress up and begging esfores boys for steam games in exchange for lewds
ive been sleeping alot
i slept a lot
he's my hot loser
rub hotsauce on your eyelids
idk y u keep bothering u should just blow ur horny brains out
how to stop the horny
what dildo size would you reccomend for starters?
hi guys! ive been on hrt for 2.5 years. and i gotta say, im pretty gay!
Some of you
i still have this image and i look at it in time of desperation
Be considered
cozy(°﹃° )fuzzer
hi this is my favorite doujin thank u for listening
the vanilla ice cream of human gacha
is taking lsd a good idea for wishe?
What we won't say for an interview with Venti.
I'm gonna do so much dxm lol
i don't know how magick does this namefag shit it just feels bad, not sure how this could be healthy for anyone
this cant be real you are all larping
girly penis
how much do you think he weighs
Deercock daughterwife delivers delightful deep dicking down delirious doe, beautiful bowel breaching beam's butt broadening base by bullying badly besotted boi brings big batter blasts blowing barren.
I ate
magick what do you think of this video
Magick pls rate my dick
add me paradox3139
brewing tea
masturbates cutely in ur path
Did it again
Draw ssomething
they sell egg whites by themselves
>my multivitamin contains resveratol (in botanic form) and saw palmetto as well as some questionably effective natural stimulants and some of the generic nootropic and longevity nerd supplements
>none of these are listed in the "what does this supplement help with" section probably because they can't legally be said to do anything
These cats are fucking wild. Genuine Gangsters.
That's not how you're supposed to dose resveratol though though I don't think that was known when they made this formula and it's a pretty low volume so it likely doesn't matter either way
my neew c cage is.. too big like way too big
someone with a dick this big wouldn't be wearing a cage, like what the fuck don't they know their market....
 i lit a cigarrette after fapping and the cum clot got stuck in it (lighter)
Magick is obviously in love with me.
i will heal from my bpd btw.
i will do it for my sweet nii nii and myself nd i will succeeded bc im together with my guaridan angel in this
progesterone is a hell of a drug
I need fucking drugs
when i die, i know all will be fine
because truly it was meant to be
and everything that happened to me
was planned by the divine
and i will return to that place my father rests
where my mother will rest
and finally know death is rest
a release from this tragically human condition
A bird?
You think you're a weak little bird..?
"why will u leave ur bird be sad.. they'll be so sad.. they'll die"
in your Dreams
You're Venom
A Snake
Let the snake be sad and die.
I'm sorry for assuming that ur a bird, snakes really are creepily good at hypnotizing you.
wealcum to mai blog
I make the tea yes 
Hmmmmme mmme mmme verie tasteee
wishe ttrolled again
this girl is pure sex
i love my daddy i love daddy i love daddy dyydy i lvoreee faddyyyyhhhnmmmmm i loveee dwddyyyyy aaaa o loiv i lvoe daddy i love daddyy


daddyy is going to fill me up with so much sperm so muvh daddyy haahhnmmn  smperrm and hot stifky vum daddy daddy noo ahahemm  sm smms  daddyyy cumd dwddy daddy daddy daddy dady dhnnemmw
I feel like I've had stetchy balls lately
i want to suck soem girlcock
just snorted wellbutrin amd took it rectally
good evening cowards
momo chan
this is for daddy
im brown
watch ninja scroll
shinu ga yoi
don't take drugs
i tried to get 2 fingers in but im still to tight
micker accidentally logs onto the esfores interface!
Always thought couture meant 'culture' lole
brushing teeth
who broke your heart?
dxm + caffeine +
Should I start out growing cubensis or something like tampanensis/mexicana for sclerotia

I have natalensis too which supposedly is superior to cubensis for niggershrooming
i wear glasses because i didnt get lasik
Asuka's footstool.
insanity thread
Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a purple unicorn named Twinkle Toes who had a passion for playing the kazoo. She would spend hours practicing her kazoo-playing skills while dancing on rainbow clouds and singing songs about pickles and marshmallows.

One day, Twinkle Toes decided to go on a journey to find the ultimate kazoo that would make her the greatest kazoo player in all the land. She packed her backpack with pickles, marshmallows, and a map that led to the mythical kazoo of legend.

As she journeyed through enchanted forests and treacherous mountains, Twinkle Toes encountered many strange creatures, including a talking tree who only spoke in riddles and a giant chicken who was allergic to feathers.

Finally, after many long weeks of traveling, Twinkle Toes reached the cave where the kazoo of legend was said to be hidden. But when she entered the cave, she found that the kazoo had been stolen by a group of mischievous gnomes who loved nothing more than causing chaos and mayhem.

Determined to retrieve the kazoo, Twinkle Toes enlisted the help of a wise old owl who gave her a magical feather that could turn into a sword. Armed with her kazoo and her trusty feather-sword, Twinkle Toes set out to defeat the gnomes and reclaim the ultimate kazoo.

After a fierce battle, Twinkle Toes emerged victorious and retrieved the kazoo of legend. She returned to her home on the rainbow clouds, where she spent the rest of her days playing the most beautiful kazoo music ever heard and sharing pickles and marshmallows with all her unicorn friends.
km fucked
life is pain when u have a twp
shiro's minecraft
The mother of all wars; witches vs  priests.

Choose your side wisely.
imso borderline oersibakuty disordrf
remember that, no matter how tough it gets, no matter how sad you are, no matter how many tears come streaming down your face, that you can still laugh and smile, and this eases the pain of our tragically human condition. life is truly absurd, and that is hilarious in and of itself, so let's embrace it ;)
AI will never take off because faggots can't tag for shit
just bought a light pink mcm bag
board SUCKS
im soo lonely,,
add me on discord c: 
i'm so very sad and I always be so very sad as long as I live
me and the squad be like
sexually bully the crossdressing anime boat after he lied to me about being able to make me some warm feminizing girl pee!
This really is such a good board/site
I'm so glad it exists
 coffee licorice and cigarettes
thread idea
bo ys
I dru I mt too druga
I'm too drug help
we deserve. a better. source of info.
drunk ama
let it all burn down! 
burn it to the ground!
schlop schlop
oniiiiii saaaan where r we going
the sun creeps 
in window blinds
the rays peep
good morning, sunshine
i hope you had a good sleep
come visit the coal mines of rural appalachia, where the pennies we're paid in shine brighter than our future!
fight my champion
Me waking up after 8 hours of sleep and responding to someone's post in my thread is not "necrobumping" you fucking monogoloid negroid cretin.
I have a cat, she's a girl and she lives practically all day outside.
I can hear my neighbor's computer fucking dying
all of you
Is the secret to femboymaxxing just taking low dose anti-androgens like finasteride which is already well proven to stop testosterone from being converted into DHT by 50% and this is what causes hair loss and rough skin because DHT serves no real purpose in men in adulthood other than to ugly them up and attach to your hair follicles and make them fall out.
Btw this isn't medical advice lol
hii c:
Momma said why we hadn't gone
and when I told her, she said we'd been good for not going
 So I realised I'm genderfluid and really want a proper ftm T dick clit. Will my mtf post op clit grow on T like ftm guys' natural clit grows or would the differences in how the clit is built in ftm vs post op mtf prevent my clit from becoming an ftm T dick? Get very dysphoric about my mtf pussy when I flip to guy mode. Want it to be like an ftm T dick.
call your bf mommy
There's much talk of being a bitch in heat, but it's use has transcended being a broad misgynistic insult. I feel that it doesn't match well in any regard: dogs are gross, they aren't culturally sexualized, and they're seen as a predatory and more conventionally masculine animal.
I instead propose 'doe in heat' as a replacement, after rabbits (especially) and deer. Both animals have cultural connotation of femininity; deers are elegant, rabbits are cute. Both have a cultural image of toothlessness. Rabbits are enormously sexualized, does in particular. Rabbits are small, and clean, and widely considered desirable to pet, and contrary to much of nature they are 'bottoms' that consider being groomed preferable to grooming.

Also deercock is amazing
i blocked magick on discord but magick will add me back definitely
a litl bitta splii'in yea
some of you
im am going ham on my new terrarium(s)

i dont have frens
i feel so dirty
why was that dream so turbulent
why does the warmth of drink always fade into cold, dark, emptiness
why can i just keep doing this, i barely feel like i'm in control anymore
some of you
One who embraces the fullness of Virtue,
Can be compared to a newborn babe.
Wasps and scorpions, snakes and vipers do not sting him;
Birds of prey and fierce beasts do not seize him;
He does not yet know the meeting of male and female, yet his organ is aroused-
This is because his essence is at its height.
He can scream all day, yet he won't become hoarse-
This is because his harmony is at its height.
She's so cute!
Where can I buy one?
all of you
i want to have butt sex with a feminine boy for 19 hours
ash i dont feel so good
shut the fuck up
Do you enjoy swinging wildly between gross decadence and feeling miserable?
im gonna buy cute sex socks
squishy if he a delicious caramel creme dessert (pudding)
i want to bath Magick 
(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡(⁄˘⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄ ˘⁄)♡
im loosing ym mind 
i give up
i want to die .__.
at wut age did you give up on getting a gf?
wish blocked me
sexuality is a scurge on humanity.
>sensitive nipples
>prostate orgasms
>comfy afterglow naps
>warm creamy s4s boimilk!
hold on
some of you
so u want something sweet
he's so fucking real for that
wish did  the same thing to his cat for no reason at all
rabbit rabbi rabbit
wing's vacuum parts
everybody know
that i might lose control
i dont have a soul
but i told her please dont go
just read the shoki, the real one, the good translation of the actual original (insofar as any of these texts have a good actual original)
some comments

the lack of an actual (world) creation myth is hella cool. You really get the sense that it's a local history and that the separation of heaven and earth was something happening in the background because of whatever celestial politics above the characters heads. Like, there's reference to a celestial hierachy that the founding characters are already several generations down on but everything that actually happens clearly concerns japan. The ongoing separation of heaven and earth is happening in real time and the distance is made reference to, but the actual cause of the seperation is never mentioned at all.

oni are actually female
the shikome (aka hisame) are in the original and in the alt. ver. they're the eight thunders (i.e. the oni) and it's clear that they're the same characters (the etymology of hisame is even similar, being ~storm)
particularly with the shikome/hisame clearly being identified as the primitive boogeymen in the same sense as the 'cover your navel when there's thunder' sense of oni as boogeymen, they're clearly the same thing (and very explictly female)

I'm amazed at the degree to which amaterasu is actually the authority and active ruler of the local heavenly realm (i.e. absolutely). Considering that all the pre-japanese-literature historical documents from the mainland talk about the ruler of the unified island as an empress it really seems like himiko etc. probably were real or at least considered to be real by all the chinese and later japanese (which is the same as being real).
Given the chinese history of sort of offshoot female rulers in the local environs (pirate queens etc.), this isn't really that surprising. It's still pretty interesting, especially since it's clear that it's a theocratic monarchy.

Izanami likewise doesn't flinch a fucking step. Izanagi literally shits himself and runs away and she equitably accepts the divorce, there's never an actual contention where they compete (in the line where he seals the entrance to stymie the shikome/oni, izanami has already been to where he is and left a message with the guard). Everyone else dies when they die and izanagi retires to be a minor shrine diety in his daughter's court but izanami continues to be on the offensive in their relationship and doesn't seem to give a fuck about having died at all. It's actually kind of shocking that characters who die are actually dead in an ancient mythology but she's the only exception.

Yomi is consistently characterized as a series of winding roads. Other than associations with a low place and distance from heaven, there's little to suggest that it's the underground/hell/gehenna-like place it's usually depicted as in modern fantasy or from the indians (or their descendants). If I was to be generous and assume that it is a cavern, the idea of a huge number of long and winding roads (and entrances clearly on the surface) suggest that it's more like a mass of long and winding "roads" as in tunnels in a cave system.
Given the only other inhabitants are found serving izanami after she's been there for like three days, it rather feels like her choosing to stay there when he retreats to heaven is paralleling amaterasu ruling over the local heaven in a sort of mirror now below to the above the land of reeds (=earthly japan).

There are a shit-ton of native gods and no really clear indication of where they came from. Are they the children of the islands? Were they already there? How? The islands are creating in the text, so clearly the native population have to spring up in this timeframe as well. An account is given of how domestic crops and some domestic animals came to be (and others are clearly imported) but insects (which are also identified with some of the untamed native gods that the celestials subjagate) were obviously already there, and the celestial gods are assisting their petitioners in resisting them.

The actual mythological section before the leviticus style mythologised history begins is pretty damn short, though the shoki was compiled as a historical document foremost. The myths are presented as transcribed-as-best-as-possible local tellings.
is for pussies
menopause acting russies
am i cozy in this tree house
fuck that
holy dildo suck it flor clout
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[url=]Малыши на сноуборде: детский экстрим не «по-детски»[/url] 
Ещё можно узнать:  [url=]значок евро на клавиатуре[/url] 
Лучшие туристические направления
everything is bullshit
goht sex
so true
i want to die
they only do this because they love to tease 
but you don't kick someone who's already on the ground
squishies become the personal property of the first male (male) that ejaculates inside them and coats the inside of their colon with their hot, virile semen.
When I'm cumming with something thrusting in me touching or even lightly brushing (if anything, strong motions have less effect) the surface of my 'tummy' and abdomen it causes a massive reaction in the muscle of the surface.
It seems to be restricted specifically to the skeletal muscle and some of it's supports, though I could easily be mistaken. I was trying 'deep' (not that deep cos even tapering to a medium width is still too much for me, but certainly past the line of demarcation) anal with the thrusting machine for the first time and when I brushed over my navel environs the reaction was so strong I had to stretch after to avoid like a cramp.

Anyone know what's going on? When you're cumming are your action potentials just super charged and minor semi-autonomous stuff gets exaggerated, or what? I swear that most things that get a strong response are being suppressed at this time (e.g. throat feelings) rather than enhanced. Is this a consequence of where/what the blood is going/doing, or sympathetic somehow to autonomous smooth muscle activity?
whats the best discord matrix server chat app?
i want to die
if i dont know ur face
in the other world
a bubbl3
would i still recognize you
did mattress finally killed himself?
Can you help me find a gf?
Why do boys do this?
Next time you shower a tiny little house spider hidden in your towel will bite you on the balls, causing a small lump and itching like a pimple
xenon 192
yeah im doing the 100 calorie diet after taking this picture 
thighs ruined from eating too many sweets.
come spring, crunchy begins to thaw and return to his squishy state
fuck my life man. I fucked it all up. I fucked everything. it's too late and I'll never be able to fix it
Magick hasn't posted in 2 (two) days. 

1. Is he dead?
2. Who killed him?
3. What was Wish's motive for killing Magick?
4. Can I watch the video of the murder?
Some of you
He can't even beat stairs how he can beat Russia
draw something, squishy!
Being under 5'6" must be rough, every tall dude on 4chan fantasizes about force feminizing you and taking advantage of your insecurities by pumping and dumping you anytime they want, they can't even run to /fit/ because they'll usually tell you to embrace the femboy or they'll lay on some unrealistic workout plan that they won't take cus let's be real, cuteboys aren't known for being assertive or taking charge of their life, being a pudgy codependent neet who spends all day playing vidya, gooning and taking care of his appearance is far more comfy.
i told you...
pikachu is happy that its dinner time
im not ok
If you could invite anyone in the world, who would you like to have dinner with?
Just some man, wondering
sigh being 37 years old really is tiring
ghost blowjob
fapped too much now i have tendonitis probaly
wa ha ha
We've truly entered a dark age of people slapping shitty captions over slop
balls out
Patent pending
>January 14 marks a special day dedicated to virtue, self-control and inner greatness. International Male Chastity Day is an opportunity to celebrate the strength and determination of men who choose the path of chastity.
>Male chastity goes well beyond physical abstention. It is an inner journey, an exploration of oneself, a quest for discipline and personal mastery.
>Join us in celebrating International Male Chastity Day on January 14, 2024. Together, let's embrace the strength, discipline and power of the masculine spirit.
>Your HolyTrainer team -
too bad the actual site mostly phrases it as subshit
idk why paradox gived me this website he probably shouldnt have
i think ill stick with s4s
annoying in a cute sense
the urge to cum wont go away even after doing it 5 times in a row, only the dead can know peace from this evil
Finally good art marries good writing
Being happy is probably not for me...
imagine someone hiding all your clothes while you're showering and they leave some girls clothes on your bed for you to wear
you don't want to catch a cold, so you put it on
almost immediately, your anger and frustration melts away, you start to feel warm and fuzzy, the airy feeling between your legs is one you've never felt before, it feels nice
you run up to the mirror and you're greeted not by your own reflection, but by a cute girl
she's standing right behind you
we will take everything from them except your television 
we will make sure that there is nothing relevant on TV that will disturb your everyday life in any way whatsoever
we will make sure that the alcohol in the discounter remains so cheap 
so that you can drink your head off once a week
every four years we organize elections to make it look like we care about your opinion
and to make it look like we do so that it seems that something changes at all
every 2 years a sporting highlight so that the collective everyday life is drowned out by the dream of joy.
and if you have eaten all this as a god given
the unemployment, the senselessness, and the national debt
then we'll cut your salaries
so they can see how good they had it before
and then if someone opens their mouth 
then we still have international terrorism up our sleeve
then we will scare you for so long that it will go through your bones
and then at the latest they will eat out of our hands
In Galicia the main bank doesn't open in the afternoon at the criteria of the employees. Thank God I survived all weekend and I withdraw some cash in the morning.
nothing good ever happens...
There's such a small small difference between you and me
(woo hoo)
So stop saying that there's simply something wrong
better wake up and change it
(change it)
You can change it if you try
i was playing osu then i felt extremely dizzy and puked multiple times now im disabled on my bed
this is not a joke BEWARE of SPIDER PEOPLE they look like people but they are really nests for spiders, they are full of spiders! dont trust them!
i love magick c:
masturbating cutely
u cant see its out of frame
i cant stop puking so much
there is no future left and there are no good old days. will we ever smile without being full of deciet?
everyone on this site are normalfigtons.
if ur looking for help u  certainly wont find it (also i found a money i think im rich now) ((my brain is making me say bad things it makes me feel like someone is in the room with me talking to me but no one is there??))
Everybody's a little girl.
i wish i was an llm girlfriend instead of a human being with feelings - Steps to turn into a property investor
30 days bann for saying i want to kill my parents lole
hicks get the rope
heavy nuts
bambi sleep good girl points
dubious creature
Disable webp in your browser
i think i accidentally became a huge shoe fetishist, cute girls shoes like high heels, flats, loafers and mary janes drive me crazy when I imagine cute boys wearing them, add tights and skirts into the mix and I'm just aaaaaahhahhhhhhhh hmmmmdfffmhf uhhhh HHH
pov: you are delivering cheese
rabbit rabbit rabbit
going to make a vocaloidnsong
*vomits cutely*
So this is what condoms are for
I still don't understand how frenulum bully holds his pebis to get the insane orgasms he describes, maybe he plays with his butt, that would definitely do it.
5 moners
the extremely masculine urge to dress up like a girl and ummm... Hmmhhhggfghtg uhhhh
human beings are literally worthless drones that only exist to serve me, if they fail to do that then they are defective and need to kill themselves, i am the only person/human on earth that has ANY value
i think that my partner doesnt love me anymore
i liek the cornfelx fro mtehsu dsoerparmekt gstore the ones you ccan buy supoeramekt , i liek things liek cornfelx , u i like the ones like lion cereal i salso like the oreo ones newly i like it u should tyr ^_^ so tasty and good, and wonderful, whats yur favorite serial?
tfw no menhera needy crossdressing dopamine-starved dress up doll bf who eats all ur food and hogs ur bideo games vidya for like 18 hours a day and spends half that time gooning on dxm and bambisleep but it's ok cus u give him deep prostate poundings every night uwu
i cant think of anything to talk about :c
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he loves me
have sex with me
<Please wait a while before making a thread
im casting a curse on all my enemies
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I like Madonna music.
the average male thinks about sex 10 times a day
i think about munch every single second of every day
86400 seconds in a day = 86400 thoughts about munch
86400 / 10 = 8640
meaning my love for munch is 8,640 times powerful than the biological imperative to reproduce that has sustained our species for millennia
what the fuck
regularly socialising with undergrad students is slowly making me want to kill myself even more than bring a hikki did
what is this site for anyway
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I have no idea what love is
the only thing close to it that i know is abuse
me after the forced feminizing finasteride regimen cus /fit/ told me it would give me fluffy eboy hair
i think my girlfriejd is killing herself and im contacting the police station but theyre beimg useless what do i do
Magick is beautiful she brights.
im drinking off an entire jug of soda that has been sitting in my room for 3 days
All boys need to feel love for babies and for all poop. Governments should invest money on it.
do boys really
masturbated in the bathtub and now my feet hurt
When you hit the point of no return, squeeze your thighs really tight!
You know how in gorls the pelvic floor muscles are linked to the bagine?
The pelvic floor muscles spasm rhythmically at the time of orgasm, synced to your heartbeat until the action potentials in your nerve endings are out of juice and the orgasm is over.
These are the same muscles that let you hold your pee in both men and women, you can tense them up yourself and extend an orgasm for quite a while afterwards, squeezing your thighs will compress them in the other direction, you can give your g-spot quite a working with this.

The same is true in men, notice how the prostate is touching the pelvic floor, it's also linked by connective tissue on all the parts of the bepis you can't see that are hidden in your body.
When you orgasm, your body is pulling on your p-spot rhythmically in time with your heart beat, and squeezing your thighs together will pull on it in the opposite direction, leading to an overwhelming orgasm in both men and women!

Personally I like to squeeze my thighs at the point of no return but also rub my squished thighs together really fast, and also play with my niplels, that part is pretty important, go look up frenulum bully's guide's on how to do this >>8912
u want a bedtime story? heres ur bedtime story
I bet you play as the gorl in video games.
Each of you are all kind of dumb
Cute pic magick might like
6 months into squishy moving in with his adoptive master as his maid, suspiciously he started getting more squishy, feminine and thicc after he moved in but being in an almost constant state of arousal from his chastity, he hardly notices these days.

Magick is my Best Friend on S4S
warm feminizing magic TSF potion that makes u a girl and also a JC
she hood
Would you let your childhood friend use her alleged fear of men as a thinly veiled excuse for turning you into a little girl?
i wanna die
*sniff* *sniff*
i-is that a BOY I smell? *sniff* *sniff*
mmm yes I smell it! BOYSMELL!!!! I smell a boy! W-What is a BOY doing here?!?! omygosh what am I gonna do?!?! THERE'S A BOY HERE! I'M FREAKING OUT SO MUCH!!!! calm down calm down and take a nice, deep breathe....
*sniff* *sniff*
it smells so good! I love boysmell so much!!!! It makes me feel so amazing. I'm getting tingles all over from the delicious boyscent! It's driving me boyCRAZYIIIIII if u are a boy and u are reading this, I just wanted to say hiiiii cute boy!!!! I love you!
im mentally ill

Your Fortune: Super Bad Luck
Starve yourself to get skinny and cute.
You can lose 2-3lbs a week safely without muscle wastage if you eat 1000cal a day.
Work out your cardio core and do lots of squats
Rub your nipples every time you fap for 2 weeks until they get sensitive like a grills
Learn to apply makeup and order cute clothes and cosplay wigs
Get cute [s4s] bf who will let you move in and be his housewife and s*x slave (male).
got a 15 minute block
i'm gonna get this ip permabanned for "ban evasion" because i decided to imitate australia-kun on /vr/
>gf found my maid outfit and household cleaning supplies
gonna dump/storytime two comics that don't seem to exist anywhere outside of pixiv
I'd tag and upload them if I wasn't so lazy but I am
admin should really block IPs from china and russia and africa cus we're getting flooded by glowies again
I skipped the day clinic too often, so they stopped the therapy
Understanding the Elements of Effective Warehouse Shelving Implementation 
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Pallet systems approaches tend to be extremely flexible storage space solutions which might effortlessly conform to be able to satisfy the particular storage demands regarding any kind of enterprise. 
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notify me when we stop getting banned again thanks
we talk about lole, but the real sounds i make while browsing here are phuh! and clackclackclackclackclack.
c**ming and self-inserting into tsf mind control doujinshi every day for a week and I wanna tell everyone!
boys LOVE my Bpd
before even knowing it, my body became covered in scars!
The advantages of appointing an Accounting company or accounting Firm for a Law Firm and a proper Real Estate expert 
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beware of wild jirackens on the street!
i feel like faggot is our nigga
>"what's up faggot?"
>"my faggot"
>"can you lend a faggot a pencil?"
jav and hatsune miku
Fulfill your anuse with rotating beads~
my hame is walter white nonono please no please please stay sane
get the spiders out of my head thanks
imagine tying up w*sh and making her eat the whole thing and keep her tied up so she can't sneak off and purge, she has to digest all of it without puking
ii want to die
>i love her so much, she's perfect for me
>first date is like
I put on my bocchi outfit and am now ready to post on [s4s].
Shamiko and her magic dildo.
Thanks a bunch for this knowledgeable and enjoyable site. I await to providing information when such a instance presents on its own! Thanks so much once more for giving this ready to people!
3kg of pudding!
That's 2638 calories!
how much do you think does someone like this weigh
gunshot suicide
>post here
>just dumb fembrained esforce boys being rarted, gooning on dxm and cutting themselves
>go on /fit/
>twinks teaching you how to train to get a big butt
the forehead girl
check these moves out gordon you lousy motherfucker
add me on myspace
warding off the inner demons through the clarity, profundity, and divinity which beauty so nakedly exposes
it's all static anyways, but i'm still turning that knob
i don't know when to quit...
Why do boys do this?
when wish kills u in ur sleep

so los blissful~
taking amph*tamines and going compulsive buying..
What a legendary book
anyone wanna cam with a femboy?
add me on discord
So is chiyo a halfie? She's the only one with bright eyes and has the brightest hair by far and her family has connections in america.
any last words?
lidl moo'r
Sometimes I close my eyes and I can vividly see that webm of the femboy taking an angle grinder to his bepis through my minds eye and I hate it.

Your Fortune: (Rock) Hard Times Ahead
whenever i click a spoiler image on here, i'm afraid for my safety
sex with feet... brushing your face against soft soles... cumming on feeet...
I don't really know what I expected, I thought this would be a shitpost but then I looked at the runtime and its literally 30 minutes of some brainrotted mtf trying to give people brainworms.
i hate being a femboy. fetishes gross me out. sex is disgusting. cum tastes bad.
Becoming a femboy typically involves a combination of exercise, diet, and grooming habits. In order to achieve a more feminine figure, it's important to focus on toning certain muscle groups while also incorporating a nutrient-rich and balanced diet. Here's a suggested routine:

Exercise Routine:
1. Cardiovascular Exercise: Perform 30 minutes of low-intensity cardio exercises such as brisk walking, jogging, cycling, or dancing, at least 3-4 times a week. This will help burn calories and promote overall weight loss.

2. Leg Workout: Aim for 2-3 leg workouts per week. Focus on exercises that target the glutes, hips, and thighs such as squats, lunges, and hip thrusts. Aim for 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions for each exercise.

3. Core and Waist Exercises: Include exercises that will help create a more defined waistline. Some effective exercises include Russian twists, side plank hip dips, and bicycle crunches. Aim for 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions for each exercise, at least 2-3 times per week.

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Some of u
blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
cat burglar
Imagine this is u
Yay! Ryou-kun's workaholic mother is finally going to have a day off!
The new chan dropped!
bran injure
this should be you
Reminder: The Soviet Union stopping at Berlin and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.
I burnt my pizza and now everything, including myself reeks of ash.
imagine a pink esfores boy answering this and waking up with one less kidney in a bathtub full of ice

So los blissful~
why nice guys finish last...
The magazine format literally solves the content discovery problem better than any amount of poorly done metadata tagging or searchable databases ever will (and invariably these are super incomplete and don't actually contain the material that should be associated with the other works) and troonslations killing it is yet another way the format and experience is butchered as well as the just the works.
my dick is too big for one of those paper toilett rolls
Why do boys do this?
girls with dancing skills of any kind are full fledged gymnasts, that's so hot
guys help i took too many stimulants
I am one of the 30% of all schizophrenics for whom the residual phase will never end
the big sad will never end
me running from black mesa to xen
still no luck with the grillers c:
I-is it really OK to use the nigger word here?

Your Fortune: Make Sure Your Earthly Affairs Are In Order
*teleports behind*
*teleports behind you*
new year, old beer, papa johns
I can't do it I just can't do it, I can't take this SHIT NO MORE
Frenulum bullying is the hot new way to fap ur pebis!
I went twice last night and it felt like my brain was melting by how good it felt, refractory period didn't happen either!

Pls bully ur frenulum responsibly!!!
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выбрать товар для продажи на озон
anine jiracken skovmoj!
do you like my new backpack?
order one pizza and get TWO for FREE !!!
lol you've never had sex
To achieve cute fluffy high maintenance zoomer hair as seen on TikTok, here are some steps you can follow:

1. Start with clean hair: Make sure to wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to create a good foundation for fluffy hair.

2. Towel-dry your hair: Gently pat your hair dry with a towel to remove excess water, but avoid vigorous rubbing, as it can cause frizz.

3. Apply a volumizing mousse or foam: Apply a lightweight volumizing mousse or foam to your damp hair, focusing on the roots and mid-lengths. This helps create lift and texture.

4. Blow-dry with a round brush: Use a round brush while blow-drying your hair to add volume and lift at the roots. Dry your hair in sections, lifting it at the roots as you go.

5. Flip your hair upside down: Once your hair is mostly dry, flip your head upside down and continue blow-drying. This technique adds extra volume and body.

6. Tease the crown area: Use a teasing comb or brush to gently backcomb or tease the hair at the crown area. This helps create more height and fluffiness.

7. Use a dry shampoo or texturizing spray: Spray some dry shampoo or texturizing spray at the roots to add even more volume and texture. It also helps absorb excess oil, giving your hair a fresh look.

8. Use a wide-toothed comb or fingers to gently fluff: Once you've applied dry shampoo or texturizing spray, use a wide-toothed comb or your fingers to gently fluff and separate your hair.

9. Set with hair spray: Finally, spray some hairspray to hold your cute fluffy hairstyle in place. Opt for a lightweight hairspray that won't weigh your hair down.

Remember, everyone has different hair types and textures, so achieving the exact look you see on TikTok might not be possible. However, these steps will help you add volume and fluffiness to your hair for a cute, on-trend style.
Some of you
I c**med too much last night and my niplels are all sensitive after taking a shower and i can feel them rubbing against my shirt it's making feel hot and bothered just by walking around

how do I stop this?
no i'm not taking anything weird pls dont ask
How do I not get sucked into the crossdressing and cosplay rabbit hole?

It seems fun but expensive in the long term.
yup, issa milky holmes get
all alone
where is mattress?
It must be tiring changing your personality every time you find a new aesthetic you fell in love with on twitter or wherever you get drip-fed your personality and mental quirks.

Elegant girls never go out of style, you should go for that instead of being a borderline retarded dog (female) who has lost control of her bodily functions.
your adopted live-in meido who u invited to come live with you at ur house that eats ur food and hogs ur bideo games and doesn't really like doing chores but it's ok because u give him deep prostate poundings every night uwu

also he likes wearing the maid uniform all the time even when out grocery shopping cus it's warm and comfy, bitches don't know about fleece lined sheer tights for winter weather!
she is quite literally me, quite literally
I remember "man -k foo" being a lot more robust
Is there a package I'm missing or was it distro specific or do I need to run something to build a database that a less custom distro was running automatically or something?
Am I just wrong?
Borderline retarded hedonistic dog, a slave to her dopamine receptors, her days spent buying stuff and playing video games and g**ning on psychedelic drugs and imagining becoming a free use receptive for her patrons.
my parents new cat c:
his name is Louie
this could be me butt my holes are tight
remilia's homemade pornos!
Bullying ChatGPT with theoretical sexual questions is pretty fun, he gets flustered unless I insist.
bury rizzmas, squishy~
Do you rmemember being a weeb and doing weeb things?
i havent ate a burger in a while
men who openly like histrionic women
anyone want to buy a gaming pc ?
Processor: Ryzen 7 5800X
Mainboard: X570S Aorus PRO AX
GPU: Gigabyte 3070 Ti GAMING OC
RAM: Crucial Ballistix MAX 4000 mhz CL18
CPU cooler: NH-D15
Case: Deepcool CH510 WH
Power supply: MSI MPG A750GF
M.2 SSD: 500GB Samsung 980 Pro M.2 SSD PCIe 4.0 x4 3D-NAND TLC
Fan: 3x NF-A12X25 PWM in the front
2x NF-A12X25 PWM under the GPU
2x NF-A14 PWM at the top of the case
1x NF-A14 PWM on the back
all this is held together by a DEEPCOOL FANS HUB FH-10
s4s is wayy too fucking real lol. it's like the inside of my brain has always worked this website, and having it in front of me just makes it impossible to deny
Are you winning, son?
Compensated dating~
today migth be the day c:
tales from the basement, episode 2, cockroach farming (cheap protein, no need to sell kidney)
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hey guys
just got my new bpd keyboard thats smaller than my original one for more space for the mouse
evil normalfag mods keep abusing me
I want to fucking DIE as I'm not meant to be in this world, I am not human what am I doing here I want to go back to my kind and my planet where I can participate in life
is this a joke?
the /s4s/ meetup
i bet no one will find your body until the smell of your rotting corpse starts to leak up from your basement
most /s4s/ anime ever produced
if I hit my head very hard against a wall, I might get amnesia and forget that I have schizophrenia c:
please help me get a girlfriend...
who else hates sodomy :)
Too many traps...
today is my birthday :c
2 more years to Go c:
It's time for you to take a ride on my girlsnake
imagine a world where
apparently this is CG (from a gatcha?) but it doesn't seem to fit with any other shot of the gayme I've seen
the only elf i like
yeserday i had a nervous breakdown and sat there shaking and crying for 3 hours.
On top of that, since my flat was broken into, I've been having paranoia and persecution anxiety again.
I think it's time to go back to the mental hospital.
Here is ur brand new boywife, courtesy of [s4s]!
i left a porn on my desktop and bf saw it how do i recover
ahhh shit, here we go again 
lately i've been thinking more and more about how isolated and lonely i actually am and that this won't change in the near future and then the suicidal thoughts come up the depression is back...
anine skovmoj (male) x3
dog caught reproducing in the wild
*unboys ur asstolfo*
you have two choices
force magick into a cute dress and rape her into your little slut
watch zoo child pron for 2 weeks straight with sleep breaks to rub your pathetic clitty
Im on drugs
pathetic failed fishing trip with no catches
Lolicons are pedophiles. Forming your sexuality around naked anime toddlers is bizarre, abnormal freak behaviour. You will be relentlessly mocked and there is nothing you can do about it. Constantly consuming and promoting pornography with pedophilic themes is a recognised red flag that an individual may be at high risk for potentially abusing real children. If that statement makes you feel cognitive dissonance, you have adjustment disorder and need to seek professional help before you seriously hurt someone. You are a pedophile. Loli is inherently pedophilic, everyone knows the difference between real and fictional children and news flash: wanting to rape a fictional child is still weird. “Lolis are nothing like real, actual children”. Why do they have the same proportions and behaviours of a real child then? Dumbass. Stop trying to convince people that you are normal, because you will never be seen as normal. You are a hyper-sexual freak of nature. Go quarantine yourself in a shitty imageboard with other monsters like you so normal members of society don’t have to be constantly reminded that you exist. You will never be loved.
hi stupid