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Imagine a sex organ that becomes a ticking time bomb if you never use it!
Empty your prostate of prostatic fluids at least a few times a week to avoid enlarged prostate and prostate cancer!
I don't want things in my butt, anon, I mean squishy
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that's some weak pussy shit, man the fuck up

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this is the tfw no bf thread
in this ITT we tfw no bf to gibe back to back org*sms till u nearly pass out lole
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that's why you need a bf
top-down_bottom-up is so hote
fornication with hounds
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this is an amusing bulletin board comment

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The gogurt girl
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>>10189 (OP) 
dumb boy eating store bought yogurt from the wrong hole

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that's just the false god of man tricking you into thinking you're powerless so you're easier to control
dork thread
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you're like a dumb little parrot
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dork reply
I love Magick, he's my little cockatiel.

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Please fill out the survey below and submit your post so that we can keep clear statistics on sexual orientations among the users of
The data will be processed by our website experts and will be used to make your experience more enjoyable.
Furthermore, the publicly available results will help both new users and veterans by giving a sense of direction to those not sure of where they are, and truly affirm those who have their doubts.
Remember to be honest,
Thank you for your time.

[  ] I am NOT Homosexual
[  ] I am Homosexual


[  ] I am NOT Homosexual
[X] I am Homosexual
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I don't really understand the question tbqh
People aren't attracted to other people/themselves right? Unless you're completely insane and exclusively a product of your current narrative it's all just fronting, people actually are just attracted to doing things that they enjoy, right?
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are you gonna fill out the survey or will it be your surviving family members
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what's it to you
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the agency quota i have to fill
Pretty sure I already did
I wasn't sure I guess but I guess hey time really is a flat circle

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Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a purple unicorn named Twinkle Toes who had a passion for playing the kazoo. She would spend hours practicing her kazoo-playing skills while dancing on rainbow clouds and singing songs about pickles and marshmallows.

One day, Twinkle Toes decided to go on a journey to find the ultimate kazoo that would make her the greatest kazoo player in all the land. She packed her backpack with pickles, marshmallows, and a map that led to the mythical kazoo of legend.

As she journeyed through enchanted forests and treacherous mountains, Twinkle Toes encountered many strange creatures, including a talking tree who only spoke in riddles and a giant chicken who was allergic to feathers.

Finally, after many long weeks of traveling, Twinkle Toes reached the cave where the kazoo of legend was said to be hidden. But when she entered the cave, she found that the kazoo had been stolen by a group of mischievous gnomes who loved nothing more than causing chaos and mayhem.

Determined to retrieve the kazoo, Twinkle Toes enlisted the help of a wise old owl who gave her a magical feather that could turn into a sword. Armed with her kazoo and her trusty feather-sword, Twinkle Toes set out to defeat the gnomes and reclaim the ultimate kazoo.

After a fierce battle, Twinkle Toes emerged victorious and retrieved the kazoo of legend. She returned to her home on the rainbow clouds, where she spent the rest of her days playing the most beautifu
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strange thread
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introducing: the lelperd
adorable zeeber
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i will sniff my bf
make sure to tell us more about after you've done it
Don't do this it creates nerve gas
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Do this it creates meth.
I will snuff your boyfriend
Is that what they're calling neurotransmitter overload now?

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Do yall ever do this???
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>>10133 (OP) 
you can't even see anything...
still cute boy moans and white stockings.. i like how he wraps his legs around his neck for a split second...
why is this board so homosex

also why did it turn me homosex
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one time admin told me he was straight
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if he was then, he isn't now
that reminds me of the time you told me you were straight

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