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the next revolution of chans is here
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>>18227 (OP) 
are there mentlely lel femboys on there for me to plap??
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>>18230 thats what maki is but enjoy getting blueballed forever by him

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wish and her friends sure does like to talk to talk big when they've never even posted their body naked on this or the other esfovfefe
now you've become such an aloof wacko too
sad to hear it
idk if i'd plap that... :/
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you will plap that
all the mentel lelness of girls with all the boysmell!

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gotta eat big to stay cute!
or was it the other way around?
starve yourself to be cute
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calorie restriction plus cardio, squats and crunches if you want defined legs and tummy or else you'll just be skinny fat
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femboys hate her

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>>10118 (OP) 
Is this a tagelharpa or some variation of it? Thats so cool, i always wanted to learn to play one but theyre not exactly cheap nor easy to find
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it's a hurdy gurdy 
no i didn't just make that up that's how the instrument is actually called
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I see, well this is kind of like it but Scandinavian
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Where are all the squishies cumming from? Are they namefrens with theyre frennames switched off? Personale, I'm here because I'm banned from the other site.
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I deal with my animu induced gender dysphoria by posting here and reposting cute boy problems I found off other boards mostly for fun but also to make others feel better or maybe worse about not being in a cute state of mind, /fa/ has tons of insecure cute boys, I love them!
There are more anon-only threads on here than the main board at this point fuckkk
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fist the lord, anal gape, your brain will scrape
my wife and I have anal sex all the time
it's technically straight

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POV: ur fagick trying to do witchcraft to send sex waves into ur anus to get you to buy an aneros
my gif.....
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it's my gif
I optimized it so it could be posted on 4chab
RinRinne39 here, that gif is my copyrighted material.
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oh noes they stowel your purse snail proper tea

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who the fr*ck are you ppl im from the real [s4s]
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shiros minecraft you over left
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>>3746 (OP) 
>>3746 (OP) 
This is the real esfores, the posters and namefigs are what make [s4s] fun and we moved here because munch is being tsunderw.
ur handlers from the asylum staff

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He’s been gone for months because he actually has a life
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you guys don't have to fight anymore you can stop now
Replies: >>17958
I was including myself in the “not having a life” statement so I’m not fighting
i have a headache

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>add girl on discord
>she keeps insulting my heterosexuality by telling me to transition or getting a bf
>get turned on
Why am i like this?
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>>18149 (OP) 
She's doing you a favor, girls suck, go make a boy happy instead.

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lidl boy
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ranma wouldn't hang out with that loser he hangs out with legendary martial artists and hot babes not otaku creeps
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went to lidl today with me mum (in real life)
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what was at the midl?
too 'tarded to be left home alone
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she found my disk word DMs with wish and now I have to be under constant supervision

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