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What a weird fucking image
anzu and kirari are the same age. Real adult anzu doesn't have tits
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It's the same anime logic as anzu and kirari being the same age canonically but anzu looking 8 and not 18.
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But anzu does look 17, she's just small.
There's never any sort of plot about her getting mistaken for a child, and she's taller than all the chidols anyway (and only a token 1cm shorter than the 11-12 year olds who are mostly the same height to the cm). There aren't that few tiny minuscule little asian women and she's an idol so the idea that she was scouted specifically because she is ~4'7", which is indeed the canon and her backstory implies that she was scouted super aggressively specifically for that reason.
You wouldn't be able to tell anything about anyone's age from the artstyle anyway since it glosses over the fact that the young children would all have horrible nasty fucked up teeth and wonky bent up faces but also almost all the media that is presented as high-def she'd be caked in makeup and seen through a camera lens anyway.
The image is just retarded. Kiara's persona is to a large extent deliberately cultivated in response to her own height and how people have treated her because of it. If she was smaller than the real anzu than she wouldn't have the dodgy homemade accessories. It's especially fucked up cos they've made her fat like a toddler, and anzu isn't even fat even though she's lazy, and kiara is hyperactive.

Man, scrolling through some of the new ankira on the wiki was healing, even if it was more like delihealth.
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Somehow I've never really thought about this before
i dont think

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>>31466 (OP) 
Your choice of presidents is only fitting for ugly, fat, rotten-teeth, meth-heads such as yourself
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ok gypsy, just get outta my threda spaghetta
subhuman attentionwhore, gb2 4chan to your precious teenage orbiters and cry about it
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we do a little trolling

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admin and I talk shit about all of you in the secret board
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is magick courting literally every imageboard admin in existence?
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yeah sure i am dude
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Nice dubs
admin and I talk shit about you in the new secret board
send ur comments to

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Now delete the entire site, cuckold.
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Ah, right, if he deletes this shit site, where else will you spam your abysmal threads which no one reads? 
You two should link up. I'm sure he'd love a schizophrenic, compulsive liar, ugly troon who's even got a fetish for cheating. To you "cuckold" probably isn't even an insult.
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ok but did u play nier replicant
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omg darling hii
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huh who U
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30 this year cuckmin? Ping me when the suicide livestream happens~

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jiru can u exit the class i wana stream
dudes like ohhhh yeah i did do that, i did jerk off a fat mexican that was old enough to be my father, and i would do it again..... *puff puff*
the entrenchment in the discord faggotry is unreal, its a good border to notice for me, the one that separates me from your kind
jiruposter's thing is that he has a big dick?...
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It's a common self-belief amongst niggers

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More squishies should buy a maid outfit with matching mary janes and white sheer tights!
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Where can you even buy a decent maid outfit?
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I really like your manner of speaking and choice of images here for some reason

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>e621 blanket deleted loli (with some exceptions for fur shit) without a warning because of pressure from advertisers
Why isn't there a an explicitly piratical booru on distributed hosting a la libgen or sci-hub? Too much traffic? It's been eminently demonstrated that server hosts don't give a shit about copyrighted content so long as you have end to end encryption.
>pressure from advertisers
Jan just woke up one day and remembered that e621 existed so they decided to nuke it
This happening at the same time as the irl drama is making me read all the e621 discourse with the same gravity lmao
turns out there is one, by furries though

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How does pepper sauce (e.g. tabasco sauce) manage to be nauseatingly sweet and taste worse than grains of white sugar or raw honey when it's <2% sugars?
Is there something I'm not understanding about the product? I've definitely had sugary things with salt and vinegar in the past and they haven't been nearly as nauseating.
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Isn't sriracha just pepper sauce mixed almost 1:1 with brown sugar anyway?
I imagine it just tastes like a cheap "barbecue sauce" without any smoke
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No it's just ketchup and red sweet jalapenos.
The real good sauces are sambal and the garlic chili sauce because they're sriracha pepper mash before they dump them full of sugar.
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>No it's just ketchup and red sweet jalapenos.
So it's just especially bad pepper sauce mixed 1:1:1 with tomato juice and brown sugar, got it.
>The real good sauces are sambal and the garlic chili sauce
Asian chili stuff is just really shit offshoots of american chili stuff for lightweight fishpeople anyway, I don't see why you'd want this over US or south american garlic chili sauce. The only decent asian sauces are basically just fermented meat reductions sometimes with msg, and of those the best ones are just pre-mixes with american hotsauces (i.e. with added pepper seeds and lime/garlic/etc.).
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>why u want this
Cus they're easy to find and I have yet to find a good source for crushed red chili sauce that isn't too sweet.
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Ah fair I haven't either
I'll have to look into them, seems like most chili-paste like things are european made indonesian style products (lol?)

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who posted this STUPID thread
Replies: >>31395
>>31394 (OP) 
it was me sry
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unrealistic as the dick is not black magick would hate that
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