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invisible ice cream
um what's she's doing with the other hand
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fidget spinner obv

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What did she see?
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I wish boys were real.

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cute boys in this board
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aren't you german
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i am but these are no lederhosen
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>is supposedly german
>doesn't wear lederhosen at all times
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Must be half french

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Has anybody ever tried to dock their Android Phone and use it like computer via USB to HDMI with a wireless [Bluetooth] keyboard and mouse setup? Does that work?
I hear most games don't work because no custom control settings with only on-screen or controller support.
But aside from that, does it work at all like I think it would?
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i see no reason why it wouldn't  
but if you just want to have android on pc you could also try installing android x86
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Homo's don't know about phones? Also checked Satan get.

I'm more interested in using my phone as a PC on the go if i can. I'm out and about a lot but I'm afraid of something happening to my laptop. If i could just use a portable screen with my phone, I'd be a bit more at ease if something happened. I'm not a rich man, so that laptop needs to last.

I'm just gonna try it. Lol If it doesn't work, i could still use the screen and KBM.
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you might want to get a tablet with keyboard and i don't mean one of those dedicated tablet laptops but just a generic tablet + a bluetooth keyboard that has one of those built in stand things
unless you already have a portable monitor
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I don't have the monitor yet, but it looks like I can scoop one up for $160-ish, give or take.
Idk about the tablet. I think for a decent one, it would blow my budget and I might as well try docking a Steam Deck or something.
My phone is only like a generation old.
The setup will be max $200, most cost being the monitor.

But i really don't use tablets that much and i haven't looked at them in a while to compare to my phone. Is there some good, cheap ones i don't know about?
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I figured it out. All Samsung Galaxy's have a built in program called Samsung Dex. When you plug it into a USB to HDMI adapter it turn on and puts your phone in a desktop mode. Currently using my TV, wireless KBM and my phone. Pretty cool.

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Admin-kun I'm waiting for your cosplay compilation

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japanese can't get fat
there is a fat fee in japan
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Someone must rescue Hitomi J Cup from this injustice
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Hitomi is 36 year old
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I'm going to baste this cake with my icing sugar.
My super masculine vitality will rejuvenate her ovaries and eliminate downie DNA.

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number 10, burger king foot lettuce
number 14, taco bell piss nachos

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is your dick small or big
how do you feel about it
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its unmutilated
>>7785 (OP) 
>is your dick small or big
how do you feel about it
It's average. I wish it was bigger
5 inches, I'm not thrilled about it but I make do, i usually fap with just the frenulum these days because I play with my butt more now.
my cute wife Rin
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>>7785 (OP) 
a little over 6.5 inches if im extremely aroused and havent c00med in a while

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