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mickdr Monday!!
I want to put my face there

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: )
that's that viking game right
is this any fun playing solo
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ive played it solo a bit, it's still fun but kinda lonely, most of the fun i have is building with fren

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I have never seen a woman in a maid outfit. it's a male-only fit. Women's clothes means clothes than women wear. Maid outfits haven't been worn by women outside of Japan since like the 18th century. It's male clothing. Same thing as striped thigh highs. Just because your epic anime boys wear it doesn't mean it's female clothes. It's not even crossdressing. You're dressing like other men because you say another man wear it. it's men's clothes
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Where can I buy a high quality maid outfit that isn't just lole fetish wear Chinese cosplay tier crap?
Do I have to learn to make my own cosplay?
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But that also means you're gay if you're attracted to maid outfits, a male only fit.
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>Where can I buy a high quality maid outfit that isn't just lole fetish wear Chinese cosplay tier crap?
Machine made cosplay is always gonna be spirit halloween tier crap, there's no market for intermediate fetishwear. Even lingerie, a traditional upscale market, is almost all trash that basically operates off the 'people don't know better/don't have the agency to demand better (a la arse tickler's faggot fan club)' principle.
Since obviously, y'know, bespoke clothing is bespoke clothing. It involves craftsmanship and a level of design to the person, so there's no way to make it cheap, and that's the alternative, that's the standard alternative to corner store schlock. Because costumes, where they're made, are typically made by hobbyists, with an essentially unlimited amount well of time and effort to draw from if they choose to.
>Do I have to learn to make my own cosplay?
That is what other people do, so that is what you are ~competing with. That is, it's the standard alternative, to need to have a person (usually the wearer) who does make the cosplay.
women choose to wear some real circus shit
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That's just because they have more mass produced categories of clothes to choose from.

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I look like this
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do peruvians actually eat those?
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>>10033 (OP) 
You look adorable if true :3
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I do look like this, do you look like what you posted ~uwu~
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Don't eat me or my son ever again.
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I look closer to this

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they're making 4chan greentexts into anime nowadays 
what a time to be alive
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umm you're too young to sarcastically lampoon the state of 4chan
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Right. But I got imageboard addicted when I was 12.
That wasn't about 4cuck itself anyway, just the sphere around making content about it. Some people have made entire livings off uploading AI-generated greentext videos for retards to watch. Too bad it's too late to ride the wave now.
>>10040 (OP) 
What show is this? Saucenao didn't work.
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it's original animation from a youtuber, otaku-vs

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ugly western trash

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Here we see the femboy cryptoid skinwalker as it struggles to breathe, its daily intake of HRT has run low and the creature has become desperate; it now stalks the rooms of the unwilling and unknowing in an attempt to find anything with estrogen. Its small and weak frame allows it to slip in between the walls undetected.
el goblino
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Just checking, but you are using the index view while browsing this site, right?
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You should always be using the index regardless, it's how imageboards are supposed to be used.
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>>10243 (OP) 
Yes I do only browse the internet using my Valve Index.
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>>10243 (OP) 
no, i'm using the clearly superior version of lurking imageboards that is the catalog and you can't stop me
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it objectively isn't for slow sites like this one
i use indices for slow sites and catalogues for fast sites

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>only 2 doremi threads
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All except Onpu cos she's evil
saeed went insane
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pirika pirilala popolina peperuto! 
please fix s4s!

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ha! i fixed it!
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thank you for your hard work

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Why is he doing that?
that's a shitty edit in the original he's looking at frilly dresses

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Imagine a sex organ that becomes a ticking time bomb if you never use it!
Empty your prostate of prostatic fluids at least a few times a week to avoid enlarged prostate and prostate cancer!
I don't want things in my butt, anon, I mean squishy
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that's some weak pussy shit, man the fuck up

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