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>saves Madoka
>BTFOs Kyubey
>Beats Mami 1v1 despite being impaired
>Outsmarts Kyouko
>Makes Sayaka irrelevant again
>Dethrones Madokami
>Single-handedly carries the entire show on her back
>Will win again in the sequel
never watched madoka either
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Well what have you watched?
ok but everybody loves mami and madoka, homura has never said anything worthwhile in the entire series
it's pretty obvious she's a self insert for the writers, a plot device instead of a character so it really doesn't matter because you can't compare real characters people love and remember to bad storytelling strategies
I appreciate Homura's ambition. 
She knows what she wants (Madokussy) and she will stop at nothing until she gets it.

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to hell with thee

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I was just unbanned
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is barneyfag even a real person or is it just a bunch of shitposters
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Idk but clearly janny is one.
It was a real person at one point, it got kinda ridiculous when people started acting like him, he couldn't possibly be on every board at all hours of the day constantly ban evading, rarely did he ever actually reply to you, those times were the real original barneyfag in action.
the rumor is he was real and then at some point he was replaced by a bot. it's obvious that over the past few years it's been a bot, probably operated by just one person
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leebait is a whole genre of soy-edits

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is she right?
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How do I become like this?
Asking for a friend
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My hand stays in place while the legs do all the work
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so you kinda hump the air?
I don't get itttttt!!!!?
Show us the gap
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it's not visible due to my male genitalia, and I have pretty thick legs so idk why I even have it, guess it's due to the shape of my hips
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I will need to thoroughly examine these parts of your anatomy

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prove it
I'd say he's about the worst
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do you are have stupid

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i'll be honest, i don't know who Magick is or what this board is and have only used [s4s] a few times since 2013 (i used it a bit the day it was made) but since it seemed to be a trend i posted an [s4s] thread with the name "Magick" and then i got banned for 30 days for "ban evasion" 

why is Magick and anyone using the name Magick banned from [s4s], and why is he ostensibly a "little" "churro", as some claim? did he establish this website in service of a twink procurement endeavor or something of that sort?
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hmm any other options? I'm honestly fine paying for proxies lole

I just don't know of any working ones
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well you could pay for tuxler i suppose, if you use premium your ip isn't shared, at least that's what their site says
Magick got all his posts deleted again along with wish.
Munch is back in full force!
I'm getting banned again...
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simply post here lole

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Curled up in my warm bed wearing just a hoodie looking at cute cosplay girls during my extended afterglow and eating a warm burrito and also having covfefe
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And then where we will cuddle? Or have s*x? On the floor?!
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On the porn set
there will be no sex, you old dementia ridden fuck. take your meds and use the old computer to pretend like it's the good ole days of the internet again until you die sitting at your computer seat.
stop eating on your beeeeeed
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average [s4s] bedding

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Is being an anime induced gender nonbinary femboy just this decades embarrassing goth phase?

I wonder what happens to all those qts on r/femboy who suddenly stop posting, many of them are clearly hiding this stuff from their parents and one day they just stop posting, did they grow out of it or do they go into hiding because their parents won't accept their son wanting to become an anime girl.

Either way, it's really sad that men aren't allowed to dress however they want without extreme scorn and risking disownment even in adulthood.
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>>9294 (OP) 
>Is being an anime induced gender nonbinary femboy just this decades embarrassing goth phase?
Maybe, but if it makes them happy who cares?

>Either way, it's really sad that men aren't allowed to dress however they want without extreme scorn and risking disownment even in adulthood.
The same is true of goth fashion, really. Though it might be making a comeback.
>>9294 (OP) 
you start out with right as motivation then you become left
somwehere between 16 and 20 years old
most men have a window but beyond that it's purely genetics lottery
>>9294 (OP) 
you either troon, twunk or sui

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