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this is the choice of steins gate
imagine having to deal with wish as part of your job
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>>22006 iit was their mistake and they fixed
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did you threaten suicide over it
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bambi sleep good girl points
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bambi cum and collapse
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Bambi shit pant and die
bambi purchase condo in beachfront district

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dubious creature

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Disable webp in your browser
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apparently you can check if an image is lossy or lossless but yeah not at glance like you can do with pngs 

>A similarly archived bitmap is smaller

i don't follow, what do you exactly mean by this?
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>i don't follow, what do you exactly mean by this?
If you want me to download a 2GB image or 2GBs worth of images, the best way to do so is to archive the uncompressed images, compress them with lzma or the like, and send me that to decompress on my end.
Here's a compare/contrast straight from the horse's mouth (zopfli/brotli inventor's paper, the same guy responsible for adding the lossless option to webp). The default webp lossless compression is zopfli; as of today, gimp only supports exporting webp with this (zopfli). Note that this is a heavily cherry picked comparison (the paper is essentially a brotli advertisement): these are the scores on an english language text file, which the google compression algorithms are written against. PNGs score close to what bzip2 does here on images because they use a predictive sorting method before deflate, such that the default compression level of every png from this side of 2010 (before the conception of lossless webp, mind you) literally outcompetes the lossless webp format in every regard. The only time lossless webp was shown to 'beat' png compression was when the author cherrypicked 40+ year old pngs with minimum compression and even then it was like 23% or something. Lossless webps are roughly comparable to 50 year old compression formats but take literally at least 30 times longer to create.

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Thanks for the webp tricke! 
I'm not too up to date on this. What's the downside to using a browser that tracks main? What browser do you use?
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>I'm not too up to date on this. What's the downside to using a browser that tracks main?
You get (non-security) updates faster. As an end user that's about it. I mean, if you're using librewolf obviously you've got a problem with many of the recent firefox updates so that seems like it's reason enough.
As a developer having less stable versions to work on and getting a constant stream of other people's patches (that may be to things you've changed) adds a lot of overhead to maintaining your fork. I don't know how librewolf functions (is it just a patchset that gets applied ontop of firefox?) but I can't imagine that there are substantial changes from firefox if a small team is keeping it up to date with current firefox rather than ESR. It takes the TBB team weeks to catch up to new ESR major versions and that's one of the best funded cryptography projects in the world with several people who work on TBB as a full time job.
>What browser do you use?
I'm definitely not following best practices.
For lazily using sites like this I mostly use the tor browser bundle binary (which is a firefox ESR fork, essentially).
For sites where I'm enabling javascript or sharing my public identity (ecommerce, package tracking sites, banks, etc.) I used to use firefox ESR (built locally, this was pre-rust) and currently am using the mullvad browser bi
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>You get (non-security) updates faster.
It's marginal but worth mentioning that this is, itself, a security issue (attacks on new features are usually discovered and deployed when it hits main, not written against the experimental builds; by the time the features hit ESR they've already been patched for whatever attacks were found in the interim).

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i think i accidentally became a huge shoe fetishist, cute girls shoes like high heels, flats, loafers and mary janes drive me crazy when I imagine cute boys wearing them, add tights and skirts into the mix and I'm just aaaaaahhahhhhhhhh hmmmmdfffmhf uhhhh HHH
exclusively the outside of the shoe?
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no the inside of the shoe is pretty hot too
Also the cute amine wearing it
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>the inside of the shoe is pretty hot
So what are the key factors? How it looks? How the amine feels wearing it? Anything else?

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pov: you are delivering cheese

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rabbit rabbit rabbit
that is a drawing
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did i stutter
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prove it

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going to make a vocaloidnsong
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ooh i really dislike when people are unreasonably vulgar, loud, and rude ;^; i feel terrible around people with bad manners and little regard for others
ooh i always straighten my bangs at least five times ^-^ my hair is just naturally quite thick, but i still struggle with it being flat too ;^; so i just run my hands through it aaaall of the time to make it seem dense HEHW ♡
you're a very cute friend of mine i always love interacting with uuuuu i just wanted to say this hehehe
jirai pieces as well as accessories like brooches and socks and skirts can all be found on shopee !! I like dearmylove liz lisa ^-^
i can't believe it's already 2009 ........ ???? haiiiiii ♡ !!!!!! yahh !! blghryaa !! hnngg .. nnmyaa ♡ !!
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self acceptance, life made meaningful on the basis of human connection and being adored by the most important
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i don’t really like newgen terms like cutecore
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>i don’t really like newgen terms like cutecore
Preliminary investigation suggests that morute is also tumblr nonsense with no relation to the actual fashion brands
           ..... -- .
        .. '          `ヽ
      /     ,          lヽ
     /    .::. /   ..:  ノ  :::.. l /l 、
    l / ..::::::../l  ..:::: /l   ::::::.l\l 
    レ  .:::::::/ ̄l ..::::フ` l   ..:::::l∠、 l
     l:: :::::::l ● \厂 ●/  ノ:://   l .ト 、
     .ヽ:::::l       ∠. ィ  l .l   /::.l::::⊥..     
   , ' :::トl    ヽ_フ    l  ::::>ヽ__/::::↓ 〃....`ヽ
  /  ο゜ゝ-‐‐ー、     ..::l :::/ `::::::l ::::::::キ:´oО:::::.l
  レ ・ ´   ..::..、  l┬=:::~フレ   :::::l::::::::::::::::\б:::/
 /  o::〇σ⊂l:::ノ::ノノ::ノ  ...-  _ノ_:::::::::ノ .l ::::V
 l..::◎::ο゜:::::::_:: -‐ "   /         .::::/::.l::ノ
  ヽ:::∞::::ゝ´   ....::o::::l    ....σ〇::::σノo:ノ
   ∠ο〇::⌒〇ο:つ:;ヽ  、O:::::::の
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*vomits cutely*
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i called them crazy because thats all they talk about
they asked me to write a document explaining why i had mood swings XD
i wont embarrass them further
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now they threatened me to stop posting
>why dont you give them one bad thing that i said in the past 30 days
>like holy shit the amount ive improved the past 30 days?
You called the police on someone unprovoked liek a week ago dude lol wtf
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cant post the suicide threats of them wanting to jump out of the window instantly and them stressing the living fuck out of me cuz ill be good now
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Can't post em cos they don't exist
>them wanting to jump out of the window
That's not a suicide threat lol

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