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I don't consider myself to be gay. But if a guy looks good in a maid outfit, I'd punish that bussy.
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lol you've never had sex
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Desperation is sick. I'm not even that bad looking. Just stuck in my ways. Ass is ass.
i'm so lonely i'm prison gay too ;-;
>>5396 (OP) 
"it's not gay to top" has been true in most cultures throughout history

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Every time I go on youtube, I feel pretty bad because all those uploaders that aren't trashy content farms are skilled in stuff like long form writing or 3d modeling, or drawing or even stuff like sewing if it's a cosplay channel, I don't have any real skills :( and my attention span is too low to get anywhere so I just watch youtube instead.

Also don't tell me I'm watching cherrypicked cream of the crop channels, lots of these people don't peak over 70k views per video despite being talented.

Thanks for reading my blog
the only skill you need is cleaning and cooking, so you can be a meido sex slave
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skill is relative
if thrust into a challenging environment, you will adapt and learn how to flourish in your new environment. think about grinding games, for example. you can only get about as good as the people you're playing with, so if one would like to see progress, it's important to play with players whose skills are slightly better than yours in order to learn and gain more perspective on the game. it might be uncomfortable, and maybe even embarassing at first, but you'll adapt to their playing, and playing at that level will become second nature to you. it may then feel like everybody and their mothers can play at this level, whereas originally, you didn't know if you were truly capable.

it's also a matter of passion for a lot of these people. the reason they do these things are because they love them. find what sparks up the light in your eyes, and pursue it endlessly. anything you've not been able to let go of since childhood that, now as an adult, you are now more than capable of pursuing. don't ruminate over some random youtuber's life. start taking the attention back to your own and work on what you truly love.
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It's just practice.

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It's literally a free GPT-3 bot that will give you advice or write gay and retarded stories if you tell it to forget business ideas, it goes down a lot though, just be patient.
wtf it gives good advice

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I love micker!

Post cute mickers in this ITT.
Also which is your favorite micker?
I'm split between V2 and V4x micker.
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V2 is classic micker, with the gray blouse and the simpler timeless design, with thigh high boots and that rave suspender thing, V4x has a white blouse, and way more frilly stuff and thigh high tights instead
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yeah but they look exactly the same
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Not true, there's also green micker and blue micker, created by people who disagree on whether Miku is seafoam green or more turquoise blue.
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she's turquoise blue btw

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I've been at work all morning. Skipped breakfast, wasn't feeling hungry. But now I'm starving and about to get off work.
Then I got a text saying I need to bring food for the house too.... I was just gonna hit up BK or something when it was just for me because it's quick and cheap. But nobody at home wants to eat BK.
Any suggestions? A few of us were sick last week so I'm pretty over Ramen, Pho, etc.
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>>5359 (OP) 
shut up blogposting idiot
do as your heart desires ❤️
buy meth

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What happens if big strong men come asking for your pantsu eggy but u eated it already?
Cute boys love big strong men.
But cute boys love getting BAP
cute boys love being murdered and thrown on the side of the road

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>>5278 (OP) 
I'm always out at night. Doing what? Who knows. But that's what the cool kids do.

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i loled so hard on this
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>>5345 (OP) 

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has this ever happened to you?
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dome th
someone told me his adhd medications also make him really horny
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Is there a setting on grindr that will tell me if they're overdosing on ADHD medications and will fulfill any weird fetish I ask of them?
Asking for a friend.
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No, ADHD meds are basically amphetamines, they make you horny and anxious.
just offer PNP and get them high on meth when they arrive.

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is there a single shred of evidence that the munch discord exists
yes, you can join the larger discord from a certain site
you can find munch old twitter and discordtag on the archive
can I join the munch discord I'll larp as a hot grill and worship her feet
schizo general
your bitch sucking off everything that moves call that munch general

Your Fortune: Super Bad Luck

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