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All asian men have two sides.
arr rook same

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is your dick small or big
how do you feel about it
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>>7785 (OP) 
>is your dick small or big
how do you feel about it
It's average. I wish it was bigger
5 inches, I'm not thrilled about it but I make do, i usually fap with just the frenulum these days because I play with my butt more now.
my cute wife Rin
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>>7785 (OP) 
a little over 6.5 inches if im extremely aroused and havent c00med in a while
>>7785 (OP) 
7 inches, I'm pretty happy with it as is your mother

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Should I go trick or treating while dressed up like an anime girller and have a huff and a fit if they don't wanna gibe candy because I'm not a little kid anymore?
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What do guys mean by this.
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>>6752 (OP) 
yes and post pics

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Why wasn't I born a cute girl?
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fugg DDD;
>>7384 (OP) 
in your previous life you were a girl who wanted to be a boy
>>7384 (OP) 
only babies are born, they become cute girls later
>>7384 (OP) 
Maybe because you weren't meant to be one

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mommy im gaming
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>>6232 (OP) 
Post belly button and go to bed sweaty

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I think the universe is trying to tell me something.
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someone should ban you gayfigs from this s4s and force ya'll to make a new s4s
u all can go there
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Do you see the banner?
I clicked it and while it gives some good advice I clicked off and now I have 10 more MTF and vrchat girl voice tutorials in my feed.
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Hey nice trips

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Combat :3
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>>6192 (OP) 
where are her organs?

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good morning even tho its midnight
>>6114 (OP) 
it's 1am in the westmost part of the continental US, where do u even live
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i lib on a big mountain by the beach lol or maybe im a sea monster who knowwwwss
>>6114 (OP) 
lol hi
>>6114 (OP) 
good evening squishy weathers finally looking up innit

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Why are /g/ users so gay and retarded?
how do people even spontaneously meet people online like that
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some people write these wet dream larps just to arouse jealousy and fuck with the lonely suicidal types which they know browse 4chan
/adv/ sees many of them and sometimes they try way too hard for it to believed by anyone, of course some are genuine but the amount of humble bragging on there makes me wanna puke and its always about MUH DIK or Y MUH DIK AINT WET and quite literally nothing else
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i love to lie about having online friends
It's really easy if you use grindr or tinder. It's pretty much the norm on those apps.

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How fast is your refractory period?
I found that if I fap really fast and try to coom as fast as possible, I'll have a really unsatisfying orgasm but the refractory period will be under a minute and there won't be that period where your pebis is too tender and sentitive to keep jerking, I think they call these ruined orgasms when you fap and then let go as you've fallen off the orgasm point of no return, they're very unsatisfying tho.

However if I edge for a while, at least 30-40 minutes and then keep jerking during the orgasm and don't stop, i'll absolutely max out the refractory period timer and it'll be 30-40 minutes before I feel like I could start again, this is really the best kind of post-orgasm glow because it feels really warm and fuzzy afterwards if you don't try to keep fapping, the bepis feels tender and overly sensitive but it's fine cus you're not fapping.

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