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I tried watching bocchi and it triggered my gender dysphoria again so I had to stop
i've never experienced gender dysphoria but i kind of want to look like a cute femboy after being mindflooded by this and a few other boards. i don't have autofemboyphilia or anything or even femboyism dysphoria it's more like wanting to dye one's hair a certain color but the color is femboy and the hair is form
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if that's enough to give you gender dysphoria how are you going to react to the official s4s anime that airs next year
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god I wish that were me

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Magick has agreed to marry me and be my cute husband.
If you are reading this post you are now invited to our wedding in the Bahamas + you get to watch us consummate the marriage.
happy marriage to you, i wish you a lot of happiness
admin thread
I don't remember agreeing to anything
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You don't have to remember. I will remember for you, my love.
I like you Magick, you're my modestly sized cannoli.

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admin is being a cringe weirdo again
isn't that literally you though
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 I thought that the admin was ALWAYS a cringe weirdo. Like on every day that ends in y. 

Your Fortune: Expect Ill Tidings
i think maybe there's like a server admin and then a board admin and then maybe also a thread admin and a post admin and a post line admin until you get down to the fundamental administrative quanta

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im waiting
waiting for what
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the waiting is now over

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how much of a homo do you have to be to start cumming just because someone's touching your tongue
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I'd cum if a strong man would start playing with me like that
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it's called being cockdrunk....
>>7636 (OP) 
What did Freddie Mercury mean by this?
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Will you do the fandango?

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amazon keeps recommending me asian bob cut wigs, cute shoes and meme outfits like maid dresses and whatever this is supposed to be, should I fall for the girls clothes meme?
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Make sure the penis is in view or the judgement won't be accurate.
post photographs of your penis please and thank you (disclaimer: I cannot and will not give fashion advice)
OP I've noticed you're a little late on uploading your penis pics. Just giving you a gentle reminder.
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i bet this guy rapes people
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rape target acquired

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free the bee 2023
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he had a bad day :(
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kill it
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please do not hurt big bee she is very rare :(
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Holy hell, that's terrifying

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i hurt my pebis red raw again after fapping for 40 minutes without being able to climax

the climax was nice though, not worth the beois hurry though
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my mistake, i didn't know i was speaking to the chairman of the association of sodomites.
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go away, chud
Quick cure for hurt benis doctors don't want you to know about. 
Dip your penbis inside a beaker of sulfuric acid. 
If you feel burning that means it's working.
being cute is inherently perverted, cuz why are you cute? you're being cute to attract some bbc you slut
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Magick my cute boyfriend.

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i watched so much anime I wanna become an anime girl unironically, don't let it happen to you!
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never trust a reptile
I haven't watched very much anime and I do not want to become an anime girl.
I barely watch anime, and still want to become an anime girl

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