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evil normalfag mods keep abusing me
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quit raping me eish
actually keep raping me
wish one is it retard
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magick is a sleepy baby atm
hes saying confusing things bc hes happy
that seams about right yeah

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I want to fucking DIE as I'm not meant to be in this world, I am not human what am I doing here I want to go back to my kind and my planet where I can participate in life
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>>20239 (OP) 
u need mind games
>>20239 (OP) 
Bnnyu has existential mid life crisis
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die freak
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hi who are you

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is this a joke?
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im inncoence
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i want to kill myself
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still got a mobile range ban and now my home IP has a perma for alleged VPN I fail life
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I think they automated some stuff or at least are getting a list of IPs to ban
because they now ban your IP directly without even posting
pics or it didnt happen

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the /s4s/ meetup
Replies: >>20061
>>20059 (OP) 
me on the left


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i bet no one will find your body until the smell of your rotting corpse starts to leak up from your basement
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well actually i don't live in the basement so
it's unlivable down there
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lil bro is so mindbroken I don't even need to post in order for him to chimp out and make threads about me.
Literally rent free.
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cope, im laughing at you every day, your suffering and pitiful living situation reminds me that karma is real and based af
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>thinking about me daily
it's a metaphor retard

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most /s4s/ anime ever produced
but is there sex with children in it admin
it's not even gay
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if I hit my head very hard against a wall, I might get amnesia and forget that I have schizophrenia c:
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Filtering is for women
guys look how mentally ill I am my entire personality is that i have schizophrenia
Replies: >>20141 >>20222
Replies: >>20145
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hi Magick
my entire personality is that i have undiagnosed schizophrenia AND love a british minecraft youtuber
i'm better!!!

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please help me get a girlfriend...
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im a pessimist at heart that just how i am 
would be nice if i were a happy and more optimistic person but that is just not the case...
You dont have to be in the top 1% percent chad looks, lots of genetic dead end looking freaks end up with a girl but you need to be at least somewhat confident so the wooman feels safe and secure around you 
The problem now is that you're stuck in a defeatist pessimist mentality loop
So as long as you think youre a loser undeserving of love you will stay one, change this attitude and so will your life, gradually
Allow yourself to believe things can be different or stay and wallow in bottomless misery
Replies: >>20198 >>20199
>lots of genetic dead end looking freaks end up with a girl
Dont take that personally, that was not intentionally directed at you*
you have to be fun and gado is no fun
go on a porn discord server. its that fuckin ez

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who else hates sodomy :)
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Would you a wish's boi button unironically?
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i dont want butt parasites bro
Replies: >>20212
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that's why you wear gloves!

wish's butt parasites
Replies: >>20216
nah im pretty sure wish has powerful enough butt parasites that you*are fucked bucko
Replies: >>20217
Woshs supercharged BPDemon ass germs

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Too many traps...
no such thing
mattie infected this shithole with wizchanners
Replies: >>20184
(##1d999999999) Rolled 1 dice with 999999999 sides = 66820068799999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999
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bullies get what they deserve
Replies: >>20186
by infecting one bully shithole with another bully shithole mattie?

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