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Just think, in an alternate timeline, a site like this was started by a British guy instead and called
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ey up me duck fancy a shag
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Cor blimey this bird ain' 'arf fit.
munch replied to this one twice bc he can't stand to see the tongue of the noble english race defiled

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Everyday I thank the archipelago of japan for creating kancolle and turning a whole generation of weebs into cute crossdressing femboys!
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>>4640 (OP) 
>>4640 (OP) 
Wow that boye is really lewd, he implies you're gonna use a condom but his last partner went in and dumped his whole Cowper's gland in him and he still wants more!

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Should I cosplay Miku even though I'm male?
I don't wanna half-ass and do it "ironically" with gross leg hair and a beard and shades but I also don't want people to think I'm trans or something because I put in some effort.
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>>4650 (OP) 
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cute legs
mind the bulge
>>4650 (OP) 
you should create kigurumi miku and dress up like that

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Happy Birthday Miku!

I love micker!!
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miku is so short

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>tfw no menhera bf with no father figure and no self esteem with a room full of my melody plushies, a closet full of cute outfits and a steam library full of games he got from trading feet pics on discord
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Remember when discord trannies were spamming r9k pretty much nonstop trying to convince incels into taking HRT and becoming girls?
The catalog was nearly all spam from Reiko's discord trying to use anime girls to convince you you could become a cute anime girl as well as upgrade at least 3 attractiveness points.
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works on my machine
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neppy doesn't fit the "no father figure" description, because his first kiss was with his dad
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the two genders; has no dad and kissed their dad

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you traps should be ashamed of yourselves for corrupting innocent straight boys.
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Friendly reminder that breath of the wild is a gateway drug to crossdressing and gay sex!
>>3759 (OP) 
are people this retarded? he's probably bi, straight boys aren't into dicks
imagine mom finding your stash of femboy porn
The White Race Is Done Supporting The Jewish Cancer Of Sodomy One Day Very Soon You'll All Be Getting What You Deserve
the porn was awful

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what should I buy from to overdose on it?
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I wish I had some meth right now
I just buy estrogen from there but it'd be hard to overdose on
taking too much testosterone makes you bald and shrinks your balls and gives you roid rage but what happens if you take too much estrogen
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nothing bad, because unlike testosterone, estrogen is not toxic
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you turn into a real life anime girl

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you are lower than a worm
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>>3872 (OP) 
I love you Magick, you're my little churro.
>>3872 (OP) 
I love you Magick, you're my little churro.
>>3872 (OP) 
I love you Magick, you're my little churro.
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boys are gross
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I love you Magick, you're my little churro.

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What are your thoughts on the word "literally"? Has it really been used to the point where it's devoid of all it's meaning, or rather than the word itself actually being abused badly enough to warrant the hate, in reality it's just the belief that we've been conditioned to think? I mean, it could've just as easily been the usage of "pretty" or "just", instead of "literally". I think that it only started getting looked down on so badly because of one person back in the day who was popular and used the word a lot, and it became a joke in itself to make fun of him for it, and that's what made the hate take off. 
People will point it out if you use "literally", but never something like "just". While they're practically on the same level, no? 
Basically, has there been a conspiracy against "literally", and we've only been conditioned to look down on it while ignoring everything else that's on the same level? This is some serious word discrimination.
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I love you Magick, you're my little churro.
I love you Magick, you're my little pedo.
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I love you Magick, you're my little phe-do-pile
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Magick is not your little pedo! He's MINE!

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what's wrong with webp? pretty sure every major browser supports them
>>4578 (OP) 
Cool case
>>4578 (OP) 
I thought that was a box containing the clothes the admin promised to wear by the thumbnail. Maybe if he decides to host this site himself he can get a case like that for the server.
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shimakaze outfit when?
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>>4599 (dubs)
Not soon enough!

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