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who is imageminer
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literally me

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denpa otoko site

tl note: "denpa" means mentally ill
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Mika ur not mentally ill
Denpa has really skewed toward the 4chan definition of schizo in the last few years, even that denpa rhythm game coming out seems to center around getting high off denpa music (and drugs) and spamming schizo shit on imageboards as an actual plot device.
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>last few years
Denpa was well and truly established in popular culture (in japan) like a decade before 2ch even existed.
>the 4chan definition of schizo in the last few years
The (resurgent) popularization of schizo is a recent thing so this statement just reads as odd on the face of it. Given that schizo is being used basically to mean denpa/denpa-kei (as adjective|adverb/noun) and anonymous imageboards have had a literal schizophrenic subculture since at least 07 in the west and the trappings of that culture were based on denpa all along anyway I don't understand what you find surprising or recent about any of this.

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Looking for new girlfriens to join our anti cis chat fyi we use xmpp
lole xmpp isn't this stuff less popular than irc despite supposedly being its successor
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i had to look up what xmpp client to even get, but now i am all setup, wowe what a zany name subverting my initial expectations
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initial impressions
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i scrolled a bit and it seems like the chatroom has been created today, or maybe that's just how far the logs go back on this 

anyway i was curious at what kind of people use xmpp but it kinda feels the same as one of those discord servers that get linked on /s4s/ that i try joining because i'm lonely but which i leave after 5 minutes because i feel completely out of place, just slower

this concludes my review
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you're so real for this 
the xmpp server this chat is on stores messages for 3 days

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Everybody's a little girl.
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everyone deserves forgiveness!
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Can someone explain what the motivation behind getting a blowjob/wanting to get a blowjob is?
Is it just purely psychological, like normalfags just want it reinforcing their identity in that sexnorm kinda way and loveydovey fags just want it reinforcing the idea that their partner loves and wants to pleasure them?
Is there any conception that it's actually supposed to feel better than masturbation/tool assisted masturbation?

This is actually a pretty important question and a good answer would actually really help me in my professional life, please help me to understand.
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It's one of those things that's on my to-do list but I've never gotten around to
I even have a dildo set aside from the others that's in it's own bag and untouched waiting for it
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Every time I see the thumbnail it makes me think he's getting headpats
you mean deepthroating a dildo?
i do it every time, it gets me lewded up and I don't have to coax my bussy into loosening up cus it already starts gaping when I do it

that trick about squeezing your thumbs in your fists to inhibit your gag reflex really helps the first few times you do it
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>you mean deepthroating a dildo?
I guess yeah
>i do it every time, it gets me lewded up and I don't have to coax my bussy into loosening up cus it already starts gaping when I do it
This sounds like a meme. My ass definitely twitches a lot in a kind of distracting way when I get turned on but if anything I feel like that makes me tighter
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punchable tummy
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Don't cry I'll flatten your balls too.
they're supposed to be cute baps i dont think people actually want to get bruises from getting punched
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you'd be surprise
who? i need more
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>i dont think people actually want to get bruises
Even the lightest vanillasluts do shit like hickeys
Depends on who you ask how hard you should put into spanking but even normalfags will put their hips into it sometime
an absolute statement like "people" is fucking insane though you've got no idea what maso's are like
>i dont think people actually want to get bruises from getting punched
I'm not necessarily proposing that anyway, it's really hard to bruise from tummy punches. If you tense up it's like totally safe and doesn't really hurt up to decent amounts, I'm saying they should at least put like the training taps you do when people are doing pullups and stuff.
That'd be
>cute baps
Not this faggot shit where they don't even connect and it just makes me think the clothed dude is fat and unathletic.
Actually I watched it without sound the first time and rewatching it it just makes me think they're both fat.
You're a guy, do some boxing, do some real wrestling. You literally have guy friends to do it with who will be at your same level of beginner so you can hold pads for each other and drill and shit. What the fuck.

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I hurt myself while shaving legus AND damaged my stockings while putting them
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fat magick thighs that rip apart stockings
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Magick cellulite ass and stretch marks.
I'm wasting away Ithink actually
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Drained dry...
I'm using a vibrator on my caged boper now

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quite literally
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quiet literally
cease to exist -.-
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quite literally, i hope evberyone reading this has a good day

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Rough general translation: A student spills water on his teachers pants under the guise it was an accident and proceeds to take of his pants.
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>>8270 (OP) 
what is she hiding under her skirt, what's that tent??
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It's a waterbottle ig
it's funny that he gets hard but as a bottom he will never use that erection, might as well lock the bepis up
Replies: >>8316
that's not nice, u should be fapping his pebis too when u go to do the fugs
Reminder that the pink [s4s] has only 200 pages, bumping to remind newfigs what a quality thread looks like!

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