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Frenulum bullying is the hot new way to fap ur pebis!
I went twice last night and it felt like my brain was melting by how good it felt, refractory period didn't happen either!

Pls bully ur frenulum responsibly!!!
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post the tutorial video!!!
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this, so much this
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OP bullying his frenulum tbh
I still don't know how it's done, someone plz help!

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I'm not embarrassed to admit I've taken anime recs from the crossdressing yaoi doujins i fap to on more than a few occasions.
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>>10621 (OP) 
this is nice board
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i tried watching iruma-kun because people kept comparing it to hayate no gotoku but i dropped it for some reason
maybe i should give it a second chance  
also it's kinda funny how almost all the doujins of the show are yaoi, it's not like it doesn't have main female characters
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Anon, the male characters ARE the female characters.
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cool russian surrealist vibe

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I bet you play as the gorl in video games.
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Do you play as the girl in video games wish?

Also what do u think of men's utter insecurity when playing video games as the girl?
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I'm a femboy and I've never played as a girl in games. I've always played as the most femboy-like character. like in Lineage 2 I always played a lithe male dark elf with long-ish white hair
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yes i play as the girl in video games unless it’s a very violent game then a male character would be more entertaining 
i play as them bc i just don’t want to play as the male character in some video games
im not sure why boys r insecure about it,, if u want to play as a girl in a video game then its fine, it’s just what you want ur character’s gender to be and not urs 
though playing mostly as girls in all video games for no reason at all is one of the few steps of becoming trans later
This seems way more like women's utter insecurity in men picking female characters in their games.
I can't even fathom why someone would write out that whole string of text "it makes me feel like I'm not good enough" in relation to your boyfriend playing as a girl, like they feel they have to compete with a fictional character, why are women so autistic
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same i dont like games where you have to play a girl to make a pretty character :(

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Going to psychosomatic rehabilitation clinic
See you in 5 weeks
at least you won't have to work 
what do they do to you there anyway
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Usually pump you full of mentally numbing drugs unyil you say the magic words and they're usually something like "i don't wanna kill myself anymore"

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the 30 year old zoomer
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what if i just kill myself bitch huuh

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woke up AGAIN
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someone's cranky 
did you misplace your pacifier
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im about to misplace my foot up your ass
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would you prefer to talk about why you're upset instead
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im not upset this is just how i am
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Don't listen to this it's a SCP
i thought it was dungeon synth at first
there's a man lying down in a grave somewhere with the same tattoos as me

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le red madoka boochi likes listening to music at 4x speed!!! and also dancing to it too!
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>>10547 (OP) 
>>10547 (OP) 
Song name, bitte
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Just for u bby
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Thank you very much anon n_n

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You know what time it is? 
It is time to bump this same gay thread all over again
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I joined and it seems to be entirely bots spamming.
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the raid ppl got banned

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the live-in cosplay meido who lives in ur house and eats ur food and hogs ur bideo games but it's ok because u give her deep prostate beatings every night uwu
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You'd really let that bowl of leftover rice spoil just so you can store a dead sissy onahole in your fridge?
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h-hote, imagine the full month of nakadashi before they turn gross

god I wish that were me
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I'm gonna make all ur glands leak them fluids!
you wanna get choked to death and your body stuffed in a fridge to be used as a sex doll everyday for a month?
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I wish someone would do this to me

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