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>>18949 (OP) 
you can upgrade to she when u post bussy
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ur so clueless

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Reminder that the ocular globes undergo rotational motion that is diametrically opposed to the rotational excursion of the cephalic region when an individual performs cranial movements. It is extremely important to emphasize that the veracity of this phenomenon remains unverifiable and hence resists refutation.
nah g

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U r Dum nd Bun100%

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god is our jealous ex gf

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i really love the nice board here
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this board isn't nice at all it's full of gratuitously belligerent schizos
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on the contrary the verisimilitude of posters is a wabisabi juxtapoistion of a multitude of equanimities
*adjusts glasses*
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That's what makes it nice
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good reference headpat~ headpat~
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Sometimes I feel like there's some real and deliberate psyop trying to groom weebs into going trans and it's getting harder to ignore.
This video has been pushed at me on every device I'm using youtube on, I'm not even logged in on this one.

Don't actually click on it if you see it, it literally starts trying to brainworm you the very first minute with "men don't get to have feelings" mindrot.
everybody hates looking at gross men
are you literally illiterate OP?
i believe youtube will recommend similar content across devices sharing the same ip. they will also do the same for people who share yt links to each other. i think that you now have to cut off the url before the questionmark, so something that looks like watch/ahdjaudhe?hdjsnah, all you want is the watch/ahdjaudhe.
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i listened to the whole video and liked it quite a bit, the whole thing mostly just follows the plot of a manga anyways, still have no desire to transition

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I'm so fucking fucked I shouldn't have done that

all is good all is fine, I'm bfine everything is going well
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why do you think I need to ask?
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because you're in love with me
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maybe I would be if you sex'd me like a little girl
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ii love when u give me all ur life force and brain juice i love that so much i love when u do it for 24 hours
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it’s pretty obvious.

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philly cheese steak c:
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not even germans have a word for this abnomination
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doesn't it ever piss off germans that they work the hardest out of all EU member states and the financial stability of the euro is entirely dependent on germany being a nation of workaholics and yet they still have to deal with austerity measures like heating fuel shortages and no cheese or steak in their cheesesteak sandwiches to own the russians?
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it was bretty gud tbdesu c:
it had hot peppers and sauteed mushrooms and spinach and the bread was fluffy and nice it could have maybe used some mustard but the store always adds too much when i ask for it so i didnt bother
im not german but i know that the first thing every german does after work is work more so for them working double overtime to keep the rest of europe afloat is probably a form of leisure theyre probably grateful to all the spaniards and greeks and slavs for giving them extra economies to manage
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b-but why did they called it cheesesteak desu?
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i just looked at their menu and they dont actually call it a cheesesteak they just call it a sandwich lole
but i will continue to call it a cheesesteak so that i can continue to experience that feeling for which i still have yet to find the right smushed-up german loanword

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this is really hot
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i looked outside and saw the trees sway side to side as the heavy rains hit them
and i thought ive beeen too harsh on you, you're just a human like me, we don't see each others flaws in the same way, it is what it is
im donezo
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well shit ok
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have a nice day dude, honestly
very mature and responsible of you, squishy. high tier god wagmi moment.
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this dudes doin DUBS

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