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Are you really attracted to males if the males you're attracted to are trying their hardest to be cute and dress and look like cute anime girls?
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It will matter when I cut your dick off
Im bi for cuddles
>>1340 (OP) 
The opposite applies too… Are you trying to resemble a girl, or man that’s pretending to be a girl? Who are you appealing to by doing this?
masc females > fem males >>> fem females >>> masc males. so I'm whatever sexuality that is.
they are males, duh
cuteness perhaps isnt even a female trait

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admin came home drunk and forced himself upon me again...
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>>3702 (OP) 
When is he going to deliver those pics he promised?
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>>3702 (OP) 
lol you've never had sex
What pics?
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If we get 100 active users on this board then he posts himself in a shimikaze outfit
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rev up those vpns

If you have a local business and want to rank it on google maps in a specific area then this service is for you. 
Google Map Stacking is one of the best ways to rank your GMB in a specific mile radius. 
More info: 
PS: Want an all in one Local Plan that includes everything?
yeah that's cool mike but what I really want is to see your penis
getting real tired of your shit mike
time to enable mandatory OP images

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>tfw no 162cm 43kg goth femboy bf
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Here they are
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more like 182cm 73kg
Oddly specific
Very ugly man feet.
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they'd look fine if he shaved them lole

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this website scares me
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is there anything in particular that frightens you my child
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all teh gay people

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When do you read otokonoko doujins, do you self insert as the girl or as the man?
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>>3706 (OP) 
the top (usually a futa though)
I insert myself into your mom lol
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So what do you for fun, squishy?

Are your hobbies male-brained or fem-brained?
>How do you tell the difference?
In antiquity, female oriented hobbies were highly social creative activities, though that has largely fallen to the wayside to mean shopping as a social activity.
Namely, if your hobbies revolve mostly around buying things in a para-social environment, I got news for you!
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what does that mean
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it depends what your hobbies are desu
I’m into scientific racism, which is fembrained because it’s like astrology.
u wanna kno how i got these scars?
im the joker baby
>>2358 (OP) 
My hobbies include locking myself in my apartment and avoiding all social interaction.

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metaphysical gains
how would you describe that
by the time you realize that it is not possible to succeed life it will be TOO LATE
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I hate when that happens too
just how will he extricate himself from this tricky situation ><
Boys aren't supposed to wear panties and skirts....
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Boys should be naked and chained up in my basement.
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Only if you buy me pretty things
het femboys are best femboys IMO

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