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I'm glad you like it ^^
Can you write my birth name on a piece of paper?
I'm not going to tell you it and if you guess wrong I'm going to be really angry.
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No, sorry
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I'm angry now, okay?
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get well soon

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waah! i'm sitting alone in a field under a tree all messy and all sweaty! if only i had a strange old man to keep me company
mating press!

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i meant asuka FUCK
anon idk if u noticed but asuka is making the candice joke not rei
candice retard parse the joke lmao
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>>11272 (OP) 
this is so cringe it created a black hole in my anus

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this theme is hella awful!

Bring the pink brainwashing theme back!
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why did admin do this
also he needs to post shima cosplay
pretty sure you can pick from a multitude of themes using the settings button on the top right corner, admin doesn't like it either though ;____;

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im merly a dog 

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*woof woof*
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Whoosh a good doggie (*^^*)

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Did you know that thickened water has the same consistency as warm c**mies if you warm it up, it even coats the back of your throat just like real cmmies, I'm sure you could find plenty of uses for it if you've tried shooting ur skeets in your mouth when you're horny
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don't be racist, it's almost certainly a bot operated by a russian vatnik cunt
why is everyone on s4s androphilic
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does it count if I'm only attracted to guys that looks like girls?
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i'm the only manlover here

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The autism sissy has invited you over to show you his minecraft house. You follow the directions leading you to a shady low-income apartment complex. You're slightly worried about being robbed but you do it for that autistic boipucci. Dodging packs of negros, you find the apartment number and hesitantly ring the doorbell. You can hear noise from inside as you wait, lots of moving around and what sounds like obscenities in a female voice. The door opens and the ecstatic boi looks up at you with a big stupid smile and a "Welcome, fren!". As he takes your hand and leads you to his room, you can see a woman in her late 40s sitting on the couch with a glass of wine staring at you in disbelief. You look around and see what you would think was a kid's room if you didn't know better. There's a stuffed bear on his k-on themed bedset, and posters for anime and games are taped onto the walls. On his monitor is a paused window of Minecraft in front of an [s4s] thread opened in his browser. You can see a pink sleeve stuck in his closet door. You hear the door you both came through close as he rushes to his desk, eager to show you what he made in his game. You come up behind him and pretend to listen to him as he excitedly talks about some stupid miney crafta shit with his eyes focused on the computer screen. He doesn't notice you staring at his ass, legs, and little bare feet. After a minute of this you get impatient and move closer, reach down into his little shorts and grab his soft, sq
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>>12515 (OP) 
Imagine being the greasy slimy ball of shit who typed this fanfic out lol
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it's p hot though
too bad it ends at the best part
only oldf*gs remember
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didn't know this was actually a manga

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i forgot how to let myself have fun
>i forgot how to let myself have fun
silly gator

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does sluts4sale like future funk?

thread theme!
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I love future funk and city pop.

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