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/our girl/ or no?
night of the long knives more like night of the long dicks amirite bros gottem
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We do not joke about historical events here #IStandWithIsraelAndAlsoUkraineGiveZylenskiOneTrillionDollars
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the resemblence is pretty clear I think

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pekola if she was a high school girl
crypto Magick thread?
Bitcoin magick thread?

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Do you think wish fried her brain with his extended gooning sessions while on meth or was it the estrogen?
overdosed on attention
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Does pedophilia correlate with a preference for underripe fruits? An underripe pear is bitter and firm, and people will get angry if they see you pick it from the tree too early, but there's no chance of finding worms, smelly bits, or period blood in it.
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fucking gross
the joke is wanting to rape children
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Why does m*ttress do this?
i thought they bashed nonces in engerland
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they elect them to parliament like anywhere else

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S tier: Danbooru, 4chan
A tier: Pinterest, twitter, any other booru
B tier: Reddit
C tier: PXL_
D tier: unnamed, videoplayback, Snapchat, iphone
E tier: tumblr, FBIMG, Screenshot_-------,
F tier: maxresdefault (12).jpg, IMG_XXXX, hqdefault, images, image, download, latest, sample_
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I had a windows phone around that time too, that's why it sticks out in my memory
I used to cringe at that filename every time
>too many japanese artists try to delete their whole existence out of nowhere
why are so many japanese people inclined towards digital or physical suicide
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iPhone filenames are alright
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Possibly the worst filename I have ever come across in my time on the chon

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i keep screeching but no one pets me what am i doing wrong :c
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hope im not too late
dont worry, even if the outside world is scary rn it can be really beautiful and calming too, and you can meet a lot of nice people
i believe in you, you can do it!! and i hope youre house will be okay!
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i just stayed over at a friend's house and just slept the whole time lol it was actually rly nice very queit and peaceful
ty for responding even tho u didnt have2, yuo are a very nice fren C:
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yaaaaaay!!! im happy its all worked out c:
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>my house is getting fumigatered
why did you carry all those insects in there then
now have soft, cute, sensual sex

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jog on the 'log
where the jak
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jack, we gladly lack

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who asked
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Uhm, I asked.
Are you going to answer me, or am I gonna need to get out my fucking tazer on you?
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Please do not refer to me as INDIFFERENT. I am sorry for you from the bottom of my HEART. It is certain that I would have cried as much water as is contained in the Atlantic ocean, if my tear ducts were still FUNCTIONING.

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Let me out of this degenerate world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I refuse
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Fuck off. You're not my Oni-Chan.

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