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Do you do anything weird in the bathroom?
I hold my breath while taking a piss up until I reach the sink and turn the water on because I get too grossed out by the thought of breathing in dirty urine air.
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i lick da cum
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YOU misunderstood my post. 
YOU are disgusting. 
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dick pics
Not an argument
Madokanon please post your 7-inch penis. That's way bigger than everyone else's here

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i will bap my pebis
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to what?
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average dutch woman
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why dutch
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she looks like my old dutch gf

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munch came back
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I'm so glad munch finally died of her muscle wasting disease
it's kinda funny how the only people that still remember munch are her detractors
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How could I not remember her?
She rangebanned me for spamming/flooding at least 8 times between Oct 2021 and now for doing what I always did, lewdposting and replying to the gay esfores meme cabal.
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Forgot, munch is the reason I'm still afraid to use my passu on esfores, those bans were ALL BOARD even when they had no reason to be.
nice puppet did you make that yourself

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s4s meatup
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smoke meth
order estrogen from the internet. I did it and it made me insanely soft, smooth, and squishy. it seemed to convert all of my skin (not just the surface but also the layers below) into some new material, it was really weird. I stopped taking it because it shrunk my pebis but I do sometimes miss that soft feeling
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i heard you always grow boobs one cup size smaller than your mother's
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I didn't really want boobs but I'd maybe be able to live with them or just get them removed. it was the dick functionality that really made me want to stop. at the end of the day I'm still pretty much just a straight twink
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i want hormone breasts just so i can get rid of them with top surgery later and get the scar (looks cooler than a tattoo)

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this is so fucked up
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Truly the pinnacle of gacha.
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why are gacha characters so sexualized??? like it's literally softcore porn and insane character design made to arouse
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This but unironically.
I don't need the source itself being sexualized when I can just load up a booru and find porn of the character.
But that's just me. Getting people's dicks hard makes money.
i just thought that video was funny
like the situations the game creates to be suggestive are so ridiculous
2D is perefection

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I hate women
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>>10712 (OP) 

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Would you let your son dress like this, magick?
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why weeb
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goth weeb (male)
>>10692 (OP) 
only far left is a guy

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Bunny Paradise!
how do they decide who wears the bunny costume?
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Age probably has something to do with it, you graduate from bunny girl (male) to bunny host (male).

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i call my bf mommy
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damn that would be cool, but no it's basically just chat gpt text before chat gpt was available
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is it Markov chains
Replies: >>10684 >>10686
Replies: >>10686
It's what they used to call AI before AI, it's just a simple algorithm that spits out words based on the mathematical likelihood of that word appearing after the previously generated word.
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