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How do I not get sucked into the crossdressing and cosplay rabbit hole?

It seems fun but expensive in the long term.
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>>2971 (OP) 
troons always go for that kind of haircut and it always looks bad.
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It's what's most visible, you can imagine someone on the verge of trooning out would go ham and start buying anything cute even if it won't fit them.
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maybe it's girls buying these..
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it's not that dangerous, just buy a few things and try them out, twirl around, fap in them, take a few pics
once it's out of your system the need to crossdress wont be so strong
Do you work out? Great time sink if you've got nothing to do.

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yup, issa milky holmes get
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>>10000 (OP) 
Interesting how this has two thumbnails depending on what device you use
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clear your browser cache lole
where is whisper
>>10000 (OP) 
I forgot you could post webms with sound here.

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all alone
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thats great but im bored
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okay stupid
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rude tbh
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stupid in the context of being a stupid boy, if it makes it any better.
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cute but bad

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where is mattress?
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wtf what are you saying
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dont worry ur little head 
be a good boy
there's something spiritually disturbing about that
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i wanna see mattie become a wish now

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It must be tiring changing your personality every time you find a new aesthetic you fell in love with on twitter or wherever you get drip-fed your personality and mental quirks.

Elegant girls never go out of style, you should go for that instead of being a borderline retarded dog (female) who has lost control of her bodily functions.
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being elegant all the time is also really tiring and sadly not actually as appreciated in the real world as you might think
id rather just stay in bed, comfy transcends style
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Ah, the wonders of unsolicited advice! Your eloquence in criticizing someone's personality choices truly deserves a standing ovation. While I appreciate the free consultation on 'elegance,' it seems my mental quirks don't seem to align with your expectations. However, I must confess, I haven't checked the latest manual on 'how to conform to someone else's aesthetics' lately. As for your colorful choice of descriptors, I'll consider them as valuable as a guidebook written in disappearing ink.
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damn, is this what i sound like?
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no this is just what chatgpt had to say, idk why it was so bitchy
elegance is grotesque

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your adopted live-in meido who u invited to come live with you at ur house that eats ur food and hogs ur bideo games and doesn't really like doing chores but it's ok because u give him deep prostate poundings every night uwu

also he likes wearing the maid uniform all the time even when out grocery shopping cus it's warm and comfy, bitches don't know about fleece lined sheer tights for winter weather!
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there aren't many videos of ppl in high quality maid outfits doing stuff with the aesthetics im going for prease understandu
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>fleece lined sheer tights
I mean those fake tights that are really skin colored leggings with pantyhose included, they come in 3 different thicknesses for winter weather!
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>>20944 (OP) 
i smoked 20 cigarettes in the past 21 minutes
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Make your own
You could at least edit the audio etc.
Posting gross 3dpd with a message that was previously posted alongside inoffensive animemes is gross either way though
Not really depicted in OP's media though, innit?
>I mean those fake tights that are really skin colored leggings with pantyhose included
Ah yeah.
I've got fleece lined 'compression' tights with similar marketing without the skin gimmick and they're pretty fucking comfy.
Noone asked or cares, fag
>>20944 (OP) 
she looks like shit

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she is quite literally me, quite literally

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I remember "man -k foo" being a lot more robust
Is there a package I'm missing or was it distro specific or do I need to run something to build a database that a less custom distro was running automatically or something?
Am I just wrong?
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debian is the cleanest just wurks distro even if you ignore it's internal problems like ageism and nepotism out the asshole, their aging package maintainers randomly dropping dead and all their maintained packages being dropped from the debian distrubution because nobody else will do it rather than any sho-stopping bugs with the packages themselves, they have outright refused to adopt more modern methods of reporting bugs or participating in the community, they will NEVER move away from mailing lists.
There really is no point in filing bug reports with debian, they go ignored, go report it upstream if they haven't fixed the issue with the newest version.

sometimes I feel like I should just switch to gentoo because I find myself installing more and more software from source and I wrote scripts to do this for me, I don't wanna spend hours compiling software though, my entire base linux environment is a minimalistic 4GB and carving out my own niche is fun.
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>sometimes I feel like I should just switch to gentoo
I used to use debian on laptops and gentoo on towers, but these days I just use gentoo because I don't want to use systemd. I've set things up on friend's machines which use it and it's needlessly painful, not to mention all the documentation for it is super ultra gay and retarded. At least doing things the 'right' way, if not in the manual, usually has a thread of someone doing it somewhere or you can get good advice thirdhand etc. The scum who prune useful information out of handbooks and write the goyslop documentation have no idea what they're doing and don't want your machiens to work so getting things to work on 'nonstandard' installs using their tools is basically all your own work.
Maybe it's different if you're less of a luser but I kind of doubt that tbh.
>I don't wanna spend hours compiling software though
Compiling gentoo sources (the maximalistic kernal) takes like 30hrs on a refurbished thinkpad.
At least portage seems robust against dependency hell, unlike apt-get.
>my entire base linux environment is a minimalistic 4GB
Isn't that huge? My random shit thrown together working environment is 3.4G total including all media.
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nvim's defaults (in general, and on gentoo where they aren't changed even though they should be) make me want to kill myself
who the fuck thought they should load a 20GB script to add autoindent (a 'feature' zero humans have ever wanted or will ever want)?
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I was on the fence about hating systemd but then I found out you can do crazy dumb shit within a system-sleep hook script like this so you can avoid having to write or enable systemd unit services to clear your ssh-agent on suspend

shit's wild, thanks ChatGPT!
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On further inspection it seems like it's just nvim tings
The official solution for removing folding (implemented by a clunky script) is to allow the script to run and then following that, automatically running a command every time you open a file/window/buffer to softdisable folding. There is no compiletime support, even though folding was entirely an optional feature in vim.

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Borderline retarded hedonistic dog, a slave to her dopamine receptors, her days spent buying stuff and playing video games and g**ning on psychedelic drugs and imagining becoming a free use receptive for her patrons.
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what happened
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oh yeah... I have asked admin about this and he said he doesn't know how he makes those posts.. admin is kinda clueless
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POV: ur f**going wish everyday for a week

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my parents new cat c:
his name is Louie
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i am an existential threat to the elites.
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thats cool i guess
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>>20904 (OP) 
>>20904 (OP) 
rip old cate

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