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Nee, does anyone else get a thrill from wearing cat ears, kneehigh socks and slutty girl clothes and then just bending over and letting a throbbing hard cock stretch open your bussy wide?
Am I the only one who can't help but bite down on the bedsheets as my boypussy is plunged into again and again by a man I just met?
Nee does anyone else's master wake you up by groping and squeezing your smooth boybutt? If I try to resist him he presses me into the bed and pinches my puffy nipples until I squeal.
One of the conditions of my rental agreement is that I must keep my body completely hairless at all times. Multiple times a day my landlord will take off all my clothes and inspect my body with his hands and tongue. Why does he insist on sticking his thumb up my butt and making it go squish squish? There isn't even any hair up there. Also I don't get why his friends need to join in too.
What is a fair price I should be selling my body for? I keep losing track of my earnings when clients pay by filling my butt with their smelly thick cum that makes my sex addicted body feel all warm and fuzzy.
Nee, has anyone else had their first kiss at the same time they lost their anal virginity? Having a tongue and a cock plunged deep inside of me at the same time is an experience that I will never forget.
I want to be trained into a true slut... I hope I can achieve my dream of dressing up as Shimakaze and going out to be used as a onahole by anyone willing to bend me over and make me feel
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didn't read lol

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o god
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hi desu

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So what's the point of this again?
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boys who love big fat cocks turn into girls?
Replies: >>4334
I Will Destroy The Jews
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this dude literally draws nothing but blowjobs and images where a blowjob is imminent 
how can someone like dick sucking so much...
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dicks are cute and mouths are cute

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the sex cat
Replies: >>3840
I love you Squishy, you're my little churro.
Replies: >>3852
I made that post actually
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the sex cat
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What's your favorite drink, esfores2?
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>>481 (OP) 
what is that man going to do to Venti???
Replies: >>744 >>4328
he has to drink all the beer
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>>481 (OP) 
It took 2 months but venti finally did it!
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>>481 (OP) 
Colt 45
I love you Magick, you're my little churro.

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But anon, you'll like rough, kissy handholdy chloroform sex, you won't even feel a thing!
drugs r bad
what's the point of raping someone if they don't feel it
Does anyone else unironically fantasize about a cute girl drugging you and having her way with you? Still conscious but pretty much paralyzed or suggestible.

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breedable bleached boypussy
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wtf fruitcake, the boys at this board need to be educated and stuff
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the forehead girl
lol more like [spoiler]fcking ]tranny who looks like he had a nose job and bleached butthole = bad [/spoiler]
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lurk two years before posting

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Boys shouldn't have pink hair.
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boy's shouldn't be bunnies
did you know that bunnies have high s*x drive
I like his adorable feet and toes
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uhh male rabbits are actually vicious and territorial, they can be aggressive and eat each other, we need to neuter him asap
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I want to trim them

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