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bury pink is a CIA counterintelligence operation to create a nice meme to overrun that dumb soviet frog
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I am hitler
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literally hitler
>>3862 (OP) 
If correct then this is the only moral and good thing theyve ever done to humanity

donpatch Help me find a shitty midi Keyboard
Is this good enough?
AKAI Professional MPK Mini MK3 ?
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Yeah, I'm dumb. Linux doesn't have Midi recording support. Windows all you have to do is push the record button in the piano roll window. Figured it out yesterday.
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you are not dumb
you have given me an opportunity 
to do something with my life
if you ever need anything I am here
donpatch I can't sleep
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>>3855 (dubs)
I'm back. It was a full moon tonight.
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They keep deleting my boy avogado's threads!

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Don't tell me you still get banned for late night lewd copypastas on the bad esfores.
no, you just get your threads deleted nowadays because you could contest the ban for being obvious bullshit
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this wasnt true in my case lmao

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I'm turning full blown old-fashioned tom of finland aids epidemic hairy man style barafag gay and it's very exciting

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>>3778 (OP) 
I really liked this video when I saw it on /gif/ last week too
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why? do you take any funny pills as well?
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No but I'm very aware of how they fuck you up.
>>3778 (OP) 
Wow that's unnerving as fuck
What's even more unnerving is how every girl you meet seems to be heavily medicated and still exhibits cluster B symptoms.
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ICD-11 has overhauled personality disorders. 
Cluster B reclassified as woman cluster.

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How do you feel about adopting a neet tsundere esfores femboi and making him cook and clean and be your personal meido in exchange for free rent and tender loving fugs every night?
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do boys really struggle to pay rent that much?
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I think it's more about getting emotionally attached to something and not working anymore.
american ones yeah, you'd be surprise
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no rent is nice but nicer is being taken care of
world is hard and mean and many struggle, if meido dont have to think or worry about bad can focus on happy good and love
want to be nice happy meido housewife or maybe pet but IRL boys arent nice like anine so hard to trust :(
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You sound like you just need to get out more, stop being weird, keep the nerd shit to a minimum IRL unless you know you're talking with intellectuals. You'll be alright. It's a weird place out there, but you got to try and fit in or end up some weird incel douche or a dude that fucks cats in his basement with a Garfield mask on.

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>are ya winning, son
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Is there a better feeling than turning someone's failed "son" into a hot quivering mess spilling their useless feminine semen all over their stomach?
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uh yes, being the failed son
sex is kinda gross honestly
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Is pretty nice when ur the one having it
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>>3770 (OP) 
Am winning father 
Such study, so doctor, wow

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she sees s4s
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Knock, knock, knockin' on Asuka's door
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Never watched eva
take pills schizo
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>>2471 (OP) 
Me being cool, trying to pick up some hot chicks on s4s

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Kusaba X is a continuation of the Kusaba imageboard software, which Trevor has quit supporting. While other Kusaba derivatives are adding more bloat than functionality, Kusaba X is determined on adding functionality first.
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>>3802 (OP) 
What is this? 2010? Get out of here with that garbage script. 

t. someone who installed kusaba before
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mouths are cute
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What was it like?
"I agree!" - Adolph Hitler

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