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Hyperdimension neptunia ruined a whole generation of men.
Nep nep! >‿<
it may be cute, bit it's not a revoltuion

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i want a cute esfores poster to tie me up and force me to orgasm over and over all day until it hurts!
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It's with little pleasure that I inform you that you might just actually be a retard.
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it's with little pleasure that i inform you that you might actually have problems with listening and responding, this is common with autistic retards such as yourself, and i hope you can get help with that from psychiatrist, although unfortunately you might just be too far gone to help :(
we can already see the depth of your retardation from the pictures you post, people of value wouldn't even have these things saved, it's quite sad
in fact, one might say, it's OVER
also bye stupid faggot you arent even worth a real reply, too dumb lol

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Imagine being subbed to wow in 2023, so many people are though.
it's so dystopian.

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why does the scent of male genitals have a potential to cause arousal in me, a male? additionally, why is this effect only activated from people i specifically like, thanks.
(saying haha u gay is not an asnwer, thanks.)
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you will look at lesbians and say WOW THAT'S HOT and then look at gay dudes and say ew, you are a hypocrite my man
it's OVER
you're gay AND retarded
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prove it
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the internet taught me proof means lewd/nude pictures
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things you read on the internet are often wrong, unless they come from a person that has something to lose if they're wrong.

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theres so much serious discussion here instead of funposts
i did that, did you want funposts? here's your fucking funpost *flops out my penis*
yes i admit it, anything i touch becomes what i want it to be, is that good or bad? fuck you, i do what i want.

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putting on ur bottoms flat cage is pretty easy when he's flaccid, pepus goes swishy click click, no more fapping ur bepis
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snip snip
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pebis tissue doesn't warp or get damaged if you squish it while flaccid, it just fills up till it encounters resistance and stops, it might get snug tho
what the fuck I made and posted that gif like 6 years ago
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Aggressive chastity cage clinking!
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This schadenfreude runs deep, more than the ocean, more than the stars, more than that old dusty image of you. I'm happy, in a strange way, orgasmic tingling feelings fill me as I see you writhe in your endless night. Is this karma, God's great design? I'm drinking it in, your sweet and bitter wine.
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i didn't get the reference ;_;
you're always a class act, yuji
no one does it better than you
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does what?
boring board

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ever thought about the idea that we could be extinguished from any number of things coming from space? a wandrering black hole, a gamma ray burst, a quasar, even a stray meteor?
that's not even the scary part by the way, it's the fact that this could happen at any second, and you wouldn't know a thing, most of these disasters would kill you without any time to comprehend what is happening. maybe you've already died from these things in some alternate reality, perhaps millions of times, and you will never know any of this.
really makes you qestion what you're doing in your daily life. if you realized how fragile your world is, would you do anything differently?

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Why, they don't have like biohazard controls on it right?
I guess the stuff I use is refrigerated and it doesn't seem you can just buy it on like amazon.
Bizarre. Food culture seems really miserable outside of the far east.
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I have found a recipe 
they recommend cheddar cheese
when i get paid tomorrow i will go shopping and sedn some pics c:
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>they recommend cheddar cheese
That's also what I've been using (mild smoked). I usually pan-fry the meat in butter, plate the meat then put the cheese over that, and then pour the butter-suet from the pan to melt the cheese but I've also had success with melting the cheese on the meat in the pan after the heat is off.
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i will try my best tomorrow c:
thank you
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Had 1kg of sliced rump thawed so I did it in ~125g of butter with a splash of korean hotsauce and layered it meat -> 4slices cheese (~85g) -> meat ->4slices cheese -> meat + pan drippings
Loose leaf little giblets much of it so no way I could have done the cheese in the pan today without making a mess at the bottom
should last me today + tomorrow
I don't own a camera

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im sorry but they were totally fucking before the big kfc breakup

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