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wish has certIn dispositions that u cant transition to
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today im going to the cafe again
You are a  one eyed, shit-thought-absorbing, cretin. 
So who do yo think you are?
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>>29908 fagget
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btw im wish

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wish is faith or beastbain better for part 1
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go bounce on your dildo while posting on esfores!
micker would never say that!!!
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I have done this but it is, essentially, a wasted effort.
There isn't much benefit to having a computer at hand and hence starter material if you're actually engaged in the process of obtaining good sexo. It's sort of a primitive habit from overactive dick rubbing, since that's a quickly diminishing and largely unsatisfying experience so a systematic way to try to recreate that arousal sense of good fever dream wanks has to be put in order. But buttsexo is a consistent positive feedback loop, so it's much easier to parley it into genuine gratitude and arousal from the experience and work with a more fleeting and decontextualized narrative as a result.
>go bounce on your dildo
Yaoihole tier roasty posty
Take it slow and savor the sensation. Blasting past with high frequency isn't going to be bouncing, you'll probably take it in hand.
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esfores has a disappointing amount of gayness and faggotery

the gay sex is too straggot

0/1 could not get off even with (((pseudogptschizoid)))s help
Idk what your doing but I've only gotten to come from my butt by shoving it in and out really fast by hand like 4-5x per second, even spirited bouncing is too slow, and leads to very sore legs cus I don't rly do enough squats :(
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Well yeah that's what I meant by
>Blasting past with high frequency isn't going to be bouncing, you'll probably take it in hand.
But in addition to things suitable for that I also own other, larger dildos than what I think most people here have that I do manipulate with my body rather than my hand. And again, "bounce" is something that you could do but wouldn't be sensible.
>I don't rly do enough squats :(
I do

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Magick has agreed to marry me and be my cute husband.
If you are reading this post you are now invited to our wedding in the Bahamas + you get to watch us consummate the marriage.
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Just wondering what's so special about the bahamas that they'd choose that as their honeymoon destination
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It's because it has nice weather!
The weather is nice there!
sirs stay winning.
Biggest penises are like ireland/georgia/spiclands anyway, herr retardo

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how does wish's mom let her cut herself and take all those drugs and sleep with her dealer for drugs n stuff
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don't take it on yourself, anyone who had traumatic events or abandonment issues are like that
I think I should be the zakuro of the dream, holding into the simplest things out of kindness, so when it is gone.
I can simply throw myself away
i love blue archive

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Warum hat Avogado darfür gestimmt?

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im still nd always will be a highly desirable princess, thats whhy u cant have me
even if i feel weird.. ill fight it..,,
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We all have our dreams. This is mine.
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I had a pretty interesting dream last time I slept but I can't remember what it was
It was one of those you're-playing-a-videogame metacontext dreams where it's still photoreal normal shit. I think I was playing a/the videogame with people from high school cos I was reading darth and droids and the last time I saw those cats was when that movie came out.

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Admin-kun I'm waiting for your cosplay compilation
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>>7818 this
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Donation drive to mail admin a shimakaze outfit when?

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Let A, B, and C be three points in space representing celestial bodies (such as stars or planets), and let P be a point representing an angel. The formula for the optimal path for the angel to travel from A to B to C could be:

cos(APB) = (cos(APC) - cos(BPC)cos(ABC)) / (sin(BPC)sin(ABC))

In this formula, APB represents the angle between the vectors AP and BP, and similarly for APC, BPC, and ABC. The formula is based on spherical trigonometry and is designed to calculate the shortest distance between the three points, taking into account the curvature of space.
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what did it taste like?
angel math
garlic mash botad
angel math
so was he dead in the duffel bag or what

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