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5 moners
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>>21953 (OP) 
Not one
Nor two
But 5 (five) monerinoOoOoOs
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worth 85 pesos

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the extremely masculine urge to dress up like a girl and ummm... Hmmhhhggfghtg uhhhh
I would do that
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That's gay in an uncute way
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groping magick in a sexual way!
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gimmie the sauce!!

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human beings are literally worthless drones that only exist to serve me, if they fail to do that then they are defective and need to kill themselves, i am the only person/human on earth that has ANY value
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What if his dick tastes great and providing it there for you to suck is his ikigai
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i concur with the bpdemon on this one, OP needs rape correction
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the taste of a dick is heavily influenced by the person attached to it, wish is like a shriveled up shit-turnip in terms of taste

agreeing with that thing is grounds for execution, i hope you know. i wont hide you in my basement btw.
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fat pig

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i think that my partner doesnt love me anymore
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>could've ghosted wish instead
>turned off their phone. I asked the cops to check on them
Are you trolling or just simping for a fat gay man?
>threatened suicide
That literally never happened
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how do u know it didnt happen
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Let's see
>no mention or implication whatsoever in previous thread
>post hoc claim (by the abuser lel) about the internal motivations of the victim, again with no reference to a threat of any kind.
Even the most generous possible reading is that you were summarizing an interaction after the fact and no claim was ever made of a threat being made. There's no way in hell you wouldn't jump on any sort of threat as something to parade around to try and make yourself look better and/or victimized, as is happening right now that some faggot has swooped in out of the ether to suck your dick in public and by making shit up purposefully misreading the thread.
You'd think you'd be able to see that since this bullshit is exhausting to even see in third person it must be soulcrushing for the girl in question that's been suffering from your bullshit.
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so anyways it did happen
i'm the fatso, not him.

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>>21755 (OP)
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i liek the cornfelx fro mtehsu dsoerparmekt gstore the ones you ccan buy supoeramekt , i liek things liek cornfelx , u i like the ones like lion cereal i salso like the oreo ones newly i like it u should tyr ^_^ so tasty and good, and wonderful, whats yur favorite serial?
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oh yeah they latched onto it because obviously masturbating is extremely stimulating so no fapping was allowed
Milka is good.
>>21874 (OP) 
you like the oreo ones?
don't ruin your figure
>>21874 (OP) 
why does this sound ljke my paralysis demon
I mostly know kellog for giving people super enemas and then using yogurt dolloped into both ends as a probiotic to replace the microbiome
I've doubts about that story though because people talk about 15 gallon all-the-way-through enemas and all else aside my understanding is that that would kill you from disrupting your electrolyte balance. It'd suck all the salt out of your body and your nerves would stop working. People get water poisoning from like 6L in the span of over an hour at marathons so surely a 15G enema would kill you.

There was an image of a(n anime) girl vomitting a turd from being hosed out in some edgy shit but it looks like it got caught by some sort of weird anti-scat crusade. I bet the gorehounds still have it

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tfw no menhera needy crossdressing dopamine-starved dress up doll bf who eats all ur food and hogs ur bideo games vidya for like 18 hours a day and spends half that time gooning on dxm and bambisleep but it's ok cus u give him deep prostate poundings every night uwu
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what the fuck is bambisleep
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regret googling this
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>>21863 (OP) 
>eats all ur food
fat fuck
reddit is scared of that stuff they think it will make you stupid and implant suggestions in your brain to force feminize you just from one listen
sounded great up until the bimbo part
i only want to be cute for myself

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