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Theoretically speaking, what would happen if one were to shove this up his ass and turn it on? Asking for a friend.

Your Fortune: Abandon All Hope
what is that
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tesla coil

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my pp hurts
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what's the point of onaholes if they don't help you masturbate when your dick won't get hard
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thats a good qusih
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>>17077 (OP) 
im starting to see the spiders

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tenshi will kill hsi family if i said to

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nigga im nuts and cant into technology

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Goodbye better esfores 
See you whenever
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The doctor has allowed me to go to my apartment am just on the way there
when i die you will have a better life
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can i take your place as serval poster number one?
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I wonder if Gado has actually watched Kemono Friends sometimes
I know I haven't
yes you can
take the serval pill
it the recepie for eternal love

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Do you expect me to understand this mess?
I think the goal is to let myself suffer because I have to ask myself what's going on while I get my head completely occupied with this stuff, taking away everything I have and then delivering the final blow when it does is no longer fun.
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You sound like a 15 year old
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want to talk in vc add me back on discord
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I'm too crippled by autism to VC while sober and I can't drink on my meds atm you're just gonna have to withstand my angry text rambling
 meh okey
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I drank anyway btw

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It's amazing how you keep giving me exactly what I want
You should have figured out by now I'm a masochist and am posting my pics in order to be humiliated/insulted. If they just got ignored I would never post them but you consistently write essays about them lol.
yeah I mean he could post his birth certificate and his manager at tesco wouldn't care or anything
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Also any argument based on physical appearance without physical evidence to back it up is completely null and void either way, whether I have a "counterargument" or not. Besides, my counterargument is that he doesn't want his face associated with his posts because they're often pedophilic in nature. I don't have to worry about that personally.
Keep seething and writing your little essays you impotent little man.
Matt is not that dumb, he's avoiding magick for purposes of self preservation
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>”Woah, it’s almost like he has a point!

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is it even possible for someone to be on the receiving end of impromptu buttsex as a butt virgin without having stretched, relaxed and trained their sphincter well in advance?
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impromptu buttex is a myth
>>16781 (OP) 
it would be extremely painfull
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training is not necessary, dont attempt to widen your arsehole like a fool
ur a big guy

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sometimes is just
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the omori posters
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at wut age did you give up on getting a gf?
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It will be hard af getting a gf but i still try c:
>>16929 (OP) 
men are so much better at sex than women
what if you couldn't cum unless you were in the perfect mood and had to get your dick run through a gauntlet of carnie tricks
girls cum like guys who lost all sensitivity to porn
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can't give up on getting something i never wanted (;

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