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I bought a bidet attachment for my toilet.
are you gay or european?
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all europeans are gay
we don't need "bidet" attachments because we have the real thing

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Why wasn't I born a cute girl?
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fugg DDD;
>>7384 (OP) 
in your previous life you were a girl who wanted to be a boy
>>7384 (OP) 
only babies are born, they become cute girls later

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Is the fight really over?
Are we really going home?

I don't wanna get my IP rangebanned again to check.
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lole the bunny thread with 200+ replies got deleted as well
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you might as well be a frogposter
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i got banned during the big munch episode but now i can post freely. i rarely post though
i wasnt gayposting either

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>bepis fappy
it's ok
>boipucci fappy
kinda hurts after a while and can't c**m
>both at the same time
my hips moved on their own and i could barely keep myself from making dumb c**m noises, simply touching the frenulum on my bemis made me twitch and convulse for a few minutes afterwards, 10/10 would recommend
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I want to be k*ssed
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i force myself to cum all the time because i know it's chemically emasculating
I wanna put Noah in a mating press
>>7321 (OP) 
im afraid of buying a dildo because I already have pretty intense twitching orgasms when I play with my butt with just my fingers, if I touch my bp even minutes after it happens, it still makes me twitch, i can't imagine how far down the rabbit hole I would go if I started buying sex toys.

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Will I become gender dysphoric if I play vrchat or similar games where I larp as a cute anime girler in first person?
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If you're even worried about this in the first place + you have a desire to larp as a cute anime girler in first-person, you already know the answer to this question with complete certainty.
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vrchat is garbage, yeah you heard me
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This image screams "fuck my ass"
>>7367 (OP) 
i refuse to touch vr because i already know it's exactly what would happen
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I touched vr and it's what happened

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who, exactly, are these so-called sluts that are for sale and where can I purchase them?
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why are incels such spiteful losers?
they look like >shadman characters IRL
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kind of
it looks very youthful
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youre my favorite kind of people 
gay and cute as h*ck
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im bi
liking a cute boy isnt gay
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it is though
it's only gay if your also cute

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japan was the real winner of wwii

they're turning our youth into sex depraved weeaboo femboy sluts with their cartoons
i want to do a cume on his exposed upper back
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Japan has nothing to do with.
Zoomers are just really stupid, impressionable and soft as baby shit. So compared to every generation before, they're always gonna seem like dumb weeb fags whether they watch anime or not.

No need to be racist for the societies failures. It's not Japan's fault. It's weak, privileged parenting.
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teen post
teen post

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Do girls even wear thigh high socks anymore? I feel like they have been appropriated by femboys.

I've seen a few pics of females wearing this kind of femboy goth weeb ensemble and it just feels wrong.
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The Cure For LGBT Is 1488

Your Fortune: Make Sure Your Earthly Affairs Are In Order
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reminds me of this great deal i saw in Wal Mart
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>>4749 (OP) 
>Do girls even wear thigh high socks anymore?
im a girl and yes i do
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Are you a cute griller pretending to be a boy pretending to be a gril for the attention?

Are you talking the $5 movies?
Or whatever that is for $14.88?

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she got so disappointed that she immediately put on her jacket to leave
it gets bigger ><

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