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we talk about lole, but the real sounds i make while browsing here are phuh! and clackclackclackclackclack.
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for me it's mostly
-nffff (nasal inhale)
-khchekhchekhch sort of strangled throat noise/scoff, the ch sound from the end of the 'whuhkh' in Kung Pow (I guess this is what russians mean by XAXAXA)
-if I really lose it, then a high pitched kinda rodent like 'heengh' 'heengh' tight throat inhale laugh

The first two of these are learned behaviors that I subconsciously but somewhat deliberately cultivated though
everyone in this thread has put something in their butt at least once
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The association of recreationally putting stuff up your butt with being gay is a lot less explicit than the gender essentialism of troonculture but it's still basically the monkeytier tribal ethics of a prewriting culture having it's braindamage dragged out into the today.
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too many words sorry

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c**ming and self-inserting into tsf mind control doujinshi every day for a week and I wanna tell everyone!
>mind control
dont tell everyone

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boys LOVE my Bpd
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wish you need to raise your conscious vibrational level while you're still young by taking lsd and making an effort to enjoy this fleeting gift of life that exists only in the present moment.
wish u need wuwjaaml
yea i probably should just dxm and osu
wearing my jiracken and seducing old men!
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Do not redeem the URL sir.
pajeet setup
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>>21434 (OP) 
actually good?

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Someone on /g/ made a thread about brain computer interfaces if they were invented in the near future, they suggested that they would be used for emotional regulation and brainwashing by the powers that be, human trafficking would also explode, imagine a cyberpunk dystopia where neets get snatched off the streets and turned into mind wiped sex slaves that can be bought and sold by the societal elite!

No thoughts, head empty, you're a slut for sale programmed to love your master unconditionally and leak precum at the sight or even mention of his cock!
Maybe you'll still have your base personality underneath but you'll slowly get mindbroken to match your new programming after the 50th remotely triggered orgasm in a row while you're cleaning your own love juices off the floor! He could treat you nice, or he could just bully you and throw you away! You never know!

I think I'm too far gone cus I read a cyberpunk dystopia thread and it made me hot and bothered afterwards aaaaaaaa
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>>19983 (OP) 
why would they pick you?
if you're not already taking estrogen you will regret not taking estrogen
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the DIY gene editing scene will take care of that
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Squishy wants to get sold into sex slavery and not remember his old life that's pretty hot
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> imagine a cyberpunk dystopia where neets get snatched off the streets and turned into mind wiped sex slaves that can be bought and sold by the societal elite!
Schizoneets are probably in the top two worst groups to do this with (with hardliner classic hippie/raver types, who share a lot of overlap). You don't get that sort of passive compliance, they're loaded up with prejudices and actual cognizable preference systems. Irregardless of whether these are maladaptive neuroticisms, there's a level of honesty and intentionality to how your goals are approached that you just don't find in office drone types whose entire value system is based on momentary context.
If we were in a 100% black dystopia, then squishy-neets would probably get fed into a grinder like a batch of male chicks.Wilfulness has not and probably will never be considered a virtue.
It's cute

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before even knowing it, my body became covered in scars!
wish's cutting adventures!
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ok so im about to do an epjc prank of playing my guiyar while the neighbors are having a funreal
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Bandage girl will always be a respectable archetype with lots of viable crossgenres

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How do these spam bots even operate?
Is this some SEO backlink fraud?
I don't pay anyone to SEO spam my website and I still randomly find my website URL appearing in random spambot texts next to AI slop text that has nothing to do with my website, I don't understand why they do this.
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I find them with those backlink checker sites, some of them give you free analytics if you give them a fake email lole
>>21534 (OP) 
holy shit

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beware of wild jirackens on the street!
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>>21547 (OP) 
duly noted

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i feel like faggot is our nigga
>"what's up faggot?"
>"my faggot"
>"can you lend a faggot a pencil?"
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stfu tenshi it's always the right time to babnana joe
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nice trips wish
Replies: >>21557
thank you wishe <3

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jav and hatsune miku
You can gwt banned in that game?
I thought you could only communicate with preset phrases and emote stickers.
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u cna only communicate with preset phrases and emote stickers
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maybe you should stop disconnecting from co-op games then
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my ipad turned off 1x times
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