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It's just a hobby
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Magick just rolls over and allows furious namefigs to slander his good character.
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fast and furious
truth has no defense against those who choose to believe lies

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fix your shit Jeff
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too many people tried
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nope they did not do shit.
i am here forever or until my girlfriend breaks up with me, maybe then it will be kms who knows
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Youre unsalvageable
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cant fix whats already broken
Hope she does soon
kill yourself

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I have gum written on my shopping list but it looks like cum lol
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I'm sorry sir but we have sold out of daddy's cummies.
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I gotta try cumming into splayed out gum and wrapping it up and chewing the gum so the cum squeezes out, I bet it'd work great
Cum is in a deficit here though cos if I'm not coming with a free cock then it's not the clean stuff and that's quickly becoming the standard case
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Well I tried it, it was a near-unmitigated disaster
I had a free cock and chewing gum, and even got a pretty decent spread on my palm. Lost some semen down my wrist but got a fair amount on the target and could push up the stuff on my wrist anyway. But of course, I couldn't get the gum cleanly off my hand, so any plans of wrapping it up and chewing it went right out the window. The only sense in which it wasn't a total failure was that at least I still got to lick the cum up
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Forgot to write one of the worse parts:
got a whole bunch of chewing gum stuck to my foreskin
>>29196 (OP) 

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wish irl
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i just mix it with orange juice and drink it but i haven't used it in a long long time
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wish taking a selfie with migu
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basic bitch distro
wth real
ah fellow squishy of culture

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I'm drinking cranberry vodka as I'm fembrained
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Magick has joined scientology
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At least we know where he's getting the little girls from
how did u know about this what the fuck
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I can read your engrams like a book. 
Time to pay for another "audit".
The little churro is being stalked

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Greetings and salutations!
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i did
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we work psychologically sweetcheek honey
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>>29322 (OP) 
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<a href="">diflucan prescription online</a>
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thanks buddy

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i wonder where she learnd this

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remember to always write down your good ideas
he's insane
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He's a midwit who's had smoke blown up his ass for several decades, of course he is
Reminder that everything wrong with lynch's dune was of his own making
writing down in this thread "kill yourself with a gun" so i don't forget about it later
gunshot suicide
don't have a pencil so writing it down here 

story about space cop who gives people space parking tickets on their space cars

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