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bleh im bad at it

enjoy the fire

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tranime lost
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chokeslut get
sure guro mostly falls under ryona but i think squishy meant something else
Replies: >>16688
ryona is usually abusive sex and not murder
Replies: >>16689 >>16690
*or dismemberment
Replies: >>16690
mostly guro isnt always murder or dismemberment or even sexual unless youre into guro

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>mom found the chastity cage
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dad fucked me in the ass
>>3486 (OP) 
did she know what it is?
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You don't sound very chaste if your mom found it, you're supposed to be wearing it lole
its over

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Why haven't you updated jschan yet?

Your Fortune: Bad Luck
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i guess i will try to get around to it... eventually... 

i don't think anyone cares enough about this place for this to be a concern 

so yeah no real client facing changes, i think jschan pretty much has everything you'd want from an imageboard software at this point, the only thing i could think of is maybe being able to customize navbar elements from the web-ui for convenience sake 

i technically "run" two imageboards now as well but for the other one i basically don't do anything other than check on it like once a month just to see if the server is still running lole
Replies: >>16674 >>16683
>customize navbar elements from the web-ui for convenience sake 
piss easy to do, just learn a little about pug and start editing navbar.pug
Replies: >>16678
i obviously did that already....
Replies: >>16679
why would you want to do it via a web ui, then?

i meant in the last 3 months but ok

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does having sex make me less anxious?
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Go👏 to👏 a👏 brothel👏
Replies: >>16641 >>16654
idk first time with a prostitute is kind of meh
Replies: >>16643
Forever virgin.
stop typing like a twitter faggot
Replies: >>16681
No I don't think I will 🔥🔥🔥

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would some of you (female) kiss me 
so that i wont die without a kiss in my life?
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do you want me to delete pics of yourself?
Replies: >>16675
no you can post them if you like that is not the problem here
it is not even a problem that you are using my name 
the problem actually is that people think i am a bad person, because this one anon posts with my name 
i just wich he/she would be a little bit nicer
Replies: >>16677
sry i do not make sense anymore the drugs they give me are heavy stuff
no i'm the admin and i'm asking you if you want me to delete images of yourself...
Replies: >>16680
>_< sry my mind is a bit distorted
oh no thats will get nowhere
banning them probaly do not do much either.
I'm sorry I called you when i think about it it's all useless I just have to endure it

touch grass trannies
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tranime copes
transsisters... we lost...
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sis... its over..

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wsup who wna play garfield kart eith me
ok maybe

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it be pure coincidence if soyteens started raping this site

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