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POV: ur gay and retarded
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Posting the classic that started it all!
so gay and so retarded
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my thoughts exactly
>>340 (OP) 
I found out you can avoid this if c**m in a cup and let the enzymes coagulate and then go runny again and then mix it into covfefe, it might not be as lewd tho.
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You get that message a lot when you try to phonepost. My mom got internet turned off so I have to use hotspot but I can't go on 4chan and it makes me really sad and bored ;-;
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I mean hi
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I turned on your mom's hotspot

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I have sex with hairy old men for money.
poob . . . . . FUNNY
classic magick
How much do you make from that?
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Friendly reminder that anime is real life!
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Admin ban this poster if he refuses to show us.
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he posts them on twitter
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why do boys do this
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it's a prank bro
actually I can find 2d on danbooru but 3d hides his stuff under patreon wall so I'll side with the 2d this time

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Why aren't you eating your own cum to recover valuable vitamins and minerals and to reabsorb testosterone that gets converted to free estrogen via the aromatase enzymes in your body?
It's ok I take zinc supplements.
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why is shimakaze such a popular character for boys to cosplay as
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I did not know about the estrogen part
because she dresses like a slut and boys want to be sluts
It's easier to dress up like a girl when you go over the top and dress with a crop top, blond wig, striped thigh highs, high heel boots and a thong that goes over the fatty parts of your hips.
God i wish that were me

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the friendship that ended racism

Make your laptop a part of our botnet program.
virus installation COMPLETE
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A trip to Canada might be one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life. 

This post was paid for by the Canadian Government.

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this is my kingdom
nice castle shooter
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welcome to my safari (unfinished)

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honestly it's too late, if you'd made this board like eight months ago there might be more than a few dozen people still on [s4s] but now it's gone and never coming back
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you posted a video file, retard...
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stay away from my files double retard
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anything you post on a public forum belongs to the people
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Spoiler File
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this isn't a loop so it'd be better off as a webm since gif is very inefficient when it comes to animated content 
no need to thank me

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