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ALL of you have literal demons inside of you.

Demons DO enter your body through the anus, because the mixture of pain and pleasure caused by the immoral act of sodomy causes so much psychic confusion that a portal to your soul opens up in your anus for the demon to enter.

This is how demons get inside of everyone. They conflate pleasure with pain. They also conflate truth with untruth.

The anus is only ONE way that demons enter a human body, BUT IT IS ONE OF THE MOST PROMINENT ONES.

This is why so many of you have suffered from pedophilia and sodomy as children. The demons spread to you in this way, in the same way that vampirism spreads through bites.

Reject these homosexual demons and drive them out of your body. I implore you. The world will be a better place. I will forgive you if you expel the demons from your body and stop causing harm to the world around you.

This message is brought to you by truth and decency and concern for your well being as well as the well being of the world around, NOT "bigotry" or "ignorance".
Can I still be cute though?
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tomgirls have always been allowed cwc is a tranny now

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evil normalfag mods keep abusing me
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ah yes another projection
I thought Jiru “understood his place and fucked off” lol
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Magick is really losing it recently because the sole place he’s accepted in and has influence and importance in in his life is now rejecting him yet again. Sad to watch.
Unless you were perma-banned like me, you have no room to talk.
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I've been permabanned multiple times,  but idk if there's infighting amongst the mods because they seem to change their mind sometimes

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Grooming my sleep paralysis demon into being my cute subby pet everyday for a week and I wanna tell everyone!
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they can denote softness which is definitely what you want in a soft demon boi, if ur on t-blcokers long enough it'll give u bitch tits too
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Being fat isn't cute lol
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being on estrogen is pretty cute tho
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Being on estrogen changes the sort of fat that you get when you get fat and encourages behavior that makes you fat and possibly even makes it faster to get fat when you are getting fat but it does not actually make you fat
being 3dpd isn't cute either
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Literal mental illness

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mfw bbc!!⸜(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝
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big boobie cock!
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Aobahol is the only cure for the voices in my head.
Why do you think schizos take so much drugs because it makes this fugged up shit bearable
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I'm high lole
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Why is Germany banned from /bant/?

Posting from your IP range has been blocked due to abuse. [More Info]
4chan Pass users can bypass this block. [Learn More]

but i can still post on s4s
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>>17912 (OP) 
Jokes or /bant/er are not possible to make using the German language.
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germans are so boring and cado is a perfect example

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some more cool art for ya
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It's so cool that the aztecs were dropping Yume Nikki references that long ago.
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coke guy
good thread

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get egged
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moshi moshiii
ah yes, I was just wondering where my replies are, desu ka
this is so sad
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sorry this thread is too lewd for me i cant post here
everyone hates me here

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bro wht r u doing uu wouldnt actually placed the permaban dick inside me right haha ii know ur kiddinggsgosbw wbahbbhg
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no more fortnite cardsss
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are you talking about me?
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he will be gone in 18 hours
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you're banning me forever in 18 hours what the fuck
>>17877 (OP) 
what did he mean by this

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