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Is it true they still won't let gaijins visit Japan unless you're triplevaxxed and have a negative test before boarding the plane and they will make you install an invasive gps tracking app and COVID contact tracing app on your phone and then assign you a state sponsored tour guide who won't let you go unsupervised like in North Korea?
japan is just going back to its roots of being closed to the outside just like during the good ol' days of the tokugawa bakufu
Japan sank in 1978 all the alleged footage of Japan from after that was shot on a soundstage in Singapore
Nuclear weapons are fake and Japan never surrendered during WWII. 
Emperor Hirohito is still alive and in control of mainland china and North Korea. 
The "CCP" and the "DPRK" are Western misinformation that only works because of how incomprehensible Kanji is to Westerners.

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Do you want to work for the catboy cafe?
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abolish the wage system
>>2616 (OP) 
depends if I have to c**m in the covfefe or not
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>>2616 (OP) 
No, I'm the owner and head cook

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How you do this?
Can you make it go any wider?
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probably by concatenating videos with different resolutions together

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esfores being incomprehensible without the green posts used to be a joke
god bless our crazy, awesome, based, ban evading king and his mental breakdown
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>>3594 (OP) 
Fresh pasta!

>4chan was founded by a bunch of anime fanboys who were too fucking weird to handle posting on somethingawful without getting permabanned[, of which i was one of them]

>if you think "crazy" or weird people posting on 4chan is a f*cking problem, actually it is you who are on the wrong website, and you need to fuck off to normie instagram and tiktok land where the chinese govt will trick you into eating a tide pod because that's how smart you are

On a side note, I like how [s4s] is like a meta-analytical board for imageboard culture. This place is becoming a meta 4chan [s4s].

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I love micker!
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I'm gonna make you dance to cute micker songs and work up a sweat while wearing the default outfit and then when you're tired I'll take off your big thigh high booties so I can dunk it over my head and get soaked in your sweat!
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0h g0sh an0n thats lewd ;3
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>>2480 (OP) 
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4chan gold

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mmmm jelly ben
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This is a catch 22 situation. If Neo was greedy and beat up Morpheus would he still be able to escape the matrix and see the real world? Or is it necessary for him to submit to Morpheus and let him have the other bean? Without escaping the matrix there is no unlocking his full potential as the One.
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determinism is real....
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That would be cool if they made movies where the plot changes every time you watch it. Each time you watch it the plot slowly drifts from what you first saw. Like if you watched the matrix 999 times eventually Neo says fuck it and becomes Smith and everyone dies. The machines have no human energy. And everything goes black. The End
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You are eternally unlucky and all the characters in every movie you watch get struck by lightning within the first minute and the rest of the runtime is just their corpse and silence.
it'd be impossibe to rate movies if that happened lol

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Avogadro's constant saying what we're all thinking.
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>>3573 (OP) 
The secret radio has spoken.

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warren buffet says im  cringe

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there is nothing healthier and tastier than femboy c**mies I think everyone should have their own live-in femboy to nurse and head pat you can milk him anytime when you need that white godlike liquid that can cure any disease
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>>3517 (OP) 
I tried eating my own c**mies once and I wanted to throw up from the weird bleach taste and texture, the nausea didn't stop after it went down either.

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