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you sound like elmo on crack
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creepy muppet baby voice
ya the gain was too high
squishy keeps forgetting that this site accepts audio files

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Patent pending
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Why would I care when I can jack off

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>January 14 marks a special day dedicated to virtue, self-control and inner greatness. International Male Chastity Day is an opportunity to celebrate the strength and determination of men who choose the path of chastity.
>Male chastity goes well beyond physical abstention. It is an inner journey, an exploration of oneself, a quest for discipline and personal mastery.
>Join us in celebrating International Male Chastity Day on January 14, 2024. Together, let's embrace the strength, discipline and power of the masculine spirit.
>Your HolyTrainer team -
too bad the actual site mostly phrases it as subshit
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Why does this have dad rock music playing in the background like its trying to sell me a ford f150
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I especially love the first two beats being vaguely but not well timed with putting parts together
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dadrock cage arrived (also, though it is a german cage, it was made in china as well lol)
Initial thoughts:
hangs down a lot without a harness. Still probably wearable, but I'm not that interested.
With a harness, balls stick out a lot. It's perfectly comfortable, but it's kind of funny - with loose pants it looks like I'm packing . Currently wearing a 2 point harness (over-body, resting on the hip just under the outermost protrusion of the bone).
Immediately, it's infinitely more wearable than any of the modern HTs. I'm wearing tight thermal boxers that would shear my dick right off at the urethra on the holy trainers with their retarded fishlip design and didn't even think about it. No problems doing jump-tuck-squats in it with/without the harness. I was able to do a full workout in the HT before but it beat up my dick some (actually I clipped the cage with the mace a few times lol) and there was a big problem with the bar scrapping the exposed part of the head on the deads etc. so we'll see how this is. Initial outlook is optimistic though. Even though the balls are very forward, there's still a decent amount of give and I don't think they're likely to get pinched or anything.
With an erection my whole taint up to the balls stick out like as much as a dick's width or maybe more. Does this always happen, like, without a cage? Maybe a tiny bit. It was a lot. I still got the cock/high ball area berm/plateau as well, I'm not sure where all this cock was coming from.
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When you say your whole taint sticks out do you mean that it's pushing your cage forward in front of you? 
I've had this issue with cages but I thought harnesses were supposed to prevent this.
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>When you say your whole taint sticks out do you mean that it's pushing your cage forward in front of you? 
No, I mean that by "the cock/high ball area berm/plateau". That part is unavoidable. There's erectile tissue behind the extruded weenus so no matter what you do to your external member if you're physiologically capable of cumming/etc. you'll be able to clamp down on the veins and make that inflate.
What's different here is that some more of that erectile tissue or someething seems to be getting displaced further with this cage. It does seem to be dependent on how the cage is hanging and on gravity, so I guess it is just getting pushed back, it's just surprising how firm it was, like taut muscle (it may even have been taut muscle, with whatever was getting displaced behind it).
>I've had this issue with cages but I thought harnesses were supposed to prevent this.
If you don't have a harness then when this happens it totally destroys the cage position; it gets pushed super far forward no matter what, and then stays there after the erection. There's erectile tissue inside your body so it's not like you can cut it off by pressing with a flat surface from the outside. If you had a sufficiently tight harness then maybe, you'd probably need an inverted cage or something to make that work. Turgidity clearly has enough force to displace 
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idk why paradox gived me this website he probably shouldnt have
i think ill stick with s4s
Mods range banned me and they regret it.

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annoying in a cute sense
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cute demon
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miss u
Why would you cope with being annoying instead of jacking off
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it's just bpdemon things^^

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the urge to cum wont go away even after doing it 5 times in a row, only the dead can know peace from this evil
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bold of you to assume i dont
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Try jerking off after the anal
I've often had this problem but 20 minutes of good anal followed by shooting goo 2-3 times always solved it for me
maybe you're doing the anal wrong
Replies: >>22750
probably, i think i need a dildo instead of a massager, i can never hit the right spot well enough or long enough to get the juices flowing
Replies: >>22751
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> i think i need a dildo instead of a massager
Only sort of small sized massager I've had any success with is doing a sort of curved thrusting with an aneros. Got a big prostate orgasm from that and it felt really repeatable but I didn't shoot skeed from it (though I wasn't backed up either) at the time.
I've got a >>22045 but it doesn't really work that well imo. Maybe if you're a fat old retard with a swollen prostate, but you're trying to press on a small ~vegetable hard divided ball with another sphere in a space which is squishy and flexible, like you're trying to crush a marble with another marble. Get real.
>a dildo
Dildos are definitely the way to go for actual assisted masturbation (not the gay kind).
If all you want is to enhance a penile orgasm your goal is basically to just press up into the prostate area. Usually using 1hand riding with it pitched forward, though I wouldn't suggest this specifically for your situation if my later reasoning is correct.
If you want to produce horny when there's little to none left you want a dildo with lots of texture and varied width (I imagine the classic standard "kebab of beads" anal massager from japanese cartoons or the humble anal beads work too but I don't have personal experience), driven by some sort of reliable thru
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>Do you get like a small amount of drips of piss?
specifically, not when masturbating, just in general when you're feeling like this or after going to the toilet while feeling like this
I get that when my dick is too beat up and think it's related

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Finally good art marries good writing
braindead neurons posted this thread
how to phrase narrative direction

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Being happy is probably not for me...

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