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bepis locked in chastity and leaking hot fluids from ur skirt
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pew pew
i don't understand the appeal of chastity cages 
penises should be always left uninhibited and in plain sight
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I dunno, orgasm control and denial is pretty hote, plus your bepis still gets hard it just has nowhere to go so you get even hornier than before because you cant fap ur beois

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Why do femboys like mechanical keyboards so much?
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I love pastel colored sundresses
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Wearing them too? >///<
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nooo, I'm a boy and boys are not supposed to wear dresses??
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I love you Magick, you're my little huipil.
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I like  huipils they're comfy and I can wear them as crop tops and they make me look soooo slutty and sexy

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*sigh* Would you please get up?
*grits teeth*
Seuss thread

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So what are your hobbies other than being gay and wanting to fug anime traps irl?
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eating churros
>>1866 (OP) 
Neither of those are my hobbies. I basically just work and workout all day. I wish I had more time for movies and anime.

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I love you Magick, you're my little churro.
I love you Magick, you're my little churro.
I love you Magick, you're my little churro.
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I love you Magick, you're my little tostada.

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If you mix thickening agent for dysphagia with hot water, it makes warm c**mies which you can use for lewd purposes i won't say what lole
you really like making artificial cum don't you

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Are anal orgasms more trouble to achieve than they're worth? Is cumming from a dildo so much better than cumming from an onahole that it's worth risking getting caught and having people think you're gay?
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Can any dildo work as long as it fits and has a corona for prostate stimulation?
the only thing i had enter my butt was a doctors finger and it didn't feel nice at all i can't imagine what an entire rubber dick must feel like
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Yeah it takes practice, you have to overcome the sensation that you want to poop when you shove stuff up ur butt
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You see, that's what I'm afraid of. I know where my perineum p spot is, I know where my ass p spot is, and feeling up both of them do nothing for me. On one hand, I speculate "Maybe I need a dildo in my ass? You know, like how most women, including lesbians, literally can't have an orgasm without at least something hard and cylindrical in their pussies", but on the other hand, I'm like, "Maybe gays get off on their partners getting off like women do. You know, like how women with huge tits sometimes think they're having a 'breast orgasm' when giving their man mammary intercourse, even though that's literally impossible".
Replies: >>1804
everyone is different, but there's definitely a submissive factor to it, you might not enjoy it as much if you're not imagining yourself getting railed when you use a dildo on yourself.

anyways, they're really cheap and you can get them shipped to amazon locker if you wanna hide it from people, I would just try it and I don't like it i'd return it, amazon will let you do that lole

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Why do boys do this?
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maybe being choked feels good and will make you cume harder??
how did you pass out? are you hurty in the brain?
Yes that
I will be at your place tomorrow ;3 <3
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Ok I'm going to rape your ass instead >:(
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I'm a meownie

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anime if she real
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hot whore
Replies: >>135
I would have sex with her with my penis if you catch my drift.
>>131 (OP) 
When some attractive girls were nice to me and didn't treat me like shit as a "punishment" for "hitting on them" (existing). It had its downsides but I miss high school.
>>131 (OP) 
Is that tsukudani norio?

She larps as a crossdressing anime boy vtuber.
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girl pretending to be a boy pretending to be a girl

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>>88 (OP) 
single digit animation budget
>>88 (OP) 
Why is the animation so bad?
I think it goes far beyond "it's on purpose ironically", it looks worse than something someone would make in MMD for free.
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it actually is literally made in MMD lole 
the fun comes from the seiyuus ad libbing stuff 

gdgd fairies is another show that's in the same vein it's really fun you should give it a try
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seiyuus are so hot and cute
Nigga, it's obviously an animation made for audio taken from somewhere else.

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