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a lot of traps/femboys/twinks are not even attracted to guys, but there is no word for a cute straight guy so they get lumped in with the gay ones. kinda sad TBH because I think there are so many trannies because society wont let guys be cute
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just to be clear: by “won't let guys be cute" you mean “won’t let guys crossdress”? since that’s what femboy and trap mean.
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cute and crossdress have the same inherent meaning
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Back in the day they just called them transvesites and let them do their thing. Just so long as they didn't hit on them or be too flamboyant around them. Then they got their asses/bussys kicked!
sex literally does not exist
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prove it

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munch should be tied up and tickled on her feet until she reveals her secrets and apologizes for ruining le boarde
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>>3271 (OP) 
munch discord mad lol
I pledge allegiance to the munch discord
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what would they do if their queen was helplessly tied up and having all their secrets tickled out of her
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you just gave me a boner

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Like how I fancy today?

>entropic blast

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>have long-ish hair
>shaved my gross facial hair
>went out in hoodie and athletic shorts today
>people keep calling me ma'am
post legs in shorts
>things that never happened

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What is the most low-key feminine article of clothing and why is it the pullover hoodie?
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I think your dogs have autism
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I love it when they wear a swimsuit underneath their hoodie ike menhera-chan.
because it's the boymoder uniform
Pullover hoodie with no shirt underneath, right?
Because I keep seeing art with their clavicles showing.
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I can't find a single girl wearing hoodie pic where you don't see her collarbone.

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Did you know that you can feel a deep and repressed psychological need to purchase a frilly maid outfit, regardless of sex?
Start by live-action role playing as someone's indentured servant girl and perform light frottage on your nipples and the area around it. You should barely be able to feel the touches, you're effectively training yourself to respond to very little stimuli. Then start pinching and twisting up and down. Alternate between the two.
Your goal is to rewire your body to interpret your chest as an erogenous zone, you can do this by playing with an already existing erogenous zone and your nipples at the same time. Spend at least 30-40 minutes doing this, nipple play is a slow buildup of sexual arousal.
You can also try rubbing your nipples through blankets or clothes, to increase the variety of stimuli.
If you start feeling the urge to twitch and convulse involuntary and start leaking precum when you twist hard enough, that means you've successfully rewired your brain into interpreting your nipples as an erogenous zone.
A successful nipple-only orgasm is a full body orgasm that eminates from inside the body in waves that make you twitch and convulse with every spurt.

This might take multiple sessions, but the results are worth it, having a legitimate orgasm using only your nipples is entirely possible!
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tried touching my nipples and it hurts
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thats how you know its working
>>4753 (OP) 
>Start by live-action role playing as someone's indentured servant girl
this only works if you're a misogynist

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Hahahahahaha I achieved one of my life goals today. I told my brother that I had sex with a girl. But actually I am a kissless perma virgin.
He bought a hooker because he has a complex of always being better than me.
I knew in advance that he would do that. IMAGINE HAVING YOUR FIRST TIME WITH A WHORE. how pathetic
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why? you already won through guile and deceit, you never need to have sex again
it would be EXCITING
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It is within and without your urge to fuck. To have a broad that wants to feel vulnerable and sleep next to you is a privilege.
sex is cringe
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You downloaded a sample.

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Ba ba black sheep have you any E. 
Yes sir. Yes sir. First hit is free.
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He pushes every day.
He pushes every night.
One time he's gonna set you just right...

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oopsie woopsie! uwu i made a fucky wucky a little fucko boingo!
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>>4934 (OP) 
Awww shit!!!!!!!
Satanic blood ritual time!

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