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ITT: we reminisce on the [s4s] of yesteryear and the lewd nsmefigs that have left us.

>cuteposter gets sexually accosted by catfish

>mfw I see a cock being slapped against my face

>phos erps with a lainfag cutter and he becomes his crossdressing dog!

>neppy absorber absorbs neppy's delicious strawberry milk body

>W-Welcome t-to t-therapy t-tea w-with C-CTS 3-3D ;_;
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They were the best of times. 
They were the blurst of times.
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why is everyone on s4s so gay. is it turning them gay or did they start that way
stupid monkey
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White supremacist Magick is finally showing his true colors.

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this was a nice anime
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please don't reveal anything to me i still have it on my list, i only posted the .gif because i liked how the hair wiggles
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spoiler: im gay
spoiler the alien mothership blows up the whitehouse

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haha straight sex
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why does this site spoiler female nudity but not spoiler male nudity
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all ugly images get spoilered
The same reason why men are fine getting naked together in the locker room.
you went from one reductive ideology to another? that's pretty impressive
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Biblically accurate depiction of Wish.
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crazy how much better the board is when you filter that guy
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Ignorance is bliss

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doing a line of coke then crying to a slideshow of munch posts
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sage negated suck my dick dumb faggot lol
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the thread was already bumped in the meantime dumbo
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Yet my dick still isn't sucked.
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cringe so hard it hurts
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thats what i do every time i see somebody constantly post touhou while never having had played the games buddy

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Should I ever be a soldier
'Neath the red flag I will fight
Should a gun I ever shoulder
It's to crush the bosses might
Join progressive labour party
Men and women fall in line
Wage slaves of the world unite
Do your duty for the cause of workers liberty!

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he's hot
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okay thanks for putting spoilers on that
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fat old men are grosse
I want a fat old man bf

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i haev the worst brainfog 2day all i can do is stare at the wall but not in a good way everything hurts and nothing is good and i want to go to sleep but its too early please help :c
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try turning it off and on again
I recommend obtaining some hardcore sleeping medication beforehand to deal with these situations in the future. they're fine to use on a rare, conditional basis like this. turkish semen is one common elixir
>>15195 (OP) 
sry for late reply
for sleeping, use Valerian capsules, cats like that too
for brainfog, coffee (cats dont like that :c )
and remember that you need to take breaks from life and work, you dont have to always be at your top shape, take your time
we love you :3

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Thousands of Black Children Suffered and Died by Munch's Hand. Their Stories Must Be Heard
Maybe munch wasn't so bad after all.

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you will die
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it is cute
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bambi awakening > bambi sleep
i will never recover from being a sissy
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>>15164 (OP)

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