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admin is pretending to be straight again
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old hag
honest question, do people like the taste of poop?
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anime girls do
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of course not stop being gross
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I wanted to put my tongue under admin's foreskin and clean up his peepee but just found out he has a mutilated american dick
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>>8111 (trips)
YWNHAUcC is the new YWNBAW
I love you Magick, you're my little penis cheese.
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I love you Magick, you're my little smegma cheese.
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smegma is not cheese, it has no milk curd
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I love you Magick, you're my little milk curd.

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Would you rather fug the meido or be the meido?

There's a correct answer, btw.
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I need a cute meido bf so baad
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Anyone would if they lived in Mexico city
I tried this once and couldn't get over the bleschy taste, maybe because it was my own c**m and i stopped being horny, I need a bf...
how does he get that leaky stream of semen to happen before the spurts?
Is he wearing an aneros?

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what is cobe
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it's like cola but for poor countries
cobe and seeb
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I remember you

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god I wish that were me
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i don't get what they're saying lole
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thank you for reading my c**m blog, gonna have comfy afterglow sleeps now zzzz
abusing your position as an employer like this is rape
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What if you're a pimp?

[Hide] (198.4KB, 1000x1000) be useful once and tell me which mastubator to buy.
I once had one from fleshlight (pic rel)
But it was too small, the tip of my penis always got to the top of the lid and when you opened the lid the suction was no longer there. What are good mastubators?
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would you post stuff i could fap to?
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I would offer to post my pp if Magick posted his, but he probably has every dick pic ever uploaded to Discord saved on his computer. He'd just catfish us with someone else's pic.
the dealer in dicks
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i went with the alien one 
the texture looks nicer

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I love micker!

btw every day is micker monday if you throw out your calendar!
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boy micker
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coomer micker
>>1226 (OP) 
0_0 naked miku! how even? this is epic
It's the banner niplels!

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You have to post in this ITT every time you c**m
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That was 2 months ago, I stopped fapping until just last week and I've been at it 5x day for nearly the whole week but I've been taking zinc supplements and i no longer feel that brain fog or extreme tiredness, the afterglows and comfy afterglow naps are still there though.
My c**my today ended with me making weird whimpering noises because I got lost in the moment, my frenulum is still pretty sore, I'm not sure what happened but my hips literally moved on their own lol
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Sometimes I get into this thing where I don't wanna stop until I climax to every open tab i have open, i can't do 12 times tho...

shota femboy streamer NTR was something i didn't even know I wanted
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*shota femboy streamer jousou seme NTR

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hey anon, you wanna experience a prostate orgasm?
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seriously though, how do bottoms even function when they're in a relationship and are living with/close to their partner 

provided they both have the same libido as the average male, they'd be having sex every day at the very least if not several times a day, do bottoms then just spend the entire time in the bathroom taking enemas or something or is anal sex simply not the default sexual activity?
Replies: >>8131
You vill scoop up the boi chocolate down into your mouth before ze homosexual intercoise
I think they just settle for mutual handjobs and frottage, the underrated yet superior form of sex.
I like the "welcome home" scenario better, where your boiwife greets you and says dinner is ready, "or would you rather have me?? jk"
Spoiler File
(331.8KB, 1280x1807)
You could still do that, my doujins say girls (male) will pass out during fugs if you just shove ur bepsi in their butt all at once without warning lole

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I love you Magick, you're my little smegma.

Merry xmas cuties!
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i don't think it's christmas yet anywhere except like maybe japan
>>8132 (OP) 
Hey that's MY little smegma, get your grubby little mitts off of it.
I hate you Magick you did 9/11

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