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gonna dump/storytime two comics that don't seem to exist anywhere outside of pixiv
I'd tag and upload them if I wasn't so lazy but I am
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da end
this is what squishies actually believe
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also it's kind of funny how her cock looks like a dildo

nice trips
truly analed and niggered

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admin should really block IPs from china and russia and africa cus we're getting flooded by glowies again
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i think it's funny that halo had dudes called the flood, and then people say oh no we're getting flooded! lole
if only it were this easy
the last one posted from the us
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post this dick bruh
>admin should really block IPs from china and russia and africa cus we're getting flooded by glowies again
It's actual people posting so it's not like any kind of rangeban is going to work.
You'd just be blocking innocent botposts and raising the barrier to posting for some lazy torfags to no actual benefit
>china and russia and africa
Historically I thought the posts mostly came via lower SEA

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I skipped the day clinic too often, so they stopped the therapy
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i want to have sex once before i off myself
have sex
Sounds like you can afford a prostitute
Not like you're missing out on much though
>>21634 (OP) 
take LSD it will cure your schizophrenia

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Understanding the Elements of Effective Warehouse Shelving Implementation 
Without consideration for the magnitude or even essence of an warehouse or maybe fulfillment hub, storage storage systems remain an indispensable factor inside procedures. 
Pallet systems approaches tend to be extremely flexible storage space solutions which might effortlessly conform to be able to satisfy the particular storage demands regarding any kind of enterprise. 
Particular racking systems functions in a very first throughout, very first out (FIFO) basic principle to permit exact investment rotation within industrial environments. 
Picking out there a good racking stand method that will offers the actual best mixture associated with peak, thickness, along with degree may let your current storage place to be able to maximize straight storage space space. - Acquiring wholesale warehouse system for affordable inventory management - Exploring Future Changes related to Pallet Racking Solutions c2160_8
thought the thumbnail was a ballsack at first lmao

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notify me when we stop getting banned again thanks
good riddance LOL!!!!
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shut up
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im a nigger
dollar store doom tard
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Kill yourself.

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it's become too hard to stop the tears long enough for a smoke. i hope you're doing well, please take care of yourself for me.
no stub
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look down to see stub
wonder if that toddler thinks I'm matress
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no one thinks about you

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we talk about lole, but the real sounds i make while browsing here are phuh! and clackclackclackclackclack.
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for me it's mostly
-nffff (nasal inhale)
-khchekhchekhch sort of strangled throat noise/scoff, the ch sound from the end of the 'whuhkh' in Kung Pow (I guess this is what russians mean by XAXAXA)
-if I really lose it, then a high pitched kinda rodent like 'heengh' 'heengh' tight throat inhale laugh

The first two of these are learned behaviors that I subconsciously but somewhat deliberately cultivated though
everyone in this thread has put something in their butt at least once
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The association of recreationally putting stuff up your butt with being gay is a lot less explicit than the gender essentialism of troonculture but it's still basically the monkeytier tribal ethics of a prewriting culture having it's braindamage dragged out into the today.
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too many words sorry

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c**ming and self-inserting into tsf mind control doujinshi every day for a week and I wanna tell everyone!
>mind control
dont tell everyone

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boys LOVE my Bpd
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wish you need to raise your conscious vibrational level while you're still young by taking lsd and making an effort to enjoy this fleeting gift of life that exists only in the present moment.
wish u need wuwjaaml
yea i probably should just dxm and osu
wearing my jiracken and seducing old men!
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