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I only go for anime and game series if it features crossdressing anime boys in any context, even if it's just one scene.
I've yet to be disappointed and it saves me from having to try garbage to see if it's any good.

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Remember when sluts4sale was good?
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SXE with Reisen
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why do girls seem to enjoy playing with themselves far more than boys do
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Because all your clitoral equivalent nerve endings are in your prostate and men don't wanna put things up their butt.
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is this really true or did you just make this up in order to trick me into putting things up my butt?
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hey if you don't wanna orgasm like that reisen griller then be my guest

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>Pass user since 2014
she has that because she's a janitor not because she pays
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and she's a janitor because weak women prey on weaker men

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Egg whites suck.
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Get the rope NOW.
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Just ate one of these. It was awesome.
Egg whites are a good source of protein.
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Yolks are actually a better source of nutrition.
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Hi Madokanon. I finally got a job. Still haven't tried eggs again yet though.
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Oh, hey, really? I didn't know that you were looking for one, but anyhow, that sounds like a pretty nice development. 
I mean, maybe the feeling of having to work all of a sudden kind of sucks, but ultimately it could be nice. 
Both in that the things you could experience while at work itself, but more importantly, it'll get you to appreciate your free time some more. A weekend will feel like a weekend again, you know? Instead of every single day being a weekend, you know what I mean. Having a lot of free time is nice, but way too much of it is what gets you jaded with life. Maybe you'll feel more like doing the things that you want to do, since you'll know that your time before having to go back to work will be limited. And, hey, having the money to do even more things doesn't hurt.
But that depends as well, I suppose. Hopefully your job isn't anything that puts too much of a strain and drains your energy away by the time you're home. Best of luck with it.
Also, that's okay, I know the feel. It took me an embarrassing amount of time to even learn to make eggs. Take your time with it, maybe give it a try once you settle in with work and things feel nice enough, no? Have a good one.

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my mental condition is deteriorating
sometimes i can't remember what i've done, i have blackouts all the time and can't concentrate.
during my last psychosis it started exactly like this
so if i start insulting you for whatever reason then please don't take it seriously. 
these are just the voices in my head that force me to do bad things
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>>4161 (OP) 

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i only find anal sex hot when it's with a girl because it's kinda taboo and gross because she has a vag and that's where you're supposed to fuck her. with femboys/traps anal is just the default so there's nothing interesting about it.
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girls don't have anything there when you fug them anally, you're just poking their gspot from behind but not nearly as well as going for their anterior fornix.

In sissies your bullying their prostate and doing them a favor because emptying the prostate of prostatic fluids prevents prostatitis later on.

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Where's the old banner??

Give it back!
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based admin
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>>1531 (OP) 
No u
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can we make this a banner pls k thx <3
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Lol based
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Introducing Le Schizofren

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How do I become a gay bottom?
I'm tired of being straight.
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but what if you date a fellow virg loser
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They're all bottoms tho
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why is everyone on this website gay

I mean it turned me gay too but why is everyone else gay
i'm a virg loser and i think i'm a side 
definitely wouldn't want anyone putting anything inside my butt nor do i feel a very strong compulsion for putting anything in someone's else's butt (unless they'd really want me to)
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I wouldn't call it a compulsion, more like you wanna masturbate mutually with someone else's body.

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