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I fapped my penis after doing some work dismantling a super cub engine and the residual engine oil from my hands is burning my penis.

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I'm daddy's princess but I'm also a whore!
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it's always the same story
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In the context here given there's no implication that being daddy's princess isn't an act of classification on the part of the other, so the consistent element in this series of tales aren't the whores
yeah it's always the same thing
>>27494 (OP) 
go back to your leaving

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you keep posting this boy
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>>27429 (OP) 
it's a girl
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Is this the IM@S slut that's friends with the uh
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Oh right she had short hair

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Hope will die from the bloodloss or sepsis
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as if anyone would really care
Yeah they'd be better
>joke about not liking you
snap out of it, man. life isn't junk, you're just in a funk. i know that even in the deepest sorrow, you are still capable of laughing and knowing joy, if even for a brief moment. life is inappropriately absurd like that sometimes, but it can be the very thing to keep you going. that happiness doesn't cost anything to know, only a willingness to accept and invite it into your life. try to take care of yourself man, snap the fuck out of it cause i don't like seeing others keep themselves down, nor do i like seeing others push others down. we're all trapped on this floating space rock together, and even if we lead mundane lives, we still have eachother.
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Well said anon.Im with you
The bloomers come out blooming in spring

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Some of you
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OP is pic related

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is shimbu alright?
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pls anwere  shimbu
shinbu here i was killed by the squishy who posted first
i get the impression you care about people who don't care about you back in return. why waste your energy? put it back into yourself and start giving a fuck about yourself because from my eyes, you seem to be doing the worst out of all of us. seriously, what do you seek to gain out of any of this, other than a stronger impulse towards self destruction? ¿que pasa contigo?
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You're retarded then. He doesn't care about other people nor himself. He's just a low effort attention whore aimlessly playacting out what he thinks is a popular narrative.
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Maybe he'd be happier if he actually bought those femboy clothes instead of shaving his head.
You gotta indulge in carnal pleasures sometimes, you know?

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I'm Leaving.
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stop stop this isnt meant to be a drama thread IM JUST SAYING THAT IM LEAVING OMFG 
well, thats the main point of the thread
now i've seriously drained my energy 
just,  bye lol
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i dont have any hate! 
it was fun! and terrible! it was happy and disgusting! thank u everyone! now please fuck off until im back!! (no promises <3)
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Fentanyl ?
BASED!! best of luck wish, i am always rooting for you. thank you for everything. GANBARE
good on you for saying enough's enough. we all need to set boundaries and move on from people and even behaviours that no longer serve who we want to become. you'll prolly forget about these people quickly cause they never truly mattered to begin with. they were just a substitute for something else missing in your life, that maybe now, you found. best wishes

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kill me i wish you would
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Sing this
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i am close to throwing myself in front of a train

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hey, i lvoe you guys

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