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i want to gag on a kok
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i think that can be easily arranged
big fat cocks.....
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classic magick
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i want munch
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how can that be easily arranged

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WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DUDE WTF !!!!!!!!!!!
DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEAR!!!! WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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gosh anon your sucha loser
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>>5234 (OP) 
>gosh anon your sucha loser
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bunnies are designed to live fast and die hard. their skeletal structure is very fragile and prone to breaking, their skin is thin, their ears are prone to infection, they are very sensitive to cold and can easily die of hypothermia, they're obligate nose breathers so respiratory diseases can easily become fatal, their digestive system needs to be constantly moving and if it stops they might develop GI stasis and die, if they eat too much of anything except grass they might develop GI stasis and die, they can't vomit so if they eat anything they can't digest they might develop GI stasis and die, etc. health issues also often compound on one another. their teeth constantly grow, so if they aren't constantly chewing they might grow too big and cut into the gums making it impossible to eat, and if they stop eating for too long that can change the balance of bacteria in their gut which they use to ferment the grass they eat so undigestible matter will build up in their intestines which might cause them to develop GI stasis and die. girl bunnies also have a high risk of uterine cancer, with 70% of unspayed females over the age of 4 developing tumors.

none of this matters for the species as a whole though since they reach maturity at such a young age and have such large and frequent litters. wild european rabbits rarely live longer than a year, but by that point they've already had a dozen or two babies so all 
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life failure extreme despair
this is so sade....

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Time traveling to the far future becomes way scarier, when you think about the possibilities of language warping and such. Things are obviously not going to work the same that far ahead, and you could just sound like gibberish to people when trying to speak to anybody, so that you would need to learn a whole new language if you were to integrate into the society there at all, making it all very impractical.
The thing is, you couldn't even simply pick up on the basics of this language over enough time or anything (not that you'll get to live long enough to), because, it'll likely be so complicated that you can't even comprehend it. What if even the simplest sentences have an insane amount of ways to say them? Far-future language could be Mandarin but a hundred times more complicated. You're not going to be able to grasp that. The way that other people do is, maybe they would have the whole language database uploaded into their brain by birth, or something simpler like it just being the standard and technological advancements somehow helping out with learning it. Imagine if a person from the second century or something was transported into our time, right now, and trying to communicate with anybody. With the far-future that I'm talking about, it could very well be that the difference is so wide that we are basically cavemen compared to the people around by that time. Even someone from as early as the Wild West would have a huge amount of trouble if they were to come to our current world, today. 
Anyway, basically, there would be an insanely huge language barrier that you simply can't get past. You couldn't even tell anybody that you're a time traveler or anything, and then just get thrown into prison and then executed because you're an insane hobo who doesn't know how to speak. From their view, that is. Or find out that saying something like "hello" has come to be accepted as an invitation to brawl to the death on the spot, and so, you just get murdered. Even simple body language could be completely difference. What if pulling up your hands in a "please stop" motion is a middle finger to Mr. Future Guy?
And, yeah, you would get executed if you weren't able to speak in the future. Think about it, wouldn't they have the medical technology to prevent defects and mental afflictions at birth, keep the gene pool the way they want to, and pretty much just wipe out the existence of people who are so dysfunctional and autistic that they can't speak and instead mutter gibberish and do weird shit like they arrived from two hundred centuries before? Don't forget that you're a fully grown adult doing this, oh and also that you're likely dressed as a complete retard in their eyes.
Or, hell, maybe it'll be really weird to them that you don't have cybernetic attachments and look exactly like they do, and try to kill you or something simply because of that. Kind of changes depending on if you traveled into a dystopia or utopia, but, imagine if your time travel landing zone happened to be a territory owned by super rich and augmented people, who kill you on sight because they figured that you're a poor little shit trying to trespass and steal from them, or something. Simple unluckiness like that could very well kill you the moment you traveled into the future, I'll get to that point.
Anyhow, the bigger reason for why you would simply be executed is that, you know how people were killed for being mentally ill back in the medieval times instead of getting proper care shown for it or anything, and also shell-shocked soldiers just getting executed on the spot because they were thought to be goners? I think way ahead in the future, things would actually come back around and people would go back to doing exactly that. Especially if you were a time traveler who just seems like a babbling hobo retard who should definitely not be there. Again, I suppose it depends if we're going dystopia or utopia, but maybe either way it applies. Whichever setting you bring up, things won't end up well for you.
The sight of a person such as you is so extremely rare by then and nobody has experience in dealing with it, that people simply figure that they should put you down and get it over with rather than taking any risks or trying to figure it out, just like in the medieval times. Even in an utopia. What if this is an utopia where humanity has gotten AI to keep them safe and make sure that things run properly, so that everybody is comfortable while the technology does all the work? Simply put, the AI would decide that it doesn't want you running around and fucking with people, and kill you. If there is a human governmental entity, if you don't get killed, you're getting thrown in the looney-bin. It's fair to assume that this society would have extreme surveillance that could identify people on the spot and things like that, so, there's no getting under the radar and living your hobo life, because they would come and detain you the second an unregistered citizen like you comes around. What if they just send out killer-drones to annihilate you? Because, you should obviously not be there. Especially if this is in the middle of the city. They would practically treat that as a terrorist threat, if there's a life-form like you that may not even be considered human because you don't have the augmentations and such that everybody else has, and isn't identified at all, you would simply be gunned down. And if you don't get killed and detained instead, well, you're getting thrown in the looney-bin. They will obviously not let you go, or try to integrate you into the society, because you're an insane hobo that has no idea what's going on, and they just don't wanna bother. Being imprisoned in this super advanced age would be akin to death, so, even in this literal best case scenario outcome, you're still fucked. And this is indeed the best case scenario. The odds of you first being transported into a civil city like this where you don't instantly get raped and killed, and then not being gunned down by government security drones after walking around for a minute, and somehow getting detained by people who are willing to put up with your shit and not just throw you away, is incredibly low. If you time-travel and find yourself in a far-future city, consider yourself done. What are you even going to be able to do, if you do get away from the clutches of authority? Communicate with people? You can't. You won't be able to do anything at all, because you'll have zero clue what any of this insane looking stuff is. Remember that there could be stuff in the future that you can't even comprehend now, do you think that people in the Wild West imagined computers to be a thing in the future? And, it's not even been that long since then. Imagine in an insane amount of time, like we're thinking. 
Also, imagine if you did, somehow, convince these people in the future that you're a time traveler. Enjoy getting put in a chamber where your brain gets juiced out and have it be decrypted for info on how to time-travel. Or get tortured until you give them any bit of info on how they could time-travel. Nobody would care that you're a time traveler and sit down to talk about how cool that is, no, they would just want you to show them how to do it. By the end of it, no matter how it goes, you would simply be a lab-rat for some scientists. They will not let you go. So, do you really think that it'd go well if anybody actually believed you to be a time traveler? And, the only other option is them thinking you're an insane hobo. Either way, you're done for. And this is just assuming that you were lucky enough to appear here, where it's at least less worse than anywhere else in the world.
Pretty much in any case, surviving even the first 10 minutes after traveling very far into the future would be incredibly hard. It's not like you would be able to prepare for it in any way, or gather any information before hand. I guess you could prepare in very basic ways, but, at most it'll be similar to bringing a scalpel with you before you jump into a dark hole that could have mutant bears in it. 
So, surviving the initial drop off after being transported way ahead into the future is probably worse odds than being a soldier in the first wave of the Normandy landings. Who in the world knows where you're going to end up, and what or who is going to be there? What if the spot you time travel into turns out to be Fort Knox of the xxxth century, or somewhere where you instantly get raped by mutants? With traveling to the past, you could at least just bring an assault rifle and then do whatever you want, but with the future you're going to be peasant who doesn't know anything, and probably die because of it. The best case scenario is that you travel into the desolate desert, I guess? Or, no, because I just imagine that all deserts would be built upon and all, and also that there would most likely be people trying to kill you there. I mean, where the fuck are you going to go, if there aren't Arabian techno-monks trying to harvest your blood, there will probably be something worse in the nearest bit of civilization that you find. Forests? I don't think that there would be any left, or at least one that isn't watched over with radars that detect every life-form (including bacteria) within the forest and send a death drone to wipe out the unrecognized ones such as you, I guess. Dropped into a city or something, well, like I said before, arrested and then executed if you don't get killed before that happens. The sea? The ocean is really big after all, and if it's not drained or anything and still very wide, then maybe? But, what if they have infrastructure all over the entire sea? Overpopulation could be that bad. Or, well, if not that, then I think its fair to say that the ocean would be watched over for anything unidentified with the same super high-tech radar stuff from before, so, let's say that you managed to time travel with a boat or something for you to be able to set off with, they would spot that and yet again, send a death drone to come and blow you up. 
Or, just imagine transport over the sea in the future, its already such a big thing now, no? I mean, how many ships are going to be spanning out all across the sea delivering cargo and whatever, with their exact set routes and all? What if the instant you materialize, you just end up in a pile of unmanned ships and die because of it? 
You're pretty much just rolling a dice when you time-travel, because, the place you're in at this exact moment will definitely not be the same in the far future. Would someone in Detroit a hundred years ago want to be in it now? You could decide to do your time-travel from the safest city in the world because you figure it'd be your best bet, but, in the xxxth century, that city could be the world's most popular modern free-for-all deathmatch zone. It could keep being the safest city in the world, but then, you would not have a place there and probably be taken away and executed for it, because let's be honest, everybody is going to think you're insane. Or at least, the automated systems would identify you as a threat and kill you. This could be a future where stranger possibilities like you are completely done away with, like I said before. So, their directives would be to just do away with anything that isn't considered "human" in their world. Anyway, I guess you get the point. Civilization will not be kind to you, no matter where you end up. I doubt I even need to get into what would happen in slum-like places.
What about geography itself changing? The instant you time-travel, you could be miles high up in the air and instantly die. If you didn't think to bring a parachute or install a parachute to your time-machine, then, you're dead. What if the ground has actually risen, or somehow flooded? You materialize, and instantly drown, or suffocate inside a rock. What if you materialize inside a building? The farthest you can stretch it, is that it would blow up and crumble under you and kill you. Is the earth even habitable when you time-travel? What if you get brought into an entirely radiated world, or one that's destroyed by meteors, the sun, or anything? Where again, you just instantly die. 
Also, my last point, but this is actually a really solid one, or at least I think it is, disease. These far-future germs and whatnot would obviously not be the ones that we face today and are vaccinated against, no? Literally everything around you would be completely stranger to your immune system. Even if the world is very hygienic somehow, you would catch something because of simple germs, and likely die because of it. The people of this future world would either have the proper vaccine or properly evolved immune system to be able to combat these new germs and whatnot, but, you're just going in without any of that. Even if they do have a vaccine you could take for yourself, what if it just isn't compatible with your body? This is so far ahead in the future, that, humanity could've actually evolved to the point where you simply can't consume the same things as these people and get away with it. What if even water makes you fall sick in this place? Which might not even be entirely natural doing, but, you get the idea. There could be a way bigger plague going around that everybody else has the precaution for, except you. So, you just instantly catch it the second you appear in this place, and die. What, are you going to time-travel in a hazmat suit? Who's to say that's actually going to protect you? What if you're forced to take it off, or somebody does? 
So, basically, your body and immune system would simply not be able to handle this new environment, and you would die of simple germs. 
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metaphorically me
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he's so cute, imagine the nakadashi
I like the mouth pop
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>tfw no willowy mildly psychotic autistic femboy bf to spoil and pamper (and nakadashi)

why even live
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I cannot stop masturbating.
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>>5705 (OP) 
>>5705 (OP) 
>LOOK AT ME , EVERYONE !!!!!!! I'M BY MYSELF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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>>5705 (OP) 
Masturbating is cool. It's like the solo version of when black people do those cool, special handshakes.
curb your autism

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Mods still hate me. My ban was actually only until 18 now they have extended it
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why do you write so much?
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munch brought up your name first. "Not meme hard enough" is code word for "doesn't fit the image of the board". There's plenty of posters that I enjoy seeing who have been banned for various reasons. There was an anon who stated in a thread recently that [s4s] is like a retirement home for oldfigs who have become burnt out from the other boards. I've stated before on [s4s] that most of the other boards are pozzed because of how stuck in their own ways they are. [s4s] provides a bit more of an illusion of freedom, although down to it's core it really isn't much different. munch's active presence is now over, and I'm done with bringing up anymore of the board's internal politics.
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I love you and I'm proud we have a favorite artist in common

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Heading down to the musical instrument store to buy my very own micker!
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>>5630 (OP) 
What did you mean by this?

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i dont like anyone
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i wish that were true, then i wouldnt have to play the dumb social game
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HELP HELP EXTREME DESPAIR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I failed life
You wish your battlestation was that hype. You probably have some wack ass Mac book, with high speed internet and a boyfriend. Psssh. You can't touch this wizards power you pleb.

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You know those bdsm doujins where the tied up griller has vibrator eggs taped and stuffed in their holes and held in place with the ropes and then they get left to o*sm for 6 hours, doesn't that hurt after a while?
think that's the idea yeah
cummed to death
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