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When is this board going to have a meetup?
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why does the bottom of his shoes look so scuffed also the tattoo is giving me prostitute vibes
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i licked them too hard
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>i licked them too hard
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cute boycchi
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i just went on aliexpress and fell down a rabbithole, they have so many nice outfits, some of them aren't even expensive, it's all basically cosplay tho.
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>>10833 (OP) 
forgot to say, pic not related, this one is just a piss basic hoodie with ears but it's p cute
Never had good experience with a dress.
A skirt I got from scarlet darkness is wildly higher quality than any of the skirts I've bought before (even though it's a cosplay shop as far as I can tell) so maybe I'll try again.
tbf dresses are just less convenient in general, what I actually want is probably closer to flasher coats
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beginning the attack on norwalk california
I always liked the look of dresses with flashy coats.

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are you small and feminine?
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it's pure heuiristics my friend
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I'm about average height (and lower weight) for a woman of my race and have hips that'd put my own mother to shame but I'm not fat and have pretty defined face/neck muscles so I'd be pretty unlikely to ever pass if you could see my face. Before the age of ~14 I was assumed female on sight for most strangers though.
I'm a histrionic bitch and I've had a LOT of people online default to using female pronouns (unprompted) inc. from before trannies were mainstream in pop culture.
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Do you post on /g/ and have various pics of you in a maid outfit holding an AMD Vega card?
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I don't use secure identities or endorse 3dpd

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Asuka's footstool.
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Because she secretly orgasms from this.
Same as why she willingly let Asuka use her as a foot stool (OP picture)
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Asuka drives a twin cylinder motorcycle every episode
coombrained weebs need to have their thoughts described to them hahahaahaha

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criatura extraña

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I don't understand the relevance
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there is none
i was bumping
op is so cute
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Correct, you have a good eye.

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My biggest fantasy is having a fujo gf who buys me cute clothes and pushes me to crossdress and wear chastity cages and get into threesomes where I'm dressed like a girl and we hold hands while we both get fucked at the same time by some random dude.
that was my fantasy at 16
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Imagine both of u kissiing while getting nakadashied and c**ming from your g/p-spots at the same time!
I love being a bisexual twink
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Post bussy

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Micker is real in my heart!
Accept micker into your kokoro today!
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bumping to remind newfigs what a quality thread looks like
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>on this dead board with like 5 people in it
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he thinks 5 people counts as dead in altchans
proving his point
Bumping to remind oldf*gs what a quality thread looks like!

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Excuse me, Mr Magick.
I have recently called you cute in this post >>>/s4s/10595811 however you have not replied back to me.
It is established in social norms that you respond to my message with your own message of gratitude however this has not occurred.
Mr Magick I am owed thanks and if you do not give me what I deserve I will type expletives into this thread.
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Identityfag relentlessly on social (media) platforms.
Acting like an attentionwhoring bitch works in person too.
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don't you have to be hot as well for the latter to work
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I'm hot anyway so I couldn't tell you
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are u marin irl

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Spore isn't about collecting DNA
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Collect my DNA inside your bussy.
yes it is
that game was such a letdown
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is it about collecting DNA?
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what does "collecting DNA" even entail
anyway it's basically an evolution simulator where you guide a species from a simple cellular organism to an animal to finally evolving sapience, civilization and then achieving interstellar flight 
i mean it's kinda fun, but  the game drastically changed/was simplified when it was finally released compared to what it was like during the first alpha builds i saw

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