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i can't hide my dick in shorts
worst thing ever is when you wake up with morning wood and it's really hard and it springs back when you tug on it because it's so hard and those tugs feel really nice and you wanna fap but u gotta get ready for work in like 20 minutes :(
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my shit makes a visible bulgue even when i'm flaccid on a cold day
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mine is like half the length of my thumb >_<
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wow that's so tiny
why is it okay when girls have large boobs protruding through their top but i feel so obscene when the same thing happens with my pen*s, i cant help it more than they can
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cus women's boobs don't retract and expand to denote horny level
They feel subsconsxious about erect niplels cus those  actually do relate to arousal but also temperature changes, also it's just as obscene when you can see women's nipples through their clothes regardless of they're erect or not
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who said anything about boners? horny or not i have a visible genital lump inside my pants i cant do anything about
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let's bring back this look
i think u should get on hrt because you clearly have a problem with the size of your genitals and u want them to be tiny and useless!

Don't be dumb!!
A man's bulge non deliberately protruding from his clothes s something to flaunt and be proud of!
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