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The autism sissy has invited you over to show you his minecraft house. You follow the directions leading you to a shady low-income apartment complex. You're slightly worried about being robbed but you do it for that autistic boipucci. Dodging packs of negros, you find the apartment number and hesitantly ring the doorbell. You can hear noise from inside as you wait, lots of moving around and what sounds like obscenities in a female voice. The door opens and the ecstatic boi looks up at you with a big stupid smile and a "Welcome, fren!". As he takes your hand and leads you to his room, you can see a woman in her late 40s sitting on the couch with a glass of wine staring at you in disbelief. You look around and see what you would think was a kid's room if you didn't know better. There's a stuffed bear on his k-on themed bedset, and posters for anime and games are taped onto the walls. On his monitor is a paused window of Minecraft in front of an [s4s] thread opened in his browser. You can see a pink sleeve stuck in his closet door. You hear the door you both came through close as he rushes to his desk, eager to show you what he made in his game. You come up behind him and pretend to listen to him as he excitedly talks about some stupid miney crafta shit with his eyes focused on the computer screen. He doesn't notice you staring at his ass, legs, and little bare feet. After a minute of this you get impatient and move closer, reach down into his little shorts and grab his soft, sq
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>>12515 (OP) 
Imagine being the greasy slimy ball of shit who typed this fanfic out lol
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it's p hot though
too bad it ends at the best part
only oldf*gs remember
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didn't know this was actually a manga

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i forgot how to let myself have fun
>i forgot how to let myself have fun
silly gator

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does sluts4sale like future funk?

thread theme!
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I love future funk and city pop.

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a deals a deal squishe!
u gotta milk my pebis, im backed up so bad!
i would really like to fap a boyes cocke until he came but then i'd immediately start fapping him extra hard during his refractory period so i could watch him squirm
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pls don't that would really hurt
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I'm really really sad that cute girls don't have cute b*ppers and instead a gross leaky hole that farts blood every 3 weeks
stick a metal rod up his pee hole for maximum squim

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Rate Taiga's dog
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it would be awkward once they decide they are done
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Taiga will make her homeless and find another slave
>>4251 (OP) 
Girl on the right makes me grow bigger boner despine being clothed
2d is perfection
Tsunderes = owners of kuuderes

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Just wait a little longer
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oops name
I wanted to give this thing a try 
Can't get any worse
i also dropped the case on front of a girl at school and it opened up at her feet
Mewing device onahole
>>12456 (OP) 

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i just wanted to funpost but YOU 
YOu had to ruin it
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you ignore everything i say, you make it real hard to pity you
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i got too drunk last night =_=
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You're way too drunk everyday, quit that shit
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i try

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Trust me when you fire this phallus up
youre gonna shoot CUM!!! YOURE GONNA SHOOT CUUMMMM!!!!! 
H̷̢̙̓͑̀͗̊́̀̐̀͗͑̓͛́̕ͅÒ̷̢̙̬̖̥͎͈̙̖͕͙̪̤͕̗̝̜͍̜̝̞͙̎̄T̸̩̘̩̠̗̘͚͍̥͑̏̒͆̌̽̓ͅT̵̨̹̭͉̼͍̟̬̣͈͎̽̾͐͋̓̎̂̃͌̚ ̶̢̛̛̞̻̜̘͉̖̦͕͎͈̳̳͉̞̟̤̤̬̀̌̆̀͆̽̈̊̍̈́̃͑̕͜ͅC̸͓̥͎̰̦̳̣̲̖͐͂̊̾̆͗̋̀̀͒͒̃̃̐̓̚͘͝͝͠Ư̸͇̾̑͆̽͆̍͊̌́̐́̓̀̇̏̊͌M̵͎̺̩̬̙͈̬̠̆ͅ

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i can't hide my dick in shorts
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why is it okay when girls have large boobs protruding through their top but i feel so obscene when the same thing happens with my pen*s, i cant help it more than they can
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cus women's boobs don't retract and expand to denote horny level
They feel subsconsxious about erect niplels cus those  actually do relate to arousal but also temperature changes, also it's just as obscene when you can see women's nipples through their clothes regardless of they're erect or not
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who said anything about boners? horny or not i have a visible genital lump inside my pants i cant do anything about
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let's bring back this look
i think u should get on hrt because you clearly have a problem with the size of your genitals and u want them to be tiny and useless!

Don't be dumb!!
A man's bulge non deliberately protruding from his clothes s something to flaunt and be proud of!

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If i don't get a gf in college i will take estrogen and try to turn myself gay.
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that's...  a weird double major... when you say school you actually mean college right...?
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Well it's just first year stuff, I wanna do architecture or engineering I guess, I'll think about it along the way.
Replies: >>12315
oh, i guess things work differently in america, so you basically do whatever for an entire year? 
that seems kinda wasteful
Replies: >>12316
Yeah they double the length of your degree by making you take general education courses completely unrelated to your major, think humanities, history, math and English.
Why isnt grindr working on my phone!?

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