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Enjoyed the fuck out this show

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I will never be loved 
and I'm going to die alone
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>>25994 (OP) 
u wil never be loved u willlll die alone bwhwhahahahm amahwhdh aahah ahaha hahahh ahhahah
I disappeared from earth
the ceiling is fucking moving around
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Been there robo is fun and shoukd be enjoyed like tea.

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My tea
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I love you all, all of you guys that come here

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what's the most in-depth analysis of the history of s4s and the psychology of its users? i need to heal.
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This board is one of the only general boards that you can actually post on that's still around
Most of my cohorts are dead, literally for some (particularly the jpsies), and others are on sites that are basically whitelist account forums at this point. I dunno how you can make this post and not realize it answers your own question.
>that doesn't describe me
Well it doesn't describe anyone because gender dysphoria isn't real (because gender isn't real)
>i feel like we've created a completely novel mental illness online
Dysphoria posting predates imageboards and is tied into their oldest cultures (e.g. the pedos). The ability for people who are fundamentally dissatisfied with reality to air their grievances and hopes in a public setting is one of the great accomplishments of the information age.
Trying to paint the userbase with a broad brush is retarded anyway because it's actually an anonymous board so there's actually a diversity in posters.
>do i deserve to live?
That's up to you, retard. We don't share a value set. If you want to die, die. If you don't, do whatever the fuck you want.
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what was ur favorite spinoff
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Later era desuchan when it had 0.5 PPD
If you mean in general then it's between freech and /AM/
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we are just kinda out of place IRL

is noah still posting here btw
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OP image reminds me of Richard Simmons robot from the Simpsons that shakes its ass until it explodes.

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me when im taking advantage of easily influenced retards by debasing myself, playing dress up and begging esfores boys for steam games in exchange for lewds
that's my post that's what I said 
that's my thing
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i said easily influenced retards first, that was my post, I said it first!!

Why you always gotta do that??
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I made it popular it is my thing
watch your tone you whore
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<me when im taking advantage of easily influenced retards by debasing myself, playing dress up and begging esfores boys for steam games in exchange for lewds

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ive been sleeping alot
i slept a lot
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my blankie calls

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he's my hot loser
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what shluld I eat if I'm hungry
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you should hunt ducks and eat fucking bread for dinner
fishe or me
he went camping and died

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rub hotsauce on your eyelids

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idk y u keep bothering u should just blow ur horny brains out
came too early in my daughter's pussy again she's visibly upset
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jerk off beforehand next time

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