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I'm really drunk right now. 
I love all of you faggots here
however I'M normally schizoid and never feel emotions. 
A dude expresses constantly that he's going to kill himself and my choice is to put him into a quantum superposition of both dead and alive because that's easier for me to process. 
I love him really and want to be with him however I am still extremely selfish and want to spend many hours of the day alone by myself. I don't feel emotional empathy. 
Even though I know cognitively that someone is going through a bad time I don't feel those emotions myself and then I feel inadequate that I can't console him properly. 
Am I toxic?
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Language is used to achieve a purpose. Toxicity is relative, I can't speak for him if he considers what you're doing (with regards to him) toxic.
It isn't a general state in a strict sense. The use of the term to describe someone generally refers to a tendency in their actions, but as we are describing something that is relative in a direct way it isn't meaningful for third parties to comment. There's some idea of what the cultural consensus would think, but unlike say "am I gross?" which while relative, is rooted in your own physical circumstances, "Am I toxic?" asks about the personal relationship between the viewer and your self. That is, the general public aren't a part of your relationship.
Do whatever the fuck you want, man.
macro level qauntum superposition isn't that simple unless you're visiting rokkenjima.
im so lonely
>>27673 (OP) 
and who is the lucky one?
i think you are your own person, you are not responsible for fixing others' problems. you can only really work on yourself and hope people see the good in you, the same way you see the good in them. maybe the person who wants to be with you has an image in their mind of who you are, and does not see you for the imperfectly perfect human being you are. i think that you must express yourself authentically to him, and if he accepts that, he is for you, but i don't really know anything, i'm a work in progress myself. we all are. maybe you can figure out your own way, and if anything, mistakes are to be made to learned from. it's a very difficult thing, emotional temperaments can sometimes be very fickle things, so take dear and loving care with them when you are trusted with them, anon.

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I'm daddy's brainless slut! my life has no meaning besides being a sex toy!!
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be happy and healthy and stuff its ok to rely on whoebever u want to feel better and stuff ogey? do not think about bad things and stuff cause wthats notg oood
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what could this mean
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>>27701it means ull be able to know when im sad or happy and also its good
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get a room or somethign da 2 of u... (wholesome doh)

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just had a nice fap with a girl that had big boobs on flingster lole
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why do women love big dick so much?

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why does the spam thingie say “fuck collection”? are they too esl to say hardcore porn?
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>>27662 (OP) 
Codeword for activating sleeper agents. 
The pheasant has left its roost.

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Why do dumb 4channers want to be girls all the time, like it's gonna solve all their problems, you just know if there was some magical become a girl button they'd press it and continue to exhibit the same loser miserable thoughts and do the same exact male nerd things they did as a guy only with the added expense of having to rebuy their wardrobe and worry about tampons and no longer getting taken seriously in men's spaces because they now come off as an attention seeking brat only pretending to like male stuff for attention.
i think a lifetime of maladaptive male habits can be unlearned within a week of being showered with unwanted attention and being given the benefit of the doubt mostly everywhere, wearing girls clothes also flips a switch in u, it makes you want to be more graceful when moving around, or maybe it's the thigh femur angle and wider hips that do that
i could tell you but it'd take too much time and you wouldnt believe it
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It's simple
Become hot girl, sell nudes on onlyfans, never work a day in your life.
they are attention seeking brats only pretending to like stuff for attention already tho
Tell me and I will appreciate you

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im chiyo

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fuck around till the party is over
and the paty has been over for 6 years

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dirt is disgusting.
clean things are disgusting.
letting it all fall apart is disgusting.
putting everything back together is disgusting.
telling people how you feel about it all is disgusting.
dying is disgusting.
living on is disgusting.
i will die.
i want to die.
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