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Cute bouyu!
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>>1551 (OP) 
uh to keep his hair out of his eyes? moron
>>1551 (OP) 
I want to kiss and tickle his feet.
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he won't let u

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ad min
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Blue hair girl did it. lole
Shimakaze makes me angry to look at. She's utter corporate soullessness. Besides the barest hint of nautical attire she's nothing but sheer pandering from bunny ears to loli thigh highs. There's no character at all to her. The rest of the girls are relatively unimaginative (which is okay I suppose since they all had to be turned out for a browser game) but Shimakaze is an offense against design.

I have to assume everyone saying it's the new Touhou replacement is joking.

Your Fortune: Super Bad Luck
I asked him and he says there are 15 users atm
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I wanna thank mahoroadmin for doing a nice job keeping us safe from the glowies!

Thank you!

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yeah i know it's irrational it's not even about glowsticks or anything it's like what if some guy working for the company looks up the site i'd be hosting and sees it's a g*y site for g*ys i'd die of embarrassment
im bi
Magick is becoming server admin?

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I know you people will pretend you've drunken gallons of c**mies but it tastes really gross and someone has to say it.
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uh oh someone linked the site on bant
it depends a lot, but it is sticky and will get in your teeth
some cum tastes really bitter for some reason, that's the worst
however any cum will leave a tingling in your tongue, just as if you ate pineapple
I hate that
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Does it taste better when you're horny?
Because I've tried eating it a bunch of times and I couldn't get over the nauseating bleach taste.

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slept for 36 hours
you must be really well rested rn
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i was
i had a bit of a sore throat and sleeping that long made it go away!
also idk if i even like being that rested, makes me feel very hyper and adhd

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hi cutie
we do not permit this here
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The only difference between a femboy and a tran is the name. And maybe the fact that some trannies are dumb enough to want to get rid of their dicks.
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Femboys want to be feminine males.
Transgender women believe they were born with the wrong hardware and having a penis causes them panic attacks and endless distress.
Anything less is a gross fetishist but those usually become coked out porn stars before getting panic defensed at 30.
yeah I was just making a joke about transcoding. I like trans people and femboys :)

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Just think, in an alternate timeline, a site like this was started by a British guy instead and called
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ey up me duck fancy a shag
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Cor blimey this bird ain' 'arf fit.
munch replied to this one twice bc he can't stand to see the tongue of the noble english race defiled

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Everyday I thank the archipelago of japan for creating kancolle and turning a whole generation of weebs into cute crossdressing femboys!
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>>4640 (OP) 
>>4640 (OP) 
Wow that boye is really lewd, he implies you're gonna use a condom but his last partner went in and dumped his whole Cowper's gland in him and he still wants more!

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Should I cosplay Miku even though I'm male?
I don't wanna half-ass and do it "ironically" with gross leg hair and a beard and shades but I also don't want people to think I'm trans or something because I put in some effort.
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>>4650 (OP) 
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cute legs
mind the bulge
>>4650 (OP) 
you should create kigurumi miku and dress up like that

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