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I like to make horny lewdposts while the afterglow washes over me and i fall asleep afterwards only to wake up finding munch banned me for 3 days for posting about c**ming and wanting to wear maid outfits and be a housewife (male) aaaaaaaaaa
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I swear, boys wearing maid outfits will never not be wholesome and cute.
sex is for pervs

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I wanna make my daily c**mbrain thread but I ran out of pics to make a new thread with...

just kidding!
god I wish that were me

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im just like the anime girls i yell at my mom and then look at the computer
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Sometimes I just wanna photoshop pics like these to make them flat chested so I can pretend they're cute boys.
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all boys should be girls and all girls should be boys
cant you pretend that hes wearing pads
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do cute boys usually wear pads?

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Is it normal that I self-insert as the girl pretty much any time I fap or fantasize about any sexual activity?

I just can't imagine doing the fugging in my wildest imaginations, it doesn't really do anything for me either.
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How come everyone wants to be a bottom, who's gonna top me if everyone wants to be the gril?
I am going to top every one of you sissies.
i only start fantasizing about normal style straight sex involving me as a boy when im bored to death with everything else
>>8134 (OP) 
im gonna insert myself into you
no its not normal why do you need to ask this

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wagies be like

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This is the c**ming into coffee while you're horny and immediately regretting it thread.
You can only post in this itt if you've eaten your own spunk while you were horny and rarted.
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Worst thread in the entire site, congrats.
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>>8207 (OP) 
You never actually did that. That was just your prompt to start the thread with that image.
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i did, and I was the one responsible for this thread

and later pic related (i forgot which board lole), probably /pol/ or /trash/
ive done that but it wasnt coffee (dont remember what)
i also used to experiment in the kitchen to come up with a convincing poop like concoction

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admin is pretending to be straight again
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old hag
honest question, do people like the taste of poop?
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anime girls do
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of course not stop being gross
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I wanted to put my tongue under admin's foreskin and clean up his peepee but just found out he has a mutilated american dick
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>>8111 (trips)
YWNHAUcC is the new YWNBAW
I love you Magick, you're my little penis cheese.
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I love you Magick, you're my little smegma cheese.
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smegma is not cheese, it has no milk curd
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I love you Magick, you're my little milk curd.

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Would you rather fug the meido or be the meido?

There's a correct answer, btw.
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I need a cute meido bf so baad
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Anyone would if they lived in Mexico city
I tried this once and couldn't get over the bleschy taste, maybe because it was my own c**m and i stopped being horny, I need a bf...
how does he get that leaky stream of semen to happen before the spurts?
Is he wearing an aneros?

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what is cobe
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it's like cola but for poor countries
cobe and seeb
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I remember you

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