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does anyone use omegle (text chat)?
it would be epics if ppl use the s4s tag
i keep getting this '27 y o asian milk' who asks me to add her on snp
wut is snp!?

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some of you
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>>17436 (OP) 
>implying female
>implying I need to tell you who I'm quoting
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all of me

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scars are a fashion accessory
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>>17457 (OP) 
Fact cheque: This is not true buy you get £10 for your efforts!

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what do boys mean by this
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I'm almost confident that's the same girl (male) I was c**ming to earlier with her videos on putting on inverted chastity cages.
wuts their reddit?
ugly boynose
it's so cute how he's completely obsessed with black cock

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Why do boys do this?
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>>17421 (OP) 
I mever seem em do that mister.

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this is an accurate depiction of what happens when you call a boy cute, it melts his brain and makes him do stupid things like crossdress to get more complements
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Not all men go bald or even thin, it's genetic and only if you're hypersensitive to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which is what makes you into a man during puberty but then just sticks around forever and inhibits your hair on your head and makes it grow on your face and chest and then gives you prostate cancer.
It's not actually needed for anything important or desirable, and if anything it lowers the amount of serum testosterone in the body because it's a byproduct of T, you can block it with finasteride or dutasteride, which is already prescribed as a preventive measure against male pattern hair loss.

Women's skin definitely looks worse in middle age than men's because there's simply less connective tissue there, when do you ever hear about men with cellulite and lumpy skin?
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>>13481 (OP) 
attention becomes unsatisfying once you understand where it's coming from
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men's pent up need for affection and unconditional love?
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>you can block it with finasteride or dutasteride
but this is what i mean
women dont need drugs to prevent unessesary byproducts of aging only men have to do that
A feeling of superficiality is created by the cause being the same across all cases, not by it's own nature

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For a time it seems like the thoughts can do so much more to kill you than the feelings, then the feelings hit and make the thoughts seem like a joke.

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Being moneyless SUCKS. If only I was a gril I could’ve flashed my tits and finger my pussy on camera for fat middle-aged men to see. They could pay all my bills and health insurance and everything… I hate being a man.
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>>17390 (OP) 
i feel the same

anyone wanna buy a femboy onlyfans?
>>17390 (OP) 
If you were a girl you would have killed yourself out of disgust once you started growing pussy fur.
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aren't you american?
just get on social security or something
The people with enough taste and humanity to do that aren't languishing as poorfags though
i would have sex all the time with anyone who asks

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gib pets pls :c
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i was sad bcus no1 will pet me but then i played sum kirb and now i feel better ty kirb and ty you for reading my weblog c:
>>17345 (OP) 
why so sad :(

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I bought one of those flannel jackets because mattress does not want to c:
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You're obscene sure
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cute boys have to hide their faces here lest the others get jealous
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they messed with my face once not going to happen again
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They don't do it to me because they know I would just get turned on by the attention and humiliation

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