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I MISS MUNCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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this is the exact moment when a large dick is thrust into my boipussy at incredibly hihg speed, screaming constantly with a high pitched voice like a fucking retard!!
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>>5523 (OP) 
why is the pic upside down
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It's hotter that way

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tfw no bearfriend

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Cool thread
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I love you Magick, you're my little tester.
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where are you
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magick feels lonely...
I love you Magick, you're my little churro.

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ITT: we reminisce on the [s4s] of yesteryear and the lewd nsmefigs that have left us.

>cuteposter gets sexually accosted by catfish

>mfw I see a cock being slapped against my face

>phos erps with a lainfag cutter and he becomes his crossdressing dog!

>neppy absorber absorbs neppy's delicious strawberry milk body

>W-Welcome t-to t-therapy t-tea w-with C-CTS 3-3D ;_;
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now we know what your favourite posts are
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Why did munch had to nuke everything?
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Never underestimate the autism and sustained psychosis of a 4chan moderator, he probably got treated badly by one of the femboy namefigs over discord and then vowed to destroy their presence on [s4s].
Or maybe it's a tranny mod who's insatiably jealous of them and knows they can never look like that so they go full scorched earth because he hates femboys.

I'm willing to believe it's the latter, remember how /qa/ was killed after they spammed /LGBT/ with trannyjak for 6 hours?
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It wasn't just 6 hours, it was days and days. And they kept at it intermittently for months. And a few them still do it every day. They gave /a/ and a few other boards a similar treatment in the past, too. Fuck /qa/

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I want miku to choke me out with her luscious, soft twin-tail hair and make assertive yet consensual love to my body!
I love twin tail hair

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I was wondering what's the biggest c**m shot possible if you waited 3 days to refill your sperm, bulbourethral and prostate glands and then edged for several hours to increase the pressure in your seminal vesicles till you can shoot several feet away and maybe bullied ur prostate for even more hot fluid volume, would it hurt to empty your prostate by poking it from behind?

Asking for a friend
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do not bully the prostates, be nice to them ;_;
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why do boys love cumming so much
I accidentally shot myself in the face after coming back from a 1 week family trip
I notice there's never any good results when I look this up on google, prostate and semen gland volume is on the forefront of medical science, and decades ahead of the medical literature, just like with intermittent fasting, doctors don't have your best interest in mind.

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You got your hoodies ready for fall?
I hate hoodies they're too hot

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they love each other

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