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>They are going to ridicule this theory but
Alright let's see this smoking gun
>we got to the point where this game is clear and visible
I'm sold

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This is like a gay sex hookup board, right?
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gay is not gay
I’ve been making fun of jelqing for like 10 years but this is different, people have finally cracked the code.
Can we get a fact check on this?
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Thank you anon, if a mainstream media outlet reported it it must be true

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fuck i amdrunk again
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what do you do?
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Cook at a restaurant.
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you're a chef by trade?
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>>4417 (OP) 
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I was a manager at a mom and pop pizza place before. Knew a few people that work here so applied for the job here. Making the same hourly pay. Although the other job was under the table payment.

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The bepis is safe in the pod.
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I saw a normal and not grossly painful flat one on pornhub it's just a C clamp and not a peg that shoves your beois further into your body.
what's that called and do they come in extra-large?
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suck my tits loser
I love you Magick, you're my little salt shaker.
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shami makes vaguely disgusting thread on [s4s] about shoving the demon statue up her girl hole for the shock value!
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I love you Magick, you're my little churro.
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>>3197 (OP) 

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The joy of bullying your reproductive glands in new and novel ways!
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you have to push it in all the way moron
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but that'll cause the goo to come out!!
>>4304 (OP) 
looks like bury pink
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I thought it was nico

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hi desu
hi desu
I love you
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>>4182 (OP) 

deh zu

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What does It feel to fuck a femboy
Drunk Rn
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What about mutual mastirbating with a femboy?
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>>4393 (OP) 
Like fucking a girl but he smells like you and the sex smell trapped in your room and your sheets reeks twice as much as if you fapped solo.
Still really hote though because he knows what you like even if he's menhera.
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menhera boys will slit your throat
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What does menhera mean mentally ill?
Because im menhera then
>What about mutual mastirbating with a femboy?
this is the purest form of human interaction

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IT has le arrived
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Lol, no.
I'll upload something later
i just do whatever comes to mind i started making music because of the [s4s] album
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Oh, that's cool. 
It's been my side hustle for a while, not making a living but I've been able to counter what it costs to buy all these nifty toys. Lol
This is a piece of a track I'm working on.
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very nice you need a good drop now
for me it is easy to start the songs but then to continue is kind of hard
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Yeah, making the groovy part is easy for me, it's making the connecting parts that get me.
Like i can make cool sounds, but blending from one sound to the next can be tough. Kind of why i cheesed it with that record scratch & sample lol
Not musically trained at all, some YT tuts, but mainly just keep pounding away at it like a chimp till i learn something new.

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called my bf mommy
it's cute when boys are mommies
is it okay to call buff hung dudes mommy or just cute traps? I'm quite masculine but I'd enjoy it if a partner talked to me that way.
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language is made up so you can do whatever you want with it

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