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What a legendary book

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anyone wanna cam with a femboy?
add me on discord
you go queen
Seems like a sting operation
i hate latinos

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So is chiyo a halfie? She's the only one with bright eyes and has the brightest hair by far and her family has connections in america.
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That's what the man of culture is for
               /      \
              /●  ●     \    / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
            /        Y  Y|   <Sex with lolis!!
            | ▼    //// |   | |     \_______
            |_人_       \/" \
             \/       ”    \
        ,.. -──- 、, |"    ””       \
      ,/        `''-、             \
     ., '            ``ヽ;‐‐-, _         |
    /                   ゙i'ヾ、|         | ドピュッ ドク…
 ?煤@,!                、 i  |     /    |
    l               ┬-,.、, ヽ !. |    / /    |
!? | ,            |/ ヾ、|'  |   |  |      |
    | | !  ,、 、      l     ! l |  |  |     |
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white woman moment
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russians will defend this

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any last words?
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fuck i am alive
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it seems like you did a 360° turn and ended up where you started xd.
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judo belt or other soft rope
contrictor knot (
doorknob or other secure fixture
make sure the pressure is on the left/right of your neck rather than the front/back
make sure the pressure is stable/increasing if you hang limp

get low to the ground so it's already going and then lean into it and you'll get that head rush feeling

pills/alcohol is teenage girl-tier attention seeking safe shit. Do it right

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lidl moo'r
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me on top
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good moorning sirs
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ey shawty u got a mooment for me?

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Sometimes I close my eyes and I can vividly see that webm of the femboy taking an angle grinder to his bepis through my minds eye and I hate it.

Your Fortune: (Rock) Hard Times Ahead
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glad i didn't see whatever video you're talking about
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videos like this are always a disappointment because they don't cum....
>>21349 (OP) 
I found the webm arousing.

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whenever i click a spoiler image on here, i'm afraid for my safety
oh that's just me posting lewd pics cus some squishies claim they're asexual or something idk
im a asexual peder
Cut myself (ball of a finger offhand) cutting a cumtube

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sex with feet... brushing your face against soft soles... cumming on feeet...

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I don't really know what I expected, I thought this would be a shitpost but then I looked at the runtime and its literally 30 minutes of some brainrotted mtf trying to give people brainworms.
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There's like a dry humor in you having an account that's 99% trooncircle media that you just hatewatch relentlessly and then you post about it like anyone else has this problem or cares
It's kinda worn out at this point though
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>>21329 (OP) 
the fact that you're recommended this video and have posted a thread with such use of terms suggests a number of things
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mtf chasers in a nutshell

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i hate being a femboy. fetishes gross me out. sex is disgusting. cum tastes bad.
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you have to punish me properly desu nya ovo
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you're grounded, no video games for a week
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ill just watch zoo child pron then hfump!
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most normal squishy
>ill just watch zoo child pron then hfump!
Where did /zoo/ and /guro/ (that might not have been the link) and the other 3dpd altporn boards go to? Did they end up following the pedophiles onto the account based forums?
It's been a hot minute since I watched zoo porn, might go looking again

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