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Why don't you have a catboy bf?
mine died :(
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forgot to feed him lol
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I have le autisrn loel

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she loves that post

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How are body image problems even real dude? Just look at yourself in the mirror and admit that that's who you are limão
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>>1393 (OP) 
Imagine killing yourself because you think you're a girl trapped in a man's body.
If I thought I was a girl in a man's body I'd just go "oh well" and then wonder what to make for dinner.

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It's pantsu inspection day!
where is your egg??
Shut the hell up.
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what do you mean egg
i bet this goes PEDO
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i wished to become god
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at the end of time, it's all over and we drop out of time into eternity. as i understand it, there is no going back. i want to have prooved myself fully by then. i suppose it is possible to return and pass the tests, but even in this case there is no difference. i will have suffered the same both ways. i might as well get it done asap so i can enjoy eternal life to the maximum possible. that is why i want to be god. i also think i could do a really good job and i want to give to others to the maximum possible as well. to do that i have to be god. its possible rn there is no god yet. people dont consider these things all we have are writings and at this rate we will fritter away forever. that would be horrible. it already is, and i am saying "enough". there is nothing to stop me from fixing the way things are. i need god powers to do it. eastern orthodox describes theosis it is not heresy, but the true purpose of religion.
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Eastern Orthodox Christianity is just a retarded religion of the masses that was meant to substitute the multitude of polytheistic pagan religions and cults that had existed in the eastern half of the Roman Empire prior to it and reveals how out of touch the average man's mind was, and still is, with the rigorous dialectal reasoning process necessary in order to establish truths that is present in philosophy.
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ok then, gnosticism

I pledge no mod abuse <3
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Munch should be a mod
munch pls destroy the juice

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death to the house of saud
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>>1144 (OP) 
Death to the American puppet state in the Middle East

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le statuatory r*ep griller
tkmiz posters should be shot

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racism is based
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she's the perfect size
imagine her belly ballooning up as you fill her with copious amounts of cum
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she's for cuddles only....
I wanna fug a full size paimon
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that's much more acceptable!
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le emergency onahole

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they're not dating the fujo just wants to shlick in the corner watching him get his boyhole fugged
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Do girls actually like that?
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fujoshi do
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are they attracted to tops or bottoms? or what the fuck is up with them?
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they like watching boys kiss and fugg other boys same thing how you have yuri (which is predominantly aimed at men, and not actual lesbians)   

also yaoi hands

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