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do i look fat in this picture
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how do I punish admin for this blunder?
i deleted it because the clothing and body frame made me unironically think it could literally be a pic of like a 12 year old girl as i've already said
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bet you saved the pic
and most people probably don't know this because i usually deal with it quickly but the site gets spammed by cp bots like every day so it's not unreasonable to be so wary
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such a nice and responsible admin *pat pat*

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video gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaames
the slut dragon

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How do we stop him!?
Passionately kiss him
women can't have everything
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WE need to steal all twinks from women because they are evil and don't deserve twinks.
yes they can

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so excited to cum with my bf when he wakes up he treats me like puppy and i go woof woof its nice also hes my mommy very based
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everyone loves mr reeves though
Grrr I HATE Mr Reeves.
Mr Reeves isn't a topic
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prove it

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I joined the adopt-a-neet server to try and find a gf. What should I say?
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*runs away with your snipped cocc*
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Throw it in a deep fat fryer so it can’t be reattached
im gay
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Can't wait to have 69 with my only friend!
I want a 69 too

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I guess this June/July is fashion season ^_^
Hoodies and shorts in July!
I bought too many hoodies and now I have no clothes for summer seasons except for graphic tees :(
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Aug~Dec is best season to go shopping

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Do you like.. mind worshipping me?
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no but you implied that people who aren't schizoid are not secure or independent as if being schizoid is some sort of advantage and not a personality disorder
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>but you implied that people who aren't schizoid are not secure or independent
but that's right
What are you not getting
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Imagine thinking normies who constantly cry about “muh anxiety” and dump all their inane problems on those around them are well adjusted individuals.
schizoid = dorky and femimine!!!!!!
I like mind worshipping you

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it would be nice to put my cute feminine penis into a girl and hold her hand and erupt cum inside of her while gutturally grunting
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holding hands with girls is so erotic
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It's erotic and beautiful to hold your hands with a reciprocal girl I guess and it's extra points to put the penis inside
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you WILL interlock fingers with the multiplelcative inverse grille

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my government assigned gf is defective anyone want her?
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so what's it like in oregon? what even happens there? what are the people like? i think as far non-americans are concerned usa is basically just new york and texas when it comes to the popular perception of the country
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what i know about orego: gays, linerals, meth, trees, life is strange
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it's ok, i dont think i can handle living off the coast after being here for so long though, shits too hot and dry in-land. lots of fishing and crabbing going on, also protests in portland i guess. also weed, lots of weed. the people are just people though, got poor niggas in the hood and farmer boys driving tractors and homeless people begging outside walmart.

you forgot rain

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