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what's the best way to start with opiate abuse?
1 litre of apomorphine
how about not doing that
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has this ever happened to you?
No, but i wish
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Wish... Pool ball incident.
yes, as the top

just kidding I am alone
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you wish
good one

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girls you want to be
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don't click this
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fuck i didn't read before i clicked
Admin-kun spoiled my amazing image #oppression #nazigermany
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By posting in this thread you agree that you have read the above statement and have understood that you can access private and secret information online. However you are not bound by any statement, you can read the statement and even disagree with it if you wish. Furthermore your access to this material is at your sole discretion. You are legally allowed to read and not and to change your mind. If you share this information you will be putting a distinct red flag on you for me.This is a will of my emotions, what would happen is I would get the magic powers and vaporize your dumb ass and finish you off with my spider vision power. I would abuse that power. To kill a person of your species for any reason, and I wouldn't care what the reason is.You can't be involved with a nice person, if they are a member of your species, they are my enemies. I will sacrifice you to increase my own power. It's too late.
Hallo, Ich spreche nicht Englisch.

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Why are /g/ users so gay and retarded?
how do people even spontaneously meet people online like that
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some people write these wet dream larps just to arouse jealousy and fuck with the lonely suicidal types which they know browse 4chan
/adv/ sees many of them and sometimes they try way too hard for it to believed by anyone, of course some are genuine but the amount of humble bragging on there makes me wanna puke and its always about MUH DIK or Y MUH DIK AINT WET and quite literally nothing else
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i love to lie about having online friends

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Why do girls stuff their panties with ostrich egges?

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can you cum to this?
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they can get fermented

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What is your favorite scent used in deodorant or cologne or something similar? 
I've been using pic related for years, it smells like bubblegum and fresh flowers, oddly enough you wouldn't suspect it to give out such a sweet boiscent given the art style and the way it looks
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as long as it doesn't make me have bo i don't care
honestly i'd prefer for it not to have any kind of smell whatsoever
>>10318 (OP) 
I remember that scent, it was literally the same fruity scent they use for gummy bears, that vaguely gross oily gummy bear scent.

There's far better sweet smelling perfumes if you ditch the men's options, don't let it mix with your natural boysmell, that would be gross lole

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in eed to be touched and stroked and caressed and helld and cuddled ;__;
it's never gonna happen though
i can emote *hug* you and *strokes your hair* you every now and then if we make an arrangment
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I want to caress and cuddle and to be caressed and cuddled 
We're all touch starved here
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I want to snuggle with a pair of feet

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Do you find yourself attractive?
Is it gay to fap to yourself in the mirror?
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didn't know you were into fucking horses, madokanon
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Replies: >>10308
the absolute state of ecelebfags
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i only know one guy who would have an expertise on dildos and write that much about it
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i found this last night its really cute and wholesome for horse on woman art

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