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micker dressing up like a boy pretending to be a grill as a joke

the joke is she is actually a he and the penis is not feminine at all lole

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your a boy
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that is what i am
>tfw boy
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hate when that happens
it looks like a weird mushroom

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Could i Beat Magic in a fight?
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creepy weirdo
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I love you Magick, you're my little weirdo.
how com all zoomers wear adidas
All Day I Dream About Squishy

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assuming they have a competent owner, pet rabbits have the best life. they are loved simply for existing. bunnies don't have to do work or be obedient like dogs and don't have to kill things like cats. they don't have to think about anything, they can just eat grass and take naps and run around and get pets if they feel like it. they are taken care of and everything they need is freely provided without any expectations.
unfortunately owner competency is a pretty big assumption to make and rabbits are some of the most frequently abused pets in the world, but if i could guarantee a good owner there's no species of animal i'd rather be than bun
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this is a funny bunny
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udongein pancake tree

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corrupt the child

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they really said O__O
pallas cate

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I had a dream this morning about being a cute anime girl and having dresses picked out for me. It felt pretty nice.
i had a dream about being arrested. i had a lot of paraphernalia in my backpack, but it fell down the side of a cliff, so i tried to dive after it, but the cliff led to a river, and there just so happened to be a patrol boat  down there that heard my backpack clanging. i got my stuff and ran, but not before being confronted by a police officer telling me that he was going to search my bag, so i panicked and tried to flee again, but he caught up with me and arrested me. i ended up in a holding cell. my door was somehow unlocked, but the person guarding me was walking up and down the hallway full of cells. he stopped to talk to someone in a cell, so i took my chance and ran out through the front door. i kept running, but it felt like i was weighed down by something. the outside of the prison was pretty flat too, so i had to run to the rocks and bushes scattered about so they'd conceal me from any prison guards' line of sight. i made it to town, but the prison guard had somehow caught up. i tried to hide in a little cubby the houses' architecture made, but i could see people inside, so i went and ran to a house that was somehow unlocked and unoccupied, and tried to hide there, but two prison guards started knocking on the front door. i thought to escape out the back, but i woke up.
i never have interesting dreams..

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the live-in meido who lives in ur house and eats ur food and hogs ur bideo games but it's ok because u give him deep prostate poundings every night uwu
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human trafficking
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isn't this just a housewife with extra steps?

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I don't even know what the fuck I posted?!
Is the word 'greek' banned?
munch is proud turk
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It was on /b/
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mods are global
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Explain munch and her esfores all board bans
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ain't nobody's business but the turks

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