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u said that while shaking with fear knowing how powerful my dominant energy is. in fact, you want me to make u go all fours, bark and do tricks! Magick is soo good
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wish ehy are you wearing such a short skirt your panties are showing also get off my bed and out of my room I'm busy getting (you)s
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Sry our mothers are in a relationship now so ill be living here
is wish cute
Replies: >>11857
the few parts of her body thats she's posted make me think yes!

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die die die jump off a bridge and go bye bye bye!
Why do police keep pulling me over to tell me this?
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they just want the best for you

do i look fat in this picture
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how do I punish admin for this blunder?
i deleted it because the clothing and body frame made me unironically think it could literally be a pic of like a 12 year old girl as i've already said
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bet you saved the pic
and most people probably don't know this because i usually deal with it quickly but the site gets spammed by cp bots like every day so it's not unreasonable to be so wary
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such a nice and responsible admin *pat pat*

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video gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaames
the slut dragon

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How do we stop him!?
Passionately kiss him
women can't have everything
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WE need to steal all twinks from women because they are evil and don't deserve twinks.
yes they can

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so excited to cum with my bf when he wakes up he treats me like puppy and i go woof woof its nice also hes my mommy very based
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everyone loves mr reeves though
Grrr I HATE Mr Reeves.
Mr Reeves isn't a topic
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prove it

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I joined the adopt-a-neet server to try and find a gf. What should I say?
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*runs away with your snipped cocc*
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Throw it in a deep fat fryer so it can’t be reattached
im gay
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Can't wait to have 69 with my only friend!
I want a 69 too

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I guess this June/July is fashion season ^_^
Hoodies and shorts in July!
I bought too many hoodies and now I have no clothes for summer seasons except for graphic tees :(
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Aug~Dec is best season to go shopping

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Do you like.. mind worshipping me?
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no but you implied that people who aren't schizoid are not secure or independent as if being schizoid is some sort of advantage and not a personality disorder
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>but you implied that people who aren't schizoid are not secure or independent
but that's right
What are you not getting
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Imagine thinking normies who constantly cry about “muh anxiety” and dump all their inane problems on those around them are well adjusted individuals.
schizoid = dorky and femimine!!!!!!
I like mind worshipping you

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